Mid Lancs Week I

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A moved back into 2nd place on the table with a 4 point max win over Carlton A. In the 13-5 win it was Jared Matthew who was the MOTM on the night; he won all of his 6 games in the No 1 slot to help get the max points.

Hawks A stay bang in the middle of the table with a 13-5 win over Clitheroe A. In the 4 point win for Hawks it was Chris Foote and Chris Chu who picked up all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night.

MGS B lost 4-14 to St. Andrews A and it was Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood who won 3 of the 4 games won by the hosts. However, the 4 point max win over MGS moves Andy’s back into the prime position at the top as Ashley Gibson & Karolyn Hustler were the best pair on the night & next week, it’s a crunch match; 1 v 2…. Andy’s host MGS A. Eye watering stuff!!!

Clayton Crusaders A felt the full force of David Lloyd…. Need I say more; 0-18 was the final score and Clarky was statistically the best player on the night, losing just 13 pts out of his 6 games. The top 4 teams have now played 8 matches each and are all separated by just 1 point from 4th at 26 to the top at 29…. Something is gonna deffo crack soon!

In division 2, Hawks C got beat 3-15 at home by St. Andrews B who keep in a very threatening 3rd place on the tables. The best player and LOTM on the night was Charlotte Hayes, she won all her 6 games in the No 3 slot.

MGS D lost 5-13 at home to the leaders of the division, Hawks B who are out at the top by 8 clear pts & MGS D are in the danger area! A special mention to Beth Cowell who played up from her usual team & won 3 games & 2 of them was to zero!

Evergreens A managed to get the bonus point in a 6-12 defeat by 2nd place team MGS C and it was Matt Seddon who picked up the MOTM award on the evening for taking all of his 6 games in the No 2 slot for MGS.

In Division 3, Clitheroe B moved closer to a promotion spot with a fine 16-2 max point win over Evergreens B.

Hawks E met the runaway leaders of the division, Carlton B this week and therefore there really wasn’t a chance of getting off the -1 pt position on the tables. Debbie Moore & Kelly Anderson won the 1 game 17-15 to stop the total whitewash in the 1-17 defeat. Dave Boon was statistically the best player on the night as the team now move out in front by a massive 12 pts.

Garstang A only just managed to scrap the bonus point in the final set as they were beat 6-12 at the fort by Hawks D.

Clayton Crusaders C took themselves into a very challenging 3th place on the table with a 15-3 max point win over MGS F who themselves are currently lying in a relegation spot. All the lads from Clayton; Dylan Butcher, Victor Chow & Scott Wilkinson all won their 6 games to help take the 4 points and help the team have some hope of gaining a promotion spot.

In division 4, the leaders of the table, St. Andrews C had a very tight match with Clayton Crusaders D. The hosts were just ahead after the opening levels sets at 5-3. Clayton’s Jetmond Ma & Chris Cochrane won both games to level the match at 5 all before a split in the 6th and then Graham Forrest & Gill Gornall won both in set 7 to take Andy’s back in the lead at 8-6. Jetmond & Chris struck back again in the 8th winning both games to set up an 8 all classic….. Who would hold their nerve in the final set? Well it was Richard Andrew & Zoe Watts, they managed to win both games to 13 & 7 to win the match 10-8 for Andy’s. A tremendous effort by Clayton who pushed the leaders all the way to the final set and I’m sure that the 8 points that separate them is not a true reflection of where Crusaders should be; with 2 games going to setting & 5 more being won to 13 it could have been a whole different tale on the night! Despite being on the losing team, Jetmond was the MOTM for his 6.

Penwortham A had a tight match this week at home against Garstang B and the match was all square after the levels when Pen won all the ladies & Garstang won all the men’s. The opening mixed was split before Penwortham got the breakthrough in the 6th set when Alan Turner & Caroline Coxon won a pair to thrust them into a 7-5 lead. Lee Meakin & Ceri Smith Jaynes instantly hit back and once again squared the match by winning both games in set 7 and then set 8 was split to set up an 8 all classic. Lee and Ceri managed to win both games 12 & 13 to take the match 8-10 for Garstang & headed back up the M6 with the 3 valuable points. Lee was also the MOTM on the night for taking all his 6 & Penwortham remain in 2nd place…. for now!


In division 5, Preston College A won 12-6 over Brindle to keep in a snug 2nd place on the tables. The usual suspects did the most damage on the night; Mick and Hazel Bradshaw won all of their 6 games in the No 1 slot to be the best pair on the night.

Leaders of the division, Crusaders E had a nail-biter against College B this week & it was the hosts who won the Men’s & the visitors won the Ladies. The 1st two sets were split before Kabir Sharif & Linda Langford got a breakthrough in set 7 to take Clayton 8-6 ahead before Dave Dunk &Jan Harrison won a pair for College in the 8th to level the match & set up an 8 all classic. Will Logan & Dawn Harrison polished the match off for Clayton winning both games to 7 to keep their team out at the top by 4 clear points. Kabir was the MOTM on the evening for taking all his 6 games & assisting the team in getting the win.

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