Boxing Day 75th Anniversary Celebration

This year is the 75th year of the St Andrews Boxing Day tournament and to celebrate we have organised an event at Fox Lane Cricket club on the 29th of December at 7:00pm. We have invited as many past winners of the tournament as we can find to join all our current club members on what will be a great night. There will be a supper, some games, a bit of music and some reminiscences of Boxing Day tournaments over the past few decades. We are planning to cover costs through the games and raffles we run on the night, so all raffle prizes will be gratefully received. Hope to see everyone there for a lot of fun and banter.

The Boxing Day tournament itself is taking place on Wednesday the 26th. Expect the usual format of round robin games followed by a short knockout phase to determine the winners. If you are planning on taking part please get there for midday so we can get pairings, groups and fixtures organised ASAP. There will be the usual charge of a fiver (TBC), to cover bacon butties, prizes and hopefully a bit of fund raising. Normally the finish is around 5/6pm and we then go out for a meal and/or a few beers at a local pub. Enjoy the day.

Have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.