E team versus D team

(A bit late I know but Im not as good as Colin at this!!!)

The “youngsters” season started on Monday as we took on the D team, which included 4 defectors from last year! Although the score was 15 -3 the games where much closer, with several games being nip and tuck all the way. A sterling performance from our new skipper Stu (keep it simple) Grice and a solid performance by  Lily(I’ve got a new racket) Simmons, who won the 3 games with her partners. Praise should go to all though, as we have shown much improvement from last year. Also credit to the D team who really had to step up their game and were worried on more than one occasion during the night! Good luck to both teams this season lets go for a 1st and 2nd place in division 6, and best wishes to our rejects, I mean defectors, I mean old team members, Dave Mell, Big C H, Big Sam and Big Erik Hassle!

E team – Stu Grice, Josh (tall Man)Robinson, Little Sam Johnson, Charlotte (Sainsburys) Salisbury, Katie (head scarf) Burgess, Lily Simmons