Cup Round 2 Results February 2014

The D Team have a home draw against Evergreens A in the Wrennall Cup.

Message From Jennifer Clough

Hi everyone

Thanks very much for sending in your round 2 results from the cup competitions.

We have been keeping you in suspense about the Cunningham Cup results until all the round robin fixture results were in. With only one outstanding result, the semi finalists will be announced soon.

The Wrennall round 2 results were:
Penwortham A v Flight TBC
Springfields A beat MGS E by 78 points
St Andrews D beat Battledore by 69 points
Evergreens A beat Springfields B by 40 points

The Phillips Cup round 2 results were:
Whittle B beat Whittle D by just 1 point in the all-Whittle Quarter Final
Springfields D beat Brindle by 17 points
Whittle A beat Hawks G by 44 points
Crusaders D beat Hawks F by only 7 points

Here are the draws for the semi finals of the Wrennall Cup and the Phillips Cups, with the home teams in bold and marked with “*”.

Wrennall Cup Semi Finals
Penwortham A or Flight * v Springfields A
St Andrews D * v Evergreens A

Phillips Cup Semi Finals
Springfields D * v Whittle B
Whittle A * v Clayton Crusaders D

Please let me know if you need to change any team nominations. Thanks very much.

Kind regards
(Cup Match Secretary)