Rubies II? launch with a draw

Mainly due to transfers in and out, it was a  new look Rubies which took to the Preston College courts for their first match of the 2012/13 season in Div 6.
Graham was making his 700th? appearance for the club partnering Zoe
making her first.  Stuart, partnered last year’s starlet Hannah, making possibly her last appearance for the Rubies before moving up to the 4th division. (Still waiting for the transfer fee to come through though). Henry,  who looks like he will be a regular Ruby, partnered mum Helen (always likely to be explosive when family members play together).  Never mind the personalities I hear you say  what about the result? Well, a 9-9 draw was a good reflection of the match  as it was nip and tuck all the way. In these situations the last couple on court usually deserve the glory so a special mention for Henry and Helen for taking  their last game  to clinch the draw. The card shows that the ladies were the mainstay of the  team and that  a Rubies win was just missed as the two games that went to setting went the wrong way. A great debut by Zoe who won four of her games playing at No1 and best on the night was Helen with five.