Cup Draws Round 1

Our teams have the following first round cup fixtures:

A Team (-100 OH G2H) vs David Lloyd B (-20 OH GH) @ Home
B Team (-70 GH) vs Springfields A (-50 GH) @ Lostock
C Team (-80 G2H) vs Evergreens A (-30 GH) @ Albany Science College
D Team (-50 GH) vs Hawks F (SCR) @ Clayton
E Team (-20) vs Penwortham B (-60) @ Home

The above fixtures will take place in the New Year, week beginning the 7th of January 2013. Full draws below.

Message from Jennifer Clough:


I’m sorry for the delay – here is the full draw for the preliminary and first rounds of the cup competitions.

I have drawn the home teams for both the December and January rounds. The teams in bold letters, marked with * are the home teams. Under rule 40, the home teams will be drawn again for the second round after the first round is completed in January.

I hope the draws help with booking halls.

Kind regards


(Cup Match Secretary)

Cunningham Cup
Wrennall Cup
Phillips Cup