St Andrews D vs Evergreens B

Team : Sam, Dave, Colin, Lily, Helen A, Charlotte H

Result: Lost 10-8

The club made a great effort to get a team together to fulfil the fixture, so the team had a slightly unusual line up. Then there was a bit of a timing mix up on our part, and this resulted in a terrible start for us when the opposition captain decided to claim the first ladies set, this was very unsporting to say the least. It left us 5-3 down after the levels and then 8-4 down after the first 2 mixed, we needed to win all the remaining mixed games but could only manage 4 of them. Best on the night for us was Helen Andrew who picked up 5 games. The match finished at 9:30, so I am pretty sure we could have squeezed those claimed games in, but the match was ruined at the start by someone who obviously prefers not to play badminton. Very unpleasant.