Mid Lancs 2015 Annual General Meeting

Message From Sam Gorrell

 Hi All

Apologies for the delay in sending out this reminder about Monday’s Annual General Meeting.

Now that the Welcome Tavern has undergone its transformation into a Bistro Pub, there’s no longer space amongst all the dining table to have our meeting, and I’ve been struggling to find a replacement venue.  However, St Andrews have kindly offered their Church Hall.

So, the AGM will commence at 7:30pm this Monday 13 April at St Andrews Badminton Club, Parish Church Hall, Worden Lane, Leyland PR15 3BD.

In readiness for Monday, please find attached the proposed rule changes received from Cross Feathers Badminton Club and Project 12 Badminton Club, as well as from the Officers of the League.  These proposals will be discussed and voted upon.

Please note that anyone who is a registered player with the Mid Lancs League has a right to attend the AGM and vote, so please encourage all your club members who would like to be present to come along as well.

I have also attached the proposed Agenda and the minutes from the last AGM for approval.

See you all there!

Kind regards

doc icon Proposed-Rule-Changes-AGM-2015.docx
doc icon AGM-2015-Agenda.doc
doc icon Minutes-of-AGM-28.04.2014.docx