Mid Lancs Week I

Report From Paul Eastham

Division 1 kicked off this week when Carlton A hosted Hawks B and beat them 15-3 to surge up the table with the 4 point max win. Andy Wiseman & Natalie Appleyard won all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night and assist in the win.

Hawks A beat poor ol’ MGS C 18-0 to rack up another whitewash; 5 in all this season! L Andy Owen was stat the best player.

MGS B were beat 4-14 at home by St. Andrews A, who ahead of the big clash below went to the top of the table for an evening. Steve Taylor, Nicki McGrath, Joe Steele & Lizzie Balmforth all won their 6 games to ease a good win out of MGS B.

The one that we have been waiting for… an early title crunching match; David Lloyd v Cross Feathers. The host won all of the Men’s as Mat Timms won all his 4 and Cross Feathers won all the Ladies & Fay Andrews won all her 4 to set up the mixed sets. The opening mixed set was split before Alan Clarkson & Ashlea Chester took David Lloyd 7-5 ahead with a pair in the 6th set. Then in the 7th, Paul Maguire & Terri-Lee Holmes won both games for Cross feather to even the match up at 7 all. Then the final 2 sets were nail-bitingly split to set up a draw and both teams shared the points on the night. Clarky won 5 for David Lloyd to stay in 3rd place & Terri-Lee won 5 for Cross Feathers to help keep them on top of the table by 2 points over St. Andrews A.

In division 2, St. Andrews B had a maximum point win over Garstang A who are hovering just above the dreaded red drop line.

In the 14-4 victory, Paul Baker, Janette Norris, Matt Norris & Sarah Gradwell all won 5 to help the team move into joint 3rd.

Clitheroe A took on 2nd placed team Clayton Crusaders A and managed to beat them 11-7 to extend their lead over them by a massive 12 points. The person who did the most damage was Alison Lever &took home the POTM award for winning all her 6.

MGS D had a cracking 14-4 win over bottom team Evergreens A to push themselves into 2nd place on the tables. Cheryl Parry was the best player on the evening in the No 1 slot and is duly presented with the POTM award.

Clayton Crusaders B lost 3-15 to Carlton B who surge into joint 3rd with the 4 pt max win; Jane Parkinson won all 6 to be POTM.

In division 3, St Andrews C arrived at the Mythop A match without a full fleet of men & Mythop men were “Admiral” in taking advantage to speed away with all 4 Men’s games. Mythop ladies however needed breakdown cover running on a flat battery unable to keep place with the driving skills of St Andrews ladies-score 4/4 after the level doubles. A quick pit stop & some roadside assistance was needed before Mythop ladies found their “Sheilas Wheels” in the mixed. A split set 5 moved the score onto 5/5 when extra horsepower by Mythop took the next 7 out of 8 mixed games to bring the chequered flag down on a final score of 12/6.Best”Cadillac” of the night winning all 6 was Colin Chisholm of Mythop………..PAULINE!

Garstang B had a tussle this week against Clayton Crusaders C and the scores were even at 4 all after the levels as all of the 4 sets were split. Then in the mixed Cameron Higgins & Nat Kane won a pair followed by Adam Smith & Katy Dutton winning their pair of games to take Clayton up to a 4-8 lead after the 6th set. Simon Tebbutt & Steph Tsang stuck back with a pair in the 7th to claw it back to 6-8, but Cameron & Nat won both theirs again in the 8th to setup the win for Clayton. Final score, 8-10 as Clayton move up into a mid-table slot and Cameron & Nat won 5 each to be the best pair on the night.

Hawks E took on MGS E at home this week and in the close match things were all even going into the mixed as Hawks won all the Ladies with Kelly Anderson won all her games and MGS won all the Men’s with Mark Wolmersley taking all his 4. Trevor Brown & Lorna Hopper won the opening mixed set to take a 4-6 lead for MGS and then Mark and Jacqui Gibson took MGS’s score to 4-8 with winning a pair in the 6th. Kyle Sumner & Kelly won the 7th set to bring the score back to 6-8 before Trevor &Lorna won both games in set 8 to win the match for MGS. The final score was 8-10 as Trevor & Mark won all of their 6 games.

Evergreens B failed to take any points this week with a 5-13 home loss to joint leaders of the division, Hawks D.

Clayton Crusaders D got beat 2-16 by joint leaders Clitheroe B and remain 7 points clear of the chasing pack.

In 4, Preston College had a close match this week with Mythop B & it couldn’t have been any closer as it went right down to the wire! College won all the Ladies games with Carol Raby winning all of those and Mythop won all of the Men’s games with Daniel Cooper winning all of his 4 games to leave the match all square going into the mixed. In the opening mixed set,Mick & Hazel Bradshaw won both games to 11 & 9 to take the lead, but Daniel Cooper & Maureen Turner won both their games to 4 & 9 in the 6th to even the match once again. The 7th & 8th set were split tightly including 2 games of setting in both sets to set up an 8 all classic. In that nail-biting set, Mick & Hazel took on Mark Green & Egan Pilkington and what a classic it was; Mick & Hazel ran out 17-14 &17-16 winners!… How Mark & Ngan slept that night, I will never know! The POTM has to be Hazel for winning all of her 6 games & winning the crucial games in the match, but a special shout out has to go also to Danial, he set up a possible win for Mythop by winning all of his 6 games in the No 3 Men’s spot.This is the fab note I got attached to the card from Captain Jeremy Andrew, “It was a fantastic game played in a friendly yet competitive spirit. Wish we could play them every week!” J

Whittle’s game with Penwortham A was a 1-17 win to keep the runaway leaders out in front by a massive 10 points.

Project 12 shot up the table into 3rd place on the table with a 14-4 home win over a five sided Evergreens C. Steve Drink water won the 4 for Evergreens and Rob Monks took 4 games out of the 8 games ‘won’for Project 12.

Penwortham B had a tight match against Brindle and were on the ropes at 2-6 don after the levels with Steve Hudson winning all of his 4 Men’s games for Brindle. The opening mixed set was split before Dave Jackson& Johanna Huber won a pair in the 6th to claw the score back to 5-7. The 7th was again split and then Dave & Johanna won both games in the 8th to set up an 8 all classic in which Ian Phillips& Cathryn Jackson won both games to pull off a remarkable 10-8 victory after being that 2-6 down. Johanna was the best player on the night as she won 5 of her 6 games to help turnaround the match to pull off the 3 point win.