Mid Lancs Week O

Level double entries are due in by the 10th of February. Which is at the end of this week, the tournament takes place on Sunday the 19th February.

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A beat their own B team 12-6 to move into 4th on the tables as Becky Ashton won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM on the evening in the No 1 pairing slot. MGS C got beat 1-17 by the reigning Champions, David Lloyd; Hannah Burgess & Christine Atkinson won the single game to stop the total whitewash, but not stop division 2 badminton next season! Mark Tuttle was statistically best on the evening, he lost just 11 pts out of his 6 games to help put the Champs 7 points clear at the top of the table.

Division 2 kicked off with St. Andrews B taking all 4 points off Hawks D with a 13-5 home win over them. David Day and Karolyn Hustler were the best pair on the evening; they won all of their 6 to help the team regain promotion fever again!
The Hillbilly’s were at the fort again this week & battled hard against 2nd placed Clitheroe A for some vital survival points & at 3-5 down after the levels, the hosts were staring defeat in the face. Stuart Smerdon & Sian Meakin won both opening mixed games to level the match before Keith Ashton & Alison Leaver won a pair in the 6th set to go up again at 5-7. In the 3 remaining sets, Garstang tore a strip off the visitors & took all of the 6 games to single figures to win the match 11-7 & earn a massive 3 pts off the high flying visitors. Sian was LOTM for taking all of her 6 games on the evening; Keith also won his 6.
Hawks C suffered heartache in an 8 all classic against Carlton B at home when Irv Grimbaldeston’s calf gave up on him when the match score was 12 all in the first game of the final set & had to concede both games to hand the visitors the 3 points. I’m sure Carlton wouldn’t want to win this way, but the points have come at a very needy time esp with the team below them, Garstang winning against Clitheroe. Simon Bruford was the best player on the evening, he won 5 games for Carlton.
Evergreens A suffered a 5-13 home loss when they hosted MGS D & the visitors move into 4th spot with the max point win.

In 3, MGS E thrashed Springfields A, 17-1 to stay in 2nd slot on the tables and it was Dave Farrant & Linda Settle winning the single game 7-15 that stopped the total whitewash. Martin Hobin was statistically the best player on the night. Hawks E were beaten 7-11 by relegation strugglers, Evergreens B. The fantastic 3 points earned, lifts them 4 away from the red line, just above Penwortham A and the hero on the evening was Phil Barlow; he won all of his 6 games to be the MOTM. Penwortham A grabbed a lifeline bonus pt when they lost 7-11 to 3rd place team, Clayton D. Emily Cholmondeley was LOTM. Crusaders B moved 7 pts clear at the top of the table when they blasted St. Andrews C, 17-1; Chris Kelly was stat the best.
In division 4, MGS F beat Whittle B, 13-5 to have a clear 20 pt gap; Helen Black was the LOTM for her 6 in 3rd Ladies spot.
Clayton Crusaders E’s promotion hopes were rocked this week when they lost 5-13 to Flight who now move 5 points behind the hosts with 2 matches in hand. Yvonne Kay was the LOTM on the evening for taking her 6 games to assist in the 4 pt win.
Evergreens C won a bottom of the table clash against Penwortham B & the 10-8 home win help move the hosts within 4 pts off safety, but it’s a tall order considering the teams they have to play. Luisa Malaney was the LOTM for her 6 games.
Gary Richardson & Val Marsden from Whittle A won the very last pair of games to win an 8 all classic match, 10-8 against Springfields B. Gary earned himself an extra special MOTM award for winning all of his 6 inc those vital 2 in the final set.

In division 5, Dave Dunk & Jan Harrison from Preston College B won the final game of the match 15-6 to help salvage the bonus point against the leaders of the division, Garstang B. Dave Plunkett was the MOTM on the evening, he won all of his 6 games to help his team take 3 points to stay on top & secure a promotion spot next season. Also a special mention about Jan, she took 5 of the 6 won by College, narrowly missing out in setting (15-17) from taking a full house.
St. Andrews D beat Clayton Crusaders F 12-6 to move up the table & leave the visitors firmly rooted at the foot of the table.
Mythop also secured their promotion spot next season with a nail-biting 10-8 home win over Preston College A. The scores were tied at 4 all after the levels & this was then followed by 4 split mixed sets to set up an 8 all classic in which Mark Green & partner Julie Bennett polished off both games to 3 to earn the 3 promotion points. So, with 6 of the 9 sets split, it’s not surprising that there was no overall best player; everyone seemed to chip in, in a very friendly fought match. Now, both Mythop & Garstang B have earned promotion, there is just the small matter of who will win the division; Garstang have a match in hand over Mythop and both teams are due to clash at the fort on the very last week of the season!!….. WOW!!! ?

There is a 2 week break now from league fixtures; a cup week and a specific week for match rearrangements, so if it is possible can you make use of these weeks to clear some of the outstanding postponements that still have to be played.

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