News 15th of September

It’s the start of the badminton season, and I hope you are all ready for the usual ups and downs that will bring, obviously there will be more ups than downs as we are such a fantastic club! For those of you who are not aware we are running 5 teams again this year, one in each division. We dropped out a team from D2 and entered a team with some juniors in D5. The fixtures are attached, handbook will be available soon.

Unfortunately we have put up membership fees by £5 to cover increases to Lancashire and Badminton England memberships, but on the plus side we will be keeping match fees at £3.50 as there has been no change to shuttle costs. Adult membership is now £55, and Juniors £30, please pass that on to Karloyn or myself as soon as possible.

Fixtures List

Have a great season!

Monday 15th of September
A-Team vs MGS A @ Wellfield 8:00pm D1
C-Team vs MGS E @ Wellfield 8:00pm D3
D-Team vs Clayton Crusaders C @ Home 7:30pm D4

Thursday 18th of September
B-Team vs Carlton B @ Home 7:30pm D2
E-Team vs Brindle @ Home 7:30pm D5
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week
  • There is a home match on Monday so courts will be shared with club night.