Cup Final Draws

Not that we have any interest, but maybe you can say you got knocked out by a finalist!

Cup Draws Finals 

The league will provide all the shuttles and score cards. Good luck to all the teams taking part!

Cunningham Cup – Clayton Green – Tuesday 11th February  
MGS ‘A’ (-70GH) vs Hawks ‘A’ (-50GH)

Wrennall Cup – Leyland St. Marys HS – Wednesday 12th February
MGS ‘C’ (-100GH) vs Carlton ‘B’ (+20)

Philips Cup – Clayton Green – Tuesday 11th February 
Clitheroe ‘B’ (-40GH) vs Clayton ‘B’ (-80GH)

Bretherton Cup – Wellfield HS – Thursday 13th February
Clayton ‘C’ (-100) vs Clayton ‘D’ (-50GH)

D5 Cup – Wellfield HS – Thursday 13th February
Brindle (-20) vs Evergreens ‘C’ (-60)

Cup Draws Are Out

St Andrews Cup fixtures

Monday 9th of December
B Team (-50) vs MGS C (-100 GH) @ Home 7:30pm
D Team (-60) vs Penwortham B (SCR) @ Home 7:30pm

Wednesday 11th of December
A Team (-100 GH) vs MGS A (-70 GH)

Thursday 12th of December
C Team (-50) vs Clayton D (SCR RH) @ Wellfield 7:30pm

Full Draw

Division 1
Carlton ‘A’ (-90) vs MGS ‘B’ (SCR)
St. Andrews ‘A’ (-100 GH) vs MGS ‘A’ (-70 gh)
David Lloyd (-100 GH) vs Bye
Hawks A (-50 GH) vs Bye

Division 2
Hawks ‘B’ (-80 GH) vs Hawks ‘C’ (-40)
Clitheroe ‘A’ (-90 GH) vs Carlton ‘B’ (+20)
St. Andrews ‘B’ (-50) vs MGS ‘C’ (-100 GH)
Clayton ‘A’ (-60) vs MGS ‘D’ (-40)

Division 3
Clitheroe ‘B’ (-40 GH) vs MGS ‘E’ (SCR)
Garstang ‘A’ (-40 GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-40 GH)
Evergreens ‘A’ (-100 GH) vs Mythop ‘A’ (+40)
Clayton ‘B’ (-80 GH) vs Bye

Division 4
Clayton ‘D’ (SCR RH) vs St. Andrews ‘C’ (-50)
Evergreens ‘B’ (-100) vs Garstang ‘B’ (-100)
Penwortham ‘A’ (-60) vs Project 12 (-50)
Clayton ‘C’ (-100) vs Hawks ‘E’ (SCR)

Division 5
Mythop ‘B’ (-100) vs Brindle (-20)
Preston College (-50) vs Whittle (-60)
St. Andrews ‘D’ (-60) vs Penwortham ‘B’ (SCR)
Evergreens ‘C’ (-60) vs Bye

Cup Semi Finals 2019

Cunningham Cup
Carlton A (-40) vs Hawks B (SCR)
MGS C (+20 RH) vs Hawks A (-60)

Wrennall Cup
Clitheroe A (-100 GH) vs Garstang A (+20)
Hawks C (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40)

Phillips Cup
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-40 GH)
Garstang B (+20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (SCR RH)

Bretherton Cup
St. Andrews D (+15 RH) vs Brindle (SCR RH)
Project 12 (-80) vs Evergreens C (+20RH)

Round 1 Results

Cunningham Cup
David Lloyd (-100 OH) vs Carlton A (-40) Carlton A won 178-68
St. Andrews A (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Hawks B won 204 -108
MGS B (-30) vs MGS C (+20 RH) MGS C won 204-141
MGS A (-70 OH) vs Hawks A (-60) – Hawks A won 192-66

Wrennall Cup
St. Andrews B (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Clitheroe A won 149-148
Clayton A (-40 GH) vs Garstang A (+20) – Garstang A won 238-185
Hawks C (SCR) vs Carlton B (-40) – Hawks C won 214-181
Evergreens A (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40) – Clayton won 269-198

Phillips Cup
Clitheroe B (-40 GH) vs Hawks D (-100 GH) – Clitheroe B won 190-104
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs St. Andrews C (-30) – Hawks E won 215-203
Clayton C (SCR) vs Clayton D (SCR RH) – Clayton D won 222-168
MGS E (-30) vs Garstang B (+20) – Garstang B won 217-188

Bretherton Cup
Mythop B (-30) vs Brindle (SCR RH) – Brindle won 193-177
Preston College (-15) vs St. Andrews D (+15 RH) – St Andrews D won 260-133
Whittle (-40) vs Project 12 (-80) – Project 12 won 156-112
Penwortham B (SCR) vs Evergreens C (+20 RH) – Evergreens C won 248-158

A big mix of results though out all the cups. Some very close games and some whitewashes. We have had to adjust quite a few handicaps and we try to be as fair as possible. Good luck to all the teams in the next round!

News and Fixtures

Happy New Year to everyone, have a great 2019.
First up for the new year is cup fixtures, and this year there are 4 separate cups, one for each division.

A cup scores sheet is available here : Score Sheet

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Monday 7th of January
B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) @ Home 7:30pm Wrennall Cup
D Team (+40 RH) vs Preston College (-15) @ Preston College 7:00pm Bretherton Cup

Tuesday 8th of January
C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH) @ Clayton 8:00pm Phillips Cup

Wednesday 9th of January
A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) @ Home 7:30pm Cunningham Cup
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Good Luck to all those taking part in matches

Cup Results and Draw

Cup Draws

  • A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Wed the 9th of Jan @ Home
  • B Team (SCR GH)  vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Home
  • Hawks E (+20 RH) vs C Team (-30) – Tue the 8th of Jan @ Clayton
  • Preston College (-15) vs D Team (+40 RH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Preston College

Report From Matt Norris:

There were no preliminary matches in the Cunningham Cup this season.

Wrennall cup

MGS ‘D’ (-40) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ (-40 GH)
MGS D and Clayton Crusaders A had a close match with only 5 points in it. Clayton proved to be victorious on the night with eh final score being 161 to 156. (After handicaps) Well done to Clayton Crusaders A who move on to round 1.

Phillips Cup

Mythop ‘A’ (SCR GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-100 GH)
Mythop A and Hawks D was another close game with only 16 points between them. Hawks D had a steep hill to climb with -100 points to start, but they kept battling till the end of the match and they managed to win with 154 to 138. (After handicaps) Well done to Hawks D who advance to the next round.

Evergreens ‘B’ (-30) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘C’ (SCR)
Evergreens B and Clayton Crusaders C was a good game. The final score ended up 158 to 201 (after handicaps). Another win for the Clayton Crusaders Club, which put all 4 of their teams through to Round 1. Well done to Clayton Crusaders C.

Bretherton cup

Penwortham ‘A’ (-100) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+40 RH)

Penwortham A and St. Andrews D was a really tough match for Penwortham. St. Andrews started with a 40 points and Penwortham started way down at -100. With the 140 point difference and 3 serves to 2 proved to much for Penwortham to handle and St. Andrews D came out victorious with a win of 214 to 147 after handicaps. Well done to St. Andrews D who advance to Round 1.


News And Cup Draws

Good win for the A Team last week, C and D both lost. There is a preliminary cup round match this week, with the D Team away at Penwortham.

Monday 3rd of December
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 5th of December
Bretherton Cup: 
D Team (+40 RH) vs Penwortham A (-100 GH)  @ All Hallows 7:00pm
Club Night 7:30pm onward

The other team have been drawn as follows (Home or Away TBC).
Cunningham Cup: A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR)
Wrennall Cup: B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH)
Phillips Cup: C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH)

These match take place in the New Year.