Mid Lancs Week K

Comments and info from Paul Eastham:

In division 1 this week, David Lloyd A said ‘thank you very much’ to MGS A for 4 easy points as they conceded their match & are duly fined and a point deducted from their points tally which probably now cost them any chance of winning the title.

Meanwhile, Hawks A beat MGS B 14-4 to sit proudly on top of the tables over the Xmas break. In the max point win for the leaders, Faye Ormesher won 5 games to be the best player on the evening.

St. Andrews A beat Hawks B 16-2 to go joint 2nd on the tables & it was Oliver Morris & Liz Holt who were the best pair on the night; they both picked up all their 6 games at No1 pair.

In division 2, Carlton B stay in 3rd place with a 17-1 win over the Hillbilly’s….. but for now they are in safe waters by 2 points.

Hawks C won 14-4 at home to MGS D to stay joint top of the tables on 30 points. Partners, Rob Courtley & Maxine Watson along with Duracell man (Graham Robinson) won all of the 6 games to keep the team’s promotion surge on course.

MGS C kept in joint pole position by winning at home to Springfields B. In the 14-4 victory, it was Danya Lewis who was the Star on the evening; she bagged all of her 6 games to be the LOTM & leaves their opponents rooted firmly at the foot! L

St. Andrews C took 3 points at home to Hawks D in a 12-6 victory over them. Best on the night in the tie was Hannah Pallett; she was the LOTM for taking all of her 6 games and assist the team to climb well away from the danger zone.

In 3, St. Andrews D played a very tight match with MGS E at home this week when they hosted MGS E. Trevor Brown & Maria Lyons won the final game for MGS to win the match 10-8; this came after Dave & Hannah Burgess needed both games in set 9 for a draw & took the 1st game 15-11, but the pressure must have got to them in the final game. No overall best player in this match, but it puts both teams in the mix at the top half in the division for the final push next year.

Hawks E fighting to clear the drop zone at the foot took on the leaders of the division, Clitheroe. The ‘fully loaded’ visitors took all 4 points in a 3-15 victory over the hosts, as partners Damian Evans & Allison Leaver took all of their 6 in this tie.

Penwortham A fought hard for points at home when they played a five sided Flight. The final score was 14-4 to give the hosts a welcome points feast and maybe a glimmer of hope of survival in this division. Alan Beningfield picked up 4 games.

Battledore faced Springfields C at home this week, and what a battle it was! At 6-2 up after the levels, the hosts where taking the match easy, but a brave comeback by Springs ensured a close finish, but they ran out steam in the end & Battledore took the match 10-8. The star on the night was Amanda Hodkinson; she won all of her 6 games at No3 to help get the team get off to a flying start and therefore is duly awarded the LOTM award.

Evergreens A felt the full force of Crusaders A and were defiant until the final set when the visitors got the required game to go over the finishing line. At 1-7 down after the levels, it looked like Crusaders had taken the foot off the pedal, as Evergreens fought hard in the mixed requiring both games in the final set to pull off a remarkable draw, but it was just a tad out of reach; final score was 8-10 & the visitors breathed a sigh of relief to be the only side still not to have lost a match in this division so far. An array of people who picked up 4 games in this tight match & the result keeps both teams in 2nd & 3rd.

In 4, Hawks G lost at home to their own F team this week by a huge 1-17 to keep the F team in a solid 4th on the tables.

Preston College A lost 6-12 at home to Evergreens B as Ed Gilbertson & Steve Dudley won all of their 6 games on the night.

Springfields D beat Penwortham B at home by 16 games to 2 to put Springs into 4th; Sally Hardman was statistically best.

MGS F beat Whittle A at home 13-5 to keep 3rd as Chris Cochrane & Helen Everett won all of their 6 games.

Crusaders B took all 4 pts off Whittle B to go 6 points clear at the top as Rachel Sides & Becca Higgin won 5 in the 13-5 win.

In division 5, David Weardon & Margaret Snape won the final game of the match by a nail chewing 17-14 for Brindle to snatch a 10-8 win when they played St. Andrews E. At 2-6 down after the levels things were looking grim for Brindle, but they fought back in the mixed as they took 7 in a row to set up a nervy final set. Nick Fish won 5 to be the best on the night as Andy’s went home to lick their wounds and debrief on a night that has potentially dinted their title hopes.

Whittle D lost 3-15 at home to Preston College B who maintain 3rd as Dave Dunk & Jan Harrison took all of their 6 games.

A five sided Crusaders D lost at home to Garstang B by 7 games to 11 as Paul Whitehouse helped the team elevate into 5th.

Crusaders E conceded the match to Evergreens C and are duly fined etc.

Whittle C lost 6-12 at home to Crusaders C who now go a massive 6 points clear at the top of the table. However it was David Houghton & Kirsten Bradley, who hadn’t won a game all night, who took the final game of the match to snatch the bonus point from under the noses from Crusaders. Luke Brown, Sophia Wright & Amy Cooper all won 5 games each.

Well, that’s it from me for this year; I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & a happy New Year!

Don’t forget, you can all see the latest tables and results as they happen on www.fixtureslive.com/api_page.asp Then, type in Mid Lancs Badminton League.