St Andrews D vs Hawks E

Team : Dave, Fergus, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen

Result : 12 – 6 Win


This was tougher than the last time we played this team, but it was an excellent result on foreign soils. Dave and Hannah clearly like playing here as they continued where they left off at the Mixed Tournament and won all their mixed games, that gave Hannah B a maximum 6 Star making her top scorer. It was close at 5-3 after the levels, but 5 wins in the next 6 mixed games sealed the match. Maximum 4 points were up for grabs in the last set, but their top pair put in a good shift to grab a point back.

Next Up : Tuesday the 8th of January
Hawks F @ Clayton 7:00pm Wrennall Cup R1

St Andrews D vs Battledore

Team : Colin, Fergus, Dave B, Helen P, Hannah P, Hannah B

Result: Win 12-6


I was not expecting much this week given that:

a. We were playing the second placed team.

b. Two thirds of the team played in the mixed tournament the day before

3. The other third had not played for 2 weeks.

..but it just shows how much I know as we ran out convincing winners! We did mix the team up bit to allow for Dave’s aching limbs, but this left the 2 young Hannahs to fend for themselves against some strong ladies which was a tough ask after their weekend exertions, but they did well getting to double figures in the second game. So we came through the levels 6-2 up, and got to 9 by the 6th set. Their second pair won 3 of their 4 mixed to keep us from getting all 4 points, most frustrating to loose the last game Arrrgghh! Best on the night was Fergus, Helen and Colin who all got 5.

Next up: Tuesday 27th of November
Hawks F @ Clayton 8:00pm D4

St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “C” – 29th Oct 2012

Team: Zoe, Jane, Anne, Robert, Henry, Richard.
Result: Won 10-8
Close opening games set the tone for the whole match but both were lost whilst Robert reminded Richard what the stringy bit was for. Convincing wins for Anne and Jane then 4 more very close games with setting in Zoe’s left us 2 adrift by the end of the levels. More close games levelled the match after event 6 before Henry and Zoe got into their stride to take us 2 ahead. A slight wobble gave Crusaders the chance of a draw but in the final game Henry and Zoe were having none of it and changed their gameplan to snatch a well deserved 10-8 victory. A great match with 10 close games and Anne as top scorer with 5.

St Andrews D vs Springfields D

Team : Dave B, Alex, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : Win 11-7


First dropped point of the season but a win never the less. Best on night was Dave B, Hannah B and Helen P who all got 5. Big thanks to Alex for helping us out. Good effort all round. The next D Team match is more than two weeks away so we can put our feet up for a bit.

Next Up: Monday 19th of November
Battledore @ Home 7:30pm D4

St Andrews D vs Whittle A

Team : Dave B, Dave N, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : Won 15-3


Our top pair of Dave and Hannah Burgess were really on top form in this match, they both picked up maximums and underpinned the 6 Helen P picked up at 3rd lady Star. It was way past bedtime when this one finished, particularly for one of our younger players who I saw sneaking out a wee yawn on court. Next game marks the half way point for in the league season for the D Team.

Next Up: Tuesday 30th October 7:15pm
Springfields D @ Lostock

St Andrews D vs Hawks F

Team : Dave B, Dave N, Colin, Hannah B, Helen A, Helen P
Result : Won 14-4


Due to Injury and illness we needed to change the line up a bit this week, and the result was another solid performance and maximum points which was great. We got off to a flying start by winning all the levels to go 8-0 up, but it was a bit more of a battle in the mixed games, particularly against their top pair who won 3 out of 4. Best on the night for us was Helen P and Colin who both got 6 Star.


Next Up: Wednesday 24th of October
Whittle A @ Whittle  7:15pm D4