Message from Rob Petch re EGM tonight

Subject: Mid Lancashire Badminton Leage: Meeting (17 November 10)

Hi All

Just a reminder that we have EGM before the commencement of the Committee Meeting this Wednesday

EGM will start at 19:30 hrs, Welcome Tavern, Lostock Hall

The EGM has been organised for the purpose of voting on the officer’s proposal for both the Chairman and Vice Chairman roles: –

  • Chairman – Paul Eastham
  • Vice Chairman – Jenny Clough / Mark Pallett (Post share)

The officer’s are also proposing the following rule amendment:-

33 (d) Any nominated player who plays on four occasions for any higher
ranked team will become a nominated player for that team. A player who
is not nominated at the start of the season or joins the League mid
season can play on four separate occasions in the League. On the fourth
occasion they will become a nominated player for the highest ranked
team they have played for and thereafter Rule 33 (a & c) will apply.

Can you please be aware that all members of the league are able to attend the EGM.