St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “C” – 3rd Oct 2013

Team: Helen R, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard.
Result: Won 18-0
It was away to Crusaders this week against a (mostly) young and inexperienced side. Unfortunately they were also missing their 3rd lady so whilst we gained 6 games, Helen and Anne only got to play 2 games. It was a fairly straightforward run to the line with a couple of “wobbles” in 2 of the mens’ games before taking a convincing 18-0 victory and the full 4 points !

St Andrews “E” v Brindle – 26th Sept 2013

Team: Zoe, Anne, Jane, Alex, Graham, Richard.
Result: Won 14-4
Alex and Richard saved a slightly “flaky” first game with setting before taking control and with strong performances from the ladies we were 6-2 up after the levels. As in the previous week, the mixed events saw some close battles with Graham and Anne setting twice but fighting hard to steal both close games. Solid overall games tallies from Jane and Anne but after scoffing half a bag of Haribo, Zoe was on fire to improve on last week and take her first(?) 6 so far. Well deserved 14 games and max points again but trickier matches are looming!

St Andrews “E” v Evergreens “C” – 19th Sept 2013

Team: Zoe, Helen R, Jane, Richard, Graham, Ben.
Result: Won 13-5
A great start to the season for the “E” team, away to Evergreens kicking off with a 15-0 first game debut for Ben and an 8-0 lead by the end of the levels despite a couple of setted games. The mixed brought some tougher games, 4 very close (including a Harrison 17-16 special) but we still finished with maximum points. Thanks to Helen R for playing at very short notice, great play by Zoe on 5 games and top marks for Jane and Ben !!

E Team vs. Preston College B

A great performance this week! 🙂 A much deserved 4 point victory against the team who are currently (although probably not for much longer!) third in the league A huge improvement over our first encounter, doubling the points earned. special mention to Jane and Anne who each won all of their games :), well done team 😀
Team: Helen, Anne, Jane, Stu, Alex, Henry

……oh, forgot to mention, final score was 15-3 to us 😀

St. Andrews E vs. Whittle C

A win this week! Managing to beat Whittle C at home in a rearranged match with the score being 11 – 7. A good all-round performance (with an exception…) against a tough team. Hopefully we can continue this winning next week!
(sorry from me for playing as though I was wearing a blindfold in all but the last two games! )
Team: Stu, Jane, Anne, Robert, Zoë, Henry

St. Andrews E vs, Hawks G

Another close match with Hawks, but unfortunately another loss :(. On the positive side we did manage to get an extra game than last time despite it being an away match and also came away with a point (better than nothing!). The match was very close and came down to the last game so could of gone either way, with the final score being 10 – 8 to Hawks
Team: Alex, Zoë, Anne, Helen, Stu, Henry
(sorry for the late report!)