St Andrews E v Hawks F

Team: Stu, Josh, Little sam, Charlotte, Lily and Hannah

The youngsters (and Stu) put up a brave fight last night but were overcome by a more experienced team. We definitely won on average age with Hannah “Spanner” Pallett playing only her 2nd league game bringing the average age to just over 16 (even with Stuart!). They shouid be commended in the manner in which they conducted themselves, such as smiling throughout and praising the opposition for good shots. This is a quality rarely seen in more experienced players and they are a real credit to the club. If there were prizes for fair play and a great attitude we would definitely be top of the league.

Well done everyone I am proud of you


St Andrews D vs Whittle D

D-Team : Sam P, Lucy, Colin, Janet, Dave, Charlotte H

Result : 17-1 win

Sam and Lucy kept up their 100% record with another 6 each. Dave and Charlotte shook off last weeks cob webs and picked up 6 as well. We won’t mention who dropped the odd game ;). Well done everyone, a solid 4 points.

Next up :

D-Team at home to Penwortham B Monday 4th of October 7:30pm

E team versus D team

(A bit late I know but Im not as good as Colin at this!!!)

The “youngsters” season started on Monday as we took on the D team, which included 4 defectors from last year! Although the score was 15 -3 the games where much closer, with several games being nip and tuck all the way. A sterling performance from our new skipper Stu (keep it simple) Grice and a solid performance by  Lily(I’ve got a new racket) Simmons, who won the 3 games with her partners. Praise should go to all though, as we have shown much improvement from last year. Also credit to the D team who really had to step up their game and were worried on more than one occasion during the night! Good luck to both teams this season lets go for a 1st and 2nd place in division 6, and best wishes to our rejects, I mean defectors, I mean old team members, Dave Mell, Big C H, Big Sam and Big Erik Hassle!

E team – Stu Grice, Josh (tall Man)Robinson, Little Sam Johnson, Charlotte (Sainsburys) Salisbury, Katie (head scarf) Burgess, Lily Simmons

Brindle B vs St Andrews C

Team :Barry, Daz, Graham H, Val, Helen P , Jeanette

Result: Win 18  –  0

Good start to season for newly formed C Team, who all played well on the night. Well done to Graham and Jeanette who are new to the club this season and have never played together before. All games were played in good spirit and we hope to build on this success.

St Andrews E vs St Andrews D

E-Team : Stuart, Katie, Sam J, Lily, Josh, Charlotte S
D-Team : Sam P, Lucy, Colin, Janet, Dave, Charlotte H

Result : 3-15 win for D Team

Sam and Lucy playing at No. 1 picked up 6 games each and anchored the D-Team to an excellent win against the E-Team. The match score line does not do justice to the closeness of many of the games, but it probably reflected the extra experience in the D-Team. Well done to Lily, who was savage on the night and got all 3 games for the E-Team. Onward to the rest of the season, and fingers crossed for many wins for both teams ahead.

Next up :

D-Team at home to Whittle D. Monday 27th of October 7:30pm
E-Team away to Hawks F. Tuesday 28th of October 7:00pm @ Clayton D6


Well what a great end to the season! The E team blew away the opposition last night in the final of the Phillips Cup. the team was Big Sam, Stuart (play it straight) Grice, JoshTall Man Robinson, Lucy (Erik) Halsall, Katie(tango) Burgess, Lily(Jelly dance) Simmons. However credit should also go to the people who played valuable parts in getting us to that stage Charlotte Sainsburys, Little Sam, and Alex(hop along) Heyes. well done everyone undefeated since Christmas and a trophy to boot!!