Mid Lancs Week J


Report by Paul Eastham

In the first week of the turnaround, there were 7 postponed matches within the league, which nearly equates to a 1/3 of all fixtures. The postponed fixture list is now growing at a rapid pace (32) and I urge all clubs to look at rearranging some of this fixtures in prelim cup week w/c 1st Dec (if not drawn to play in this week) and w/c 15th Dec which is a dedicated week reserved by the fixtures committee for clearing some of the backlog. Please inform me of dates BEFORE they are played.

In division 1, Hawks A beat their own B team 12-6 to go back into 2nd place on the tables. Nick Hodgson won 5 games to be the best player on the night & the B team got a crucial bonus point to stay away from danger. Springfields A lost 4-14 at home to MGS B to stay rooted at the foot & still awaiting their very 1st division 1 point; however Captain Pam’s mission still continues to pick up at least a game off every team. Jared Mathew was MOTM for his 6 games.
St. Andrews A clashed with their old school rivals MGS A & the match was even after the levels before Andy’s went 6-4 ahead in the 1st mixed, this was followed by 2 split sets in 6 & 7. In set 6, MGS won both to leave a nail-biting 9th set decider. Pete Fearns & Julie Bates won both games 13-15 & 6-15 to give MGS the 3 pts to stay 2nd; Tim Vickers won 5 to be the best. Fay Ormesher took home the LOTM award when she took her 6 games for Cross Feathers when they won 11-7 at home to Carlton A who are now 4 points from safety and next week face Hawks A who may pile more misery on them!  😥

In division 2 Carlton B after being 3-5 down after the levels & then 5-8 in the mixed managed to claw their way out of a hole to beat St. Andrews B, 10-8 to project themselves up the table; well away from the drop zone they were in a few weeks ago. Dave Boon took home the MOTM award for taking his 6 games & also winning critical games to help turn the match around. Hawks C beat their poor ol’ D team 17-1 to go top of table and take full advantage of other results/postponements around them. Only Irv & Emily stopped the complete whitewash, but the team stay firmly rooted at the foot, 10 pts from safety. Damian Cooke & Louise Burrill from Clitheroe A won the last pair of games 15-13 & 15-8 to win the match 10-8 against Garstang A as an 8 all classic was unfolded. It was always gonna be a tight match as before the tie kicked off, both teams were evenly placed on the tables & after the levels, the Hillbilly’s were 3-5 up. Sets 5 & 6 were split before Clitheroe took both games in the 7th to square the match up and that was then followed by another split set in the 8th to trigger the 8 all classic. No overall best player in this tight fixture as everyone chipped in, but the result puts 2 points between both teams.

In 3, Penwortham A got beat 4-14 at home by Clayton Crusaders B as Tom Reid proudly went home with the MOTM award for winning all of his 6 games on the night. However the future looks grim for Pen as next week they face leaders, MGS E. Evergreens A had such a tight match when they played Springfields C. The score was all square after the levels at 4 all before Springs too the early lead in the mixed, but the hosts bounced back and in the final set it was all to play for as it was an 8 all classic. Chris Porter & Jane Green took the 1st game 8-15, but Andy Morris & Emily Milner won the very last game 15-6 to earn a draw and share the points on the night. The result keeps both teams in 4th & 5th respectively and I know it’s too early to comment, but keeps both teams safe in 3 next year. Best on the night was Helen Pickup for winning 5 games. St. Andrews C beat current leaders of the division, MGS E 12-6. It’s the 1st loss of the season for the visitors, maybe it was the MOTM who had something to do with that, but even Mr P couldn’t stop the visitors grabbing the bonus point to save face on the night, but the true LOTM was Hannah Burgess for taking 6 & assisting ‘HER’ team to go into the runners up spot!

In division 4, a 5 sided Preston College B drew with their own A team in another fixture that couldn’t separate the 2 teams. Neil Duke from the B team rose to the challenge, winning all his 6 games to earn the MOTM award & help salvage 2 points. Springfields D took all 4 points at home to bottom team, Penwortham B. The 14-4 result claws Springs away from the drop zone for now; but crucial matches are afoot! Tim Lawrence & Julie Youngs bagged their 6 games to be the best on the night. Crusaders C beat St. Andrews D 13-5 to go into joint top of the tables with Evergreens B who didn’t play this week. In the max 4 point win, it was Richard Langford & Kathy Yeung who won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the evening. In next weeks fixtures we see Evergreens & Clayton squaring up to each other in a ‘massive 6 pointer’ that could go all the way.

In 5, Brindle won 12-6 at home to St. Andrews E, but it was Seb Curry & Jane Godsland who won the final game for the visitors in a nail biting finale, taking it 16-17 to earn the bonus point. That game also stopped Margaret Snape from taking home the LOTM award, but instead it fell into the lap of Nick Fish who won all of his 6 to take the MOTM & keeps them 3rd. Garstang B had their 1st win of the season when they played Mythop, 12-6. They almost killed the match off after the levels, being 7-1 up, but they built on that early lead to go through the winning line in set 7; Jo Charter was LOTM for her 6 games. Whittle D were on the brink of beating their own C team as at 6-2 up after the levels they were breezing along and then went on to be 9-6 ahead in the 8th set. A fight back initially by David Houghton & Kirsten Bradley commenced in the 2nd game of the 8th set and then Ant Houghton & Denise Haydock won the final pair of the match to earn a draw for the C team. The best player on the night & help the D team get off to a good start, was Martin Charnock; he won 5 games at 3rd Men’s. A five sided Evergreens C got beat 0-18 to the leaders Project 12; statistically Paul Whitehouse was the best player.

Please, please, please keep emailing your cards to me, as it really does speed up the whole process of live results!

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