St Andrews D vs Carlton C

Team : Daz, Graham, Colin, Jane, Jean, Helen

Result : Win 17-1

Definitely an end of season fixture with the opposition turning out with 5 players. The result gets us up to 3rd for now. Helen and Jane were the only players to play 6 games, and both won all 6.

Score Card

Thanks to all the players who have turned out for me this season:

Jane, Janet, Jean, Helen P, Charlotte H, Helen R, Laura, Lucy H, Charlotte S, Katie, Lily, Daz, Graham, Paul W, Sam P and Dave M.

As you can see we have had quite a mixture of players during the season, so it has been a really good club effort to finish as far up Division 5 as we did. Jane and Daz have been our best players through the season, and Janet was going great guns until she had to stop playing just before Christmas. HP gave us a great lift in the New Year and nearly helped us to sneak second place but it was not to be.

The cup was a non-starter as our E-Team done us by 7 points in the first round, and that was after we nicked their best lady. They better win on Thursday or there will be trouble!

Overall an enjoyable season, and I hope everyone who got roped in to play for the D Team enjoyed it as well.