Mid Lancs Cups 2016/17

Cup News from Matthew Norris

Cup Draws Finals
The finals of the cup will be held at a neutral venue, as seen below. All the shuttles will be provided also. Good luck to all the teams taking part!

Cunningham cup – Wellfield High School – Wednesday 26th April
Garstang A (50 RH)                                     vs                                Carlton A (-30 GH)

Wrennall cup – Wellfield High School – Wednesday 26th April
Project 12 (SCR RH)                                   vs                                Clitheroe B (-50)

Phillips cup – St. Andrews Church Hall – Monday 24th April
Mythop (-20 GH)                                          vs                                Preston College (20)

Cup Draws Semi-Final Matches

 Cunningham cup
St. Andrews B (+20)                      vs                                Garstang A (+50 RH)
Garstang B beat St. Andrews B 345 to 239.

Carlton B (SCR RH)                        vs                                Carlton A (-30 GH)
Carlton A beat their B team 217 to 193.

Wrennall cup
Project 12 (SCR RH)                                   vs                                Evergreens B (SCR)
Project 12 beat Evergreens B 214 to 185.

Clayton Crusaders E (+20)             vs                                Clitheroe B (-50)
Clitheroe B beat Clayton Crusaders E 220 to 152.

Phillips cup
Brindle (+50)                                                 vs                                Mythop (-20 GH)
Mythop beat Brindle 212 to 212, but as Mythop was away they took the match.

Preston College B (+20)                 vs                                Preston College A (-20)
Preston College beat there A team 218 to 158.