Mid Lancs Week E

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, MGS A bounced back from last weeks defeat by beating Carlton A 10-8 in a close match at St. Mary’s. The hosts went 5-3 up in the levels and this was then followed by 3 tight split mixed sets before Andy Wiseman & Cath Bagley won a pair in the 8th set to square the match at a nail biting 8 all. However, in the final set, Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton took both games to 10 & 2 to win the match 10-8 for MGS and they also won 5 games each to be the best players on the evening. Hawks A got beat 4-14 by Cross Feathers who remain at the top of the division with maximum points. Rach Graham won all of her 6 games to be the MVP on the night and next weeks crunch match is at home to St. Andrews A. Meanwhile, St. Andrews A were limbering up for that match with a fine home win over David Lloyd. In the 15-3 maximum point win, Joe Steele was the only person to win all of his 6 games to the the MVP on the night and help keep the team in 3rd place.

In division 2, Clitheroe A beat Carlton B, 16-2 to stay firmly at the top of the table with max points in every match. Allison Leaver was statistically the best player on the night and at this stage of the season, the team are ‘sailing’ away with the title. However, next week it may all change, as MGS C, who are hot on their tails host the leaders & that is going to be an eye watering match! Hawks C got beat 3-15 at home to MGS C who are just a single point behind the leaders, Clitheroe A. Nice to see Ash Gibson coming back to form after his Achilles injury, he was statistically the best on the night. Matt Seddon continued to occupy the basement and as I’ve stated above, it’s crunch match time next week, when bottles can go & dummies fly out of mouths! MGS D has a close match this week against St. Andrews B and proceedings were all square after the levels at 4 all. This was then followed by Paul Baker & Janette Norris winning both games to take a 4-6 lead. A split mixed set in the 6th was followed by Guy m@gmail.com>Wallace & Amanda Hodgkinson winning a pair in the 7th set to level the match once again. In the  8th set, Paul  & Janette won both games again to take Andy’s back into the lead at 7-9. In the final nail-biting last set, Tyler Allen & Joy Moon  won the final pair of games to 13 & 6 to help draw the match for MGS. Janette was the MVP on the night, she took all of her 6 games.

In division 3, Mythop A opened their division 3 account up with a home point against MGS E who themselves picked up their first win of the season. In the 6-12 score line, Neddy No1, aka Phil Rhodes was MVP for winning all his 6 games for MGS in 3rd slot. The hillbillies has a corker of a match this week when they did battle at the fort against Clitheroe B and at 6-2 up after the levels, they were breezing. Then in the opening mixed, Amit Mistry & Karen Pye took Garstang 8-2 ahead with winning both games to 3 & 12, but then in the 6th & 7th set, Clitheroe fought back winning both sets to claw the score back to 8-6. The 8th set was split, (9-7) and in the final crucial set, Steve Pym & Gill Fourie took the opening game, 11-15 to take a step closer to Clitheroe snatching a draw, but Amit & Karen kept their cool & won the final game 15-8 to wrap up a decent win at 10-8. Karen was also the MVP on the night, she picked up 5 games in the No 1 slot & assisted her team to the 3 point win. Evergreens A had a tight match this week against Crusaders B; both teams had not lost a match to date & after the hosts won all the Ladies & the visitors won all the Men’s,  the score was 4 all. A split opening mixed set was followed by Dylan Butcher & Ali Peacock winning a pair to take Clayton 5-7 ahead. Andrew Morris & Sharon Mullholland immediately struck back with a pair in the 7th to tie the match again before Victor Chow & Katy Dutton won both games for Clayton, 13 & 14 to take them 7-9 up. In the final set, good ol’ faithful Derek Hilton & Simone Binnes took both games to earn a draw for Evergreens. Sharon was MVP for Evergreens & Dylan was MVP for Clayton, both winning all 6 in 3rd spot on the card. Both teams stop 1st & 2nd on the tables.

In division 4, Hawks E got off to a cracking start in their match this week against Garstang B; they were 5-3 up after the levels. However, in the opening mixed set Lee Meakin & Jane Gray won both games to even the match up. Then ol’ hugger-puffer & Marian Bamber sprang into action and won both games in the 6th to take Hawks into a 7-5 lead. Garstang immediately responded in the next 2 sets, winning all 4 games to thrust them into a 7-9 lead. Simon Tebbutt & Claire Thompson then wrapped up the match for Garstang by winning the required game for a final score of 8-10. Lee won 5 games to be the MVP & assist in the 3pt win. Project 12 got stuffed 1-17 at home by Evergreens B, only Jon Jackson & Sarah Coultas winning the 1 game stopped the complete whitewash. Karen Holden was statistically the best player on the night & helped her team surge up the tables. Sam Gorrell & Laura Curtis from Clayton Crusaders C won the vital last game of the match, to help take all 4 pts in a 13-5 victory over Penwortham A who lose their 1st match of the season. Laura Bradley was the MVP on the night, she won all her 6 games to help take the team to sole leaders at the top of the table.

In division 5, Whittle got beat 3-15 at home by Mythop B who move into 3rd place on the tables with the maximum 4 point win. Dave Whiteside & Helena Lemper won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the night. Penwortham B had a tight match this week against Preston College and the visitors were in charge after the levels at 3-5 up. David Dunk & Hazel Bradshaw took College even further ahead with a pair in the opening mixed set for a 3-7 lead before Dave Jackson & Johanna Kuba took both in the 6th to claw it back to 5-7. Two split sets followed for a 7-9 score-line & then Ian Phillips & Cathryn Jackson won the final 2 games 8 & 8 to earn a draw for Penwortham. Hazel Bradshaw was MVP for taking 5 games. Evergreens C had a fine 12-6 win over Brindle to take 3 points, but missed out in a setting game in the final set of getting 4 maximum points when Nick Fish & Linda Kozera won the game, 16-17 to steal the bonus point for the visitors. Karen Kenyon was the MVP on the night, she won all of her 6 games at 3rd Ladies to give the team a good start.