Mid Lancs Week F

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Carlton A lost 6-12 to Hawks A at home, however in the very last game of the match, Pete Fearns & Cath Bagley won it to 4 to steal the bonus point from under their opponent’s noses. Andy Owen was MVP on the night, he took all 6. David Lloyd beat MGS B 14-4 to still be lurking at the bottom of the chasing pack as Clarky was stat the best player (just). Well, in the next match report, I mean absolutely no disrespect to St. Andrews A, but I really never expected this mind blowing result, as this week, they blew the title race wide open when they travelled to Cross Feathers on Friday night. The hosts were on the ropes from the start as St. Andrews went 1-7 up; just losing the opening Men’s game. In the mixed, Cross Feathers started a recovery, they won the 1st  two sets to pull the score back to 5-7, but every credit to Andy’s, they went into full overdrive & took all of the remaining games to go back home with all 4 pts to take them straight to the top of the table. In the 5-13 score line, Steve Taylor won all his 6, but it was his partner, Nicki McGrath who was the POTM for an absolutely outstanding performance on the evening & it really was one of those matches were I wish I was there! Cross feathers host David Lloyd next week!

In division 2, Carlton B managed had a tight match against MGS D this week and after some close levels games, were on the ropes at 2-6 down. Tyler Allen & Joy Moon took MGS further ahead on the opening mixed set by winning both 4 & 14 to go up, 2-8. Paul Smith & Jane Parkinson won a pair in the 6th to claw the score back to 4-8. This was then followed by a split mixed set and the Paul & Jane won another pair in the 8th for a 7-9 score line. Dave Boon & Heather Johnson won the opening game in that final set to edge within reach of a draw, but in the final game, Mark Bradshaw & Lorna Hopper held their nerves to win the game & the match at a nail- biting 8-10. No overall best player in this match, everyone seemed to chip in to make it a close match. Hawks B trashed their own C team in the early part of the match as the won the match after the 1st mixed set at 10 love up. After that, another pair was won and then a mini comeback by the C team almost gained them a bonus point, but a final score line of 13-5 ensured the early hard work gave full points to the B team. Chris Hoyle & Emily Dainty won 5 games each @ 3rd. MGS C met the current leaders of the table this week in a make or break match for both teams and after the levels, the hosts were 5-3 up. Ash Gibson & Beth Andrew won the opening mixed pair and then Tom Lowe & Caroline Andrew followed that up with both games in set 6 to take MGS into a 9-3 lead. However, Keith Ashton & Allison Leaver fought back in the 7th winning both games to 12 and then in the 8th, Cameron Holt & Jess Portas won their 2 games to take the score up to 9-7 to leave the match in the balance. In the nail-biting final set, Ash & Beth played Keith & Allison and managed to hold their bottle (very unusual for Ash) and take both games 15-13 and 17-15 to wrap up the match at 11-7. The 3 pt win sends MGS to the top of the table, Clitheroe go into joint 2nd with Hawks B & play them next week. MVP was Ash & Matt remains in the basement.

In division 3, Hawks D had an 11-7 victory over Mythop A, but it wasn’t plain sailing as the visitors gave them a good run for their money. Hawks went 5-3 up in the levels and then a hard fought split opening mixed set was followed by Graham & Anne Robinson taking a pair in the 6th set to go 8- 4 ahead, but then Mark Green & Pauline Weafer took both in the 7th to claw it back to 8-6. A tightly split 8th made the final set a crucial one in which Ian Hayhurst & Kelly Anderson won both games to wrap the match up at the said 11-7. Ian & Kelly both won 5 games each to be the best pair on the night & hats off to Mythop for fighting! MGS E got trashed 2-16 by leaders of the division, Evergreens A; only Neddy winning 2 that saved the complete whitewash. All 3 Ladies, Simone Binnes, Lynette Tidy & Sharon Mullholland (stat best) won their 6 games to show the fellas how it is done. Clayton Crusaders B has a  fine 15-3 win over Garstang A to remain in a challenging 2nd place on the tables, just a single point behind the leaders, Evergreens A. Dylan Butcher picked up the MVP award for taking all his 6 games @ 3rd Men’s.

In division 4, Garstang B beat St. Andrews C 14-4 to go top with the 4 pt max win. Lee Meakin & Katie Kinder won all their 6 games. Penwortham A had a tight match this week against Hawks E and found themselves 5-3 up after 3 of the levels sets were split. In the opening mixed set Irv Grimbaldeston & Anne Bright took a pair to square the match at 5 all. Then a quick onslaught by Pen saw the win the next 2 sets to take a 9-5 lead, however the true grit of Hawks kicked in and took the last 4 games to pull off a well-earned draw. Irv was the MVP on the night, he took 5 games inc a crucial setting game in the 8th to help Hawks get 2 pts. Evergreens B has a tough battle against Clayton Crusaders C and they went 5-3 up after the levels in which 3 of the sets were split. A split opening mixed set was then followed by Phil Barlow & Susan Bullen taking both games in set 6 to open up an 8-4 lead. Richard Langford & Jade Thornhill struck back in the 7th with a pair to claw the score back to 8-6, but a tight pair of games in the 8th won by Phil & Susan (15-13 & 17-14) took the match followed by a final split 9th set for a score line of 11-7. Phil & Susan both won 5 games each to be the heroes on the night & help move the team up the table into joint 3rd place.

In division 5, Mythop B beat Penwortham B 14-4 to go 2nd on the tables with the max 4 points. Mark Green & Ngan Pilkington were the best pair on the night, they both won all of their 6 games in the No 2 slot. Next week, Mythop take on Evergreens C in an eye watering crunch match at Albany… both teams haven’t lost a match yet, so something will have to give way! Can’t wait! Preston College had a corker of a match at home to the leaders, Evergreens C. After the levels matches, the score stood at 4 all & then Evergreens went 4-8 ahead when Nigel P Truman & Margaret Whitham and then Lee Wigham & Karen Kenyon won their respective sets. In the 7th, Jeremy Andrew & Sarah Kay took a pair to take the score up to 6-8 and a setting split 8th took place, 14-17 & 17-15 to take the score to 7-9 and a nail- biting finale. In the last set, David Dunk & Helen James won both games 10 & 5 to help College earn a draw. Nigel, Sarah & Lee all took 5 games on the evening to be the best players. St. Andrews D beat a five sided Whittle 12-6 to leave them firmly rooted at the bottom; Phil Newsome won 5 games to be MVP.