Mid Lancs Week J

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1, St Andrews A won their match over old school rivals, MGS A & the hosts were breezing at 6-2 in the levels in which Lizzie Taylor took all her 4 Ladies games. Jared Matthew & Rebecca Ashton took the opening mixed set to pull it back to 6-4, but then Andy’s went on to win the match, taking the next 2 sets for a score of 10-4. Jarred & Rebecca won the 8th set to get the bonus pt & the match ended up at 12-6 when Steve Taylor & Liz Holt took the final pair of games. Lizzie was POTM for taking 6. David Lloyd had a tough match against Hawks A & were on the ropes from the off to be 3-5 down at the end of the levels. Nick Hodgson & Katie D Turner built on that lead by winning a pair in the opening mixed to go 3-7 ahead. Alan Clarkson & Joanna Holt pulled a pair back in the 6th set (5-7) before Chris Foote & Michelle Skinner won both in set 7 to edge near a win at 5-9. Nick & Katie took the 1st game of a split 8th set for the win and a final spit set gave a match score of 7-11. Nick & Michelle won 5. Cross Feathers v MGS B’s result will be in next week’s report.

In division 2, Carlton B clocked up their first win of the season when they beat Hawks C in a tight home match. The levels were close as 3 of the sets were split and Hawks had the edge at 3-5 going into the mixed when Jackie Atherton & Gail Monk won a pair in the 1st Ladies set. A split opening mixed set was followed by Paul Smith & Jane Parkinson winning a pair in the 6th to square the match at 6 all. Mick Cryer & Joanne Coe built upon that score for Carlton when they won both in set 7 to go 8-6 ahead, but in the 8th Mo Suleman & Gail struck back in the 8th by winning both games 16-17 & 9-15 to set up an 8 all classic. In the final set, Simon Burford & Debbie Balmforth won both games 17-14 & 15-4 to win the match 10-8 for Carlton. Clitheroe A stayed 3 points ahead at the top of the division when they took max points off their opponents, Clayton Crusaders A In the 16-2 home win, Keith Ashton & Allison Leaver were both statistically the best payers on the night. Hawks B had a tight match against St. Andrews B despite being up 6-2 up after the levels in which Roger Leigh won all of his 4 Men’s games. Oliver Gregory & Karolyn Hustler took both in the opening mixed set before Mo & Caz won 2 more games for Hawks to take the score to 8-4. In sets 7 & 8, St. Andrews took all 4 games to square the match & leave an 8 all classic to battle out in the final set. Luke Bennett & Jenny Brookfield won both games to take the match, 10-8. Karolyn was the MVP for taking 5. MGS C showed their own D team no mercy whatsoever as they trashed them 17-1. Only Tyler Allen & Guy Wallace winning the single game stopped the total whitewash; MVP was Beth Andrew & Tom Lowe decided he liked it in the nice warm basement.

In division 3, Hawks D had another great win, this week it was against Clitheroe B. The match started off ever so tight, as all the 4 levels games were split before Hawks went into an 8-4 lead when Irv Grimbaldeston & Gail Monk took the opening mixed set followed by Graham & Anne Robinson taking both in set 6. Both sets 6 & 7 were split for Hawks to win the match & then they wrapped up proceedings when Irv & Gail won both games in the final set for a score of 12-6 & they both won 5 games each to be best. MGS E got an absolute spanking this week when the hillbilly’s went on the road to do battle with them. The visitors went back up the M6 with all 4 points & a great 0-18 victory under their arm. Serena Hindle was statistically the best player on the night. Crusaders B recovered from last week’s defeat at the hands of Hawks D & definitely took their frustration out on Mythop A when they beat them 17-1. Cameron Higgins was statistically the best player on the night to help the team stay in 2nd slot.

In division 4, St. Andrews C got beat 7-11 by the leaders of the division, Clayton Crusaders C. After the levels, the score stood at 3-5 before Andy’s took a 7-5 lead after taking all the games in sets 5 & 6, but Clayton ploughed ahead in the remaining 6 games to win the match at the said 7-11 score-line & remain top. Richard Langford won all of his 6 games to be the MVP on the night. Penwortham A had a tough match this week when they played Evergreens B and were on the ropes in the levels when they went 3 of the sets were split and visitors took the 1st Ladies set for a score of 3-5. Rory Parkinson & Rachael Moon squared the match with a pair in the opening mixed set and then this was followed by a further 2 split sets for 7 all. Then Evergreens went into overdrive when Steve Dudley & Emily Milner took both in set 8 and then Phil Barlow & Susan Bullen wrapped up the match winning the final 2 games, 14-17 & 10-15 for a match score of 7-11. The result puts Evergreens in joint 2nd on the tables.

In division 5, Brindle had a tight match this week when they took on Penwortham B at home & after the levels they were 5-3 up with Steve Hudson winning all of his 4 Men’s games. Dave Jackson & Joanna Huber won a pair for Penwortham in the opening mixed set to level the match, but then Nick Fish & Linda Kozera took Brindle back in the lead in the 6th by winning a pair for a    7-5 score-line. The remaining 3 sets were all tightly split for a final score of 10-8 with everyone’s nails being bitten right down to the knuckle. Nick and Steve were the best payers on the night, they both won 5 games each to help Brindle win the match. Mythop B kept on top of the division by 7 points when they beat St. Andrews D at home. After the levels sets, the score stood all square & then the visitors went 4-6 in the opening mixed set before Mythop went into overdrive winning 7 of the remaining 8 games to take the match 11-7. Mark Green was the POTM on the night for winning all of his 6 games 7 assisting in the win. Evergreens C had a fine win over Whittle to remain in a solid 3rd place on the tables. The hosts got off to a near perfect start by winning 7 of the 8 levels games in which Karen Kenyon won all her 4 Ladies. A split opener in the mixed followed by Steve Drinkwater & Corinne Wagstaff winning a pair in the 6th set to get over the 10 for the victory. However, a mini comeback in the final 3 sets by Whittle denied Evergreens of max points as the final score ran out at 12-6. Corinne won 5 to be the MVP.