Mid Lancs Report – Week B

Report from Paul Eastham:

This week in Division 1, MGS A battled at home with Cross Feathers in their 1st match of the season & after the visitors close shave at home to Andy’s a few nights ago, the last thing they wanted was another battle to the death! In the end, Cross Feathers romped away with all 4 points as the score ran out at 3-15; Rach Graham was again statistically best on the night.
David Lloyd brushed aside Hawks A with a 17-1 home win; Emily Miller & Michelle Skinner saving the total whitewash by taking the only game won as Darren Whitley was statistically the best player on the evening again.
MGS C still have to wait for their first division 1 point of the season as they were beat 4-14 at home by Carlton A and by contrast, the visitors picked up their first pts. Cath Bagley, Andrew Davis, Andrea Neville & Nikki Wilford all picked up 5 each
St. Andrews bounced from last weeks defeat to beat MGS B 13-5 and earn themselves a max 4 points. Ashley Gibson was the MOTM in this tie in his first season playing for Andy’s having been the sworn enemy for years playing for Grimmy!

In division 2, a strong Clitheroe A team beat MGS D 14-4 to take all 4 points to shoot up the table; Keith Ashton & partner Allison Leaver won all of their 6 games in the number 3 slot to be the best pair on the night.
Hawks D suffered their 2nd loss in a row when they faced Carlton B at home. Paul Smith & Jane Parkinson won the final pair of games in set 9 to help take all the 4 pts back home with them in the 5-13 win & also Paul won the MOTM for taking his 6.
Clayton Crusaders A fought hard against Hawks C and the reward was all 4 points to sit them sole leaders at the top of the table with 8 max points. Sam Moss & Gemma Wilkinson were the best pair on the night, taking all their 6 in the 15-3 win.
Evergreens A got beat at home by St. Andrews B but managed to scrape the bonus point in the very last game. In the 6-12 win for the visitors, it was Andy Fowler & Karolyn Hustler who won all of their 6 to be the best pair to ensure the 3 points.

In Division 3, MGS E took all 4 points at home against Clitheroe B to sit proudly at the top of the table. 5 games each for Martin Hobin, Richard Everett & Jacqui Gibson to make them the best players on the night & help take the max points.
St. Andrews C were up 5-3 after the levels against a new look Springfields A. A split set in the opening mixed was followed by an onslaught by Springs to take the next 6 games in a row to go through the winning tape. Andy’s took the final pair of games to end the match at 8-10. No overall best player from either team, as everyone seemed to chip in on the night.
Penwortham A got trounced 1-17 at home by Crusaders B who sit proudly at the top of the table with 2 max point wins. Number 3 Lady, Rachael Sides was statistically the best player on the night and up next week for Clayton is MGS E who also haven’t dropped a point this season, so that match is gonna be a cracker!
Clayton Crusaders D had a 14-4 max point win over Hawks E this week to bounce back from last week defeat by their own B team. Cameron Higgins was the MOTM in this tie, as he won all of his 6 to be the sole star on the evening.

In 4, Springfields B opened their 1st match of the season with a fine 12-6 win over Project 12, but it wasn’t all plain sailing, as the match was very tight up until the 7th set when the hosts won the remaining 6 games in a row to take the 3 points. Karen James was the best player on the evening, she won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM & help Springs get off to a great start.
Flight managed to scramble a team together this week and conjure up a 14-4 max pt win over Penwortham B. Andy Howson & Rosie Southworth were the best pair on the evening, they won all their 6 at No 1 placing and team Captain, David Bradley also informed me that the shuttle was tested to the correct court length & that NO shuttles had to be tipped on the night!
MGS F had an ever so close match this week with Clayton Crusaders E. After the levels the score stood at 5-3 followed by 3 split mixed sets to take the score up to 8-6. The 8th set was taken 11-15 & 12-15 by Richard Langford & Dawn Harrison the level the scores & force an 8 all classic. The final set was taken…. Just, by Dave Bird & Pat Jackson, 15-6 & a nail-biting 15-14 over Carl Charlesworth & Corrina Atkinson to win the match 10-8. Pat & Chris Cochrane won 5 each to help take the 3 pts.
Evergreens C were beaten 7-11 on home turf this week by Whittle A who picked up 3 points in their 1st match of the season. Simon Wynn was the star on the evening, he picked up all of his 6 games at No 1 spot & therefore earned the MOTM award.

In 5, Crusaders F lost their opening match of the season to Brindle as Nick Fish, Margaret Wilson & Roger Johnson all won 5 games in the 7-11 win for the visitors. Despite being on the losing team Will Logan & Hannah Gaskell also won 5 each.
Mythop sit at the top of the table this week with a fine 12-6 win over St. Andrews D. Stu Grice & Jane Godsland spoilt the party for the hosts as they snatched the final pair of games to help win the bonus point for Andy’s. Nevertheless, in a friendly fought contest it was George Green who starred in the match & went home with the MOTM award for taking his 6.