St Andrews E v Garstang B Lost 11-7

Team:  Chris, Graham, Alex, Zoe, Anne, Jane
Well we finally got our comeuppance – our first loss at home.
We salvaged a point thanks again  to a very strong performance by the ladies’  with  comfortable wins in their levels. Jane again was outstanding, picking up her other two games with Alex and so ending up being involved in 6 of the 7 games we won. Definitely lady of the match this week! Graham and Anne picked up the other game.
Looking closely at the table and their results it is evident that the Garstang are a stronger team than their mid table position implies. If they had been able to fulfill all their fixtures they would surely have been contending for the Number 2 spot. We have a chance to get our revenge next week at the  away fixture having learnt a few things about the opposition, I hope. Good luck team, that’s my contribution for this season over, I’m going away  at last, but I’ll be watching!