Mid Lancs Final Report

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 cross feathers finished off their 1st season in the league with a 13-5 win over Hawks B as Ste Andrews & Hayley Harrison won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the night and help the team to finish in a good 4th place.
St. Andrews A finished off the last fixture in the division with a 15-3 win over Carlton A to officially seal the runners up spot.

In division 2, MGS C blew away their own D team to lift the division’s shield. The 17-1 win gave Crusaders A no chance of catching them the night after. Lynn Hosegood was statistically the best player on the night in this fixture.
Indeed, the night after, Crusaders travelled to St. Andrews B needing to win 0-18 to tie the Championship with MGS C. If afraid to say it was a bridge too far as they lost 12-6. The strength of Andy’s was too strong as the nerves must have jangled to what they must achieve to have a chance to catch MGS C. Nevertheless Crusaders gain promotion with MGS and should feel very proud of themselves on how they have played all season. Best get some practice in over the summer folks!!!!

In division 3, Clitheroe B ensured their safety with a 9 all draw at home to Hawks E. The final set was split with an 8 all classic match that was ever so tight all the way through and no overall best players on the night as everyone chipped in.
Evergreens A had a cracking 11-7 win over Clayton Crusaders B & Derek Hilton took home the MOTM award again for his 6.
St. Andrews C won 3-15 at Springfields C to take the division 3 shield over MGS E, who have to be content with runners up spot. Darren Robinson & Hannah Burgess won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the evening.
Andy Howson & Angela Woodward from Flight saved the day for their team and earned 2 vital points in a tight match as they won the final pair of games in the last set, 15-9 & 15-4 against bottom team, Hawks F. The 2 pts earned mathematically keeps their hopes alive of survival, but still remain 9 points adrift of safety. Andy & Angela both won 5 games each.
Spring C rounded off their season with a 7-11 loss to Penwortham A whose survival is still in the balance, but my betting is the terrific win they have just got will seal their spot in division 3 again. Laura Heaton took her 6 to earn the LOTM award.
Clayton B won 13-5 at home to a five sided Flight to start to nail up their coffin for them; Dylan Butcher won 4 games.
Evergreens A lost 8-10 at home to Clitheroe B after an 8 all classic were Paul Cronshaw & Elaine Norris won the final pair of games 10-15 & 6-15 to help win the match for the visitors. Despite being on the losing team, Derek Hilton was the MOTM.

In division 4, Penwortham B were beaten 4-14 at home to Champions, Evergreens B. Judging by the card, it was Darren Clayton & Susan Bullen who were the best players for picking up 5 ‘legal’ games each.
St. Andrews D lost their final match 8-10 at home to Preston College A. Mick & Hazel Bradshaw dealt out the killer blow in the 8th set, winning both games to seal the win for College & it was Hazel who again won 6 games alongside Carol Raby.
A five sided Penwortham B got stuffed 1-17 by MGS F, who had to await for the result below to see if they had took the runners up spot; a score of 15-3 would tie both teams in joint 2nd. Jenny Stothard won all her 6 to be once again be LOTM.
In a nail-biting finale, Clayton Crusaders C knew exactly what they needed to do, a win of 16-2 or more over Whittle B would help them sneak the runners up spot over MGS F. And that is exactly what the team did on the evening, they won 16-2 to take the runners up spot by just ONE solitary game! Wow, what can I say, only congratulations to all the team! ?
Luke Brown & Natalie Kane were the best pair on the night, they won all of their 6 at No 2 spot.
Evergreens B wrapped up their successful season with a 12-6 home win over Whittle A. The result means that they won the division by 12 clear points over their promotion contenders, Clayton C and for the losing visitors; well they came 5th, just missing out on 4th spot by 3 games, to their own B team. Ed Gilbertson was once again the MOTM for winning his 6 games.

In division 5, Clayton Crusaders E lost at home 3-15 to Garstang B as Phil Metcalfe, Jo Charter & Helen Jones picked up all of their 6 games to end their season on a high note.
Mythop rounded off their first season in our league with a 12-6 home win over Crusaders D, who have begun to wobble in their fight for a promotion spot. A couple of weeks ago they were breezing towards an easy promotion place alongside Project 12, but now in their remaining 2 fixtures, they will have take at least 5 points to become runners up. Gail Dougal won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM on the evening and a huge thank you goes out to their secretary Rowland Kirkman who has, not only now, but praised our league on how it is run and also the teams within their division who they have played week in & week out on their friendliness towards them. Makes me very proud indeed to hear such kind words!
St. Andrews E lost at home to Evergreens C as Marie Clare Gilbertson won the LOTM award in the 7-11 score line.
Clayton D finally pulled up their socks to win 14-4 over their E team to need just ONE point from their final fixture against Evergreens C to take the runners up place. Heath Ntabagara won all of his 6 games to be the MOTM on the evening.

Well, there is just a couple of matches left, but that’s the season well and truly over folks!
Thank you all for your support in the last year and I hope you have enjoyed your badminton very much. No doubt, I will see the winners and regulars at the dinner dance, but I hope you all have a great Spring/Summer off (I know I will!)

Very best wishes,