News 4th of October

Can everybody please pay their club membership to Karolyn  or team captains as soon as possible. £55 team members, £30 U-18 team members, £35 club night only.

A, B and C Teams all won last week. This time its another week off for the D Team, but everyone else is in action with the B Team at home on Monday. There will be a full club night as there are no home matches on Wednesday. Good luck to everyone taking part in matches this week.

Monday 3rd of October
B Team vs Garstang A @ Home 7:30pm   D2
uniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 4th of October
A Team vs Hawks A @ Clayton 8:00pm D1
C Team vs Hawks E @ Clayton 8:00pm  D3

Wednesday 5th of October
Full Club Night 7:30pm onwards