Cup Draws for Round 1

Message From Matt Norris:

Cup Draws Round 1 Matches

All the teams that are first in the list below will be the host for the first matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle) Please send the score sheets to me via E-mail or via whats App within 2 days of playing. Also when taking photos of the score sheet and sending them in please turn flash on, as some of them were hard to read as they were so dark. If you have any problems please let me know ASAP and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. Good Luck to all teams playing!!


David Lloyd (-130 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders A (SCR)
Carlton B (SCR RH) vs Hawks C (20)
Hawks D (70 RH) vs Carlton A (-30GH)
Cross Feathers (-110 OH GH) vs MGS B (-70 GH)
St Andrews B (20) vs Hawks A (-50 GH)
Evergreens A (40 RH) vs MGS D (20)
Hawks B (SCR GH) vs Andrews A (-80 OH GH)
Garstang A (50 RH) vs MGS C (SCR GH)


Hawks E (-40) vs Springfields A (-60 GH)
Evergreens B (SCR) vs St Andrews C (30)
Penwortham A (20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (-60)
MGS F (-20) vs Project 12 (SCR RH)
Clayton Crusaders E (20) vs Whittle B (SCR)
Whittle A (SCR) vs Evergreens C (SCR RH)
MGS E (-75 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders B (-100 GH)
Springfields B (15 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-50)


Clayton Crusaders F (70 RH) vs Brindle (50)
Preston College B (20) vs St Andrews D (SCR)
Mythop (-20GH) vs Whittle C (-40)
Garstang B (-30 GH) vs Preston College A (-20)