Mid Lancs Week L

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Carlton A fell 3-15 at home to 3rd placed team on the tables; MGS A. Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton were once again the best players on the evening to help the team win the maximum 4 points. David Lloyd took on the current leaders of the division, St. Andrews A and got off to a flying start in the levels, as they shot into a 6-2 lead. A split opening mixed set and then the 6th set was conceded as Joe Steele got injured, which meant that David Lloyd had at least got a draw at a score-line of 9-3. Andy Fowler & Liz Holt took a pair in the 7th set to claw it back to 9-5, but Alan Clarkson & Joanna Holt grabbed the win when they won both games 15-8 & 17-14 before Andy & Liz took the final pair of games to finish the match off at 11-7. The result means now that Andy’s slip off the top off the table with the result below and David Lloyd are at the bottom of the chasing pack. Liz was the best player on the night; she took 5 of the 7 won by Andy’s. Cross Feathers beat Hawks A 15-3 to move to the top of the table; Rach Graham & Hayley Harrison won all of their 6 games.

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Cup Draws Are Out

St Andrews Cup fixtures

Monday 9th of December
B Team (-50) vs MGS C (-100 GH) @ Home 7:30pm
D Team (-60) vs Penwortham B (SCR) @ Home 7:30pm

Wednesday 11th of December
A Team (-100 GH) vs MGS A (-70 GH)

Thursday 12th of December
C Team (-50) vs Clayton D (SCR RH) @ Wellfield 7:30pm

Full Draw

Division 1
Carlton ‘A’ (-90) vs MGS ‘B’ (SCR)
St. Andrews ‘A’ (-100 GH) vs MGS ‘A’ (-70 gh)
David Lloyd (-100 GH) vs Bye
Hawks A (-50 GH) vs Bye

Division 2
Hawks ‘B’ (-80 GH) vs Hawks ‘C’ (-40)
Clitheroe ‘A’ (-90 GH) vs Carlton ‘B’ (+20)
St. Andrews ‘B’ (-50) vs MGS ‘C’ (-100 GH)
Clayton ‘A’ (-60) vs MGS ‘D’ (-40)

Division 3
Clitheroe ‘B’ (-40 GH) vs MGS ‘E’ (SCR)
Garstang ‘A’ (-40 GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-40 GH)
Evergreens ‘A’ (-100 GH) vs Mythop ‘A’ (+40)
Clayton ‘B’ (-80 GH) vs Bye

Division 4
Clayton ‘D’ (SCR RH) vs St. Andrews ‘C’ (-50)
Evergreens ‘B’ (-100) vs Garstang ‘B’ (-100)
Penwortham ‘A’ (-60) vs Project 12 (-50)
Clayton ‘C’ (-100) vs Hawks ‘E’ (SCR)

Division 5
Mythop ‘B’ (-100) vs Brindle (-20)
Preston College (-50) vs Whittle (-60)
St. Andrews ‘D’ (-60) vs Penwortham ‘B’ (SCR)
Evergreens ‘C’ (-60) vs Bye

Mid Lancs Week K

Report From Paul Eastham

Cross Feathers thrashed MGS B last week to go joint top of division 1 with Andy’s. Fay Andrews was stat the best in the 18-0 win & this week they took on MGS A & went 3-5 up after the levels. Matt Tolman & Rach Graham won the opening mixed set & this was followed by a split set in the 6th for a 4-8 score-line. Oli Hives & Emily Broadbent won a pair in the 7th, 8 & 15 to pull it back to 6-8, but the Matt & Rach took both in the following set to wrap up the win. Final score was 7-11 & Rach won all 6 for POTM. Hawks A fell 4-14 at home to St Andrews A who return to the top of the division with the 4 point win. Liz Holt was the MVP. MGS B took on fellow relegation strugglers Carlton A, so it was all to play for and it was the visitors who shot into a 1-7 lead including Tim Vickers taking all of his 4 Men’s games. Dave Wiseman & Cath Bagley built on that lead by winning a pair in the opening mixed set for a 1-9 lead before MGS took the next 5 games in a row for a mini comeback. But in the end it was all in vain, as the final score ran out at 7-11 to open up a 2 pt gap between the teams at the foot. Dave & Cath won 5 games each. David Lloyd had a rearranged match with MGS A & after the levels, the score was even at 4 all. Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton took MGS into a 4-6 lead before Alan Clarkson & Joanna Holt squared the match once again at 6 all. Sets 7 & 8 were split to line up an 8 all classic in which Oli Hives & Jen Rigby won for an 8-10 MGS victory. Jared & Alan won 5 each to be the best players.

In division 2, St. Andrews B had a scrap with their rivals at the foot of the table against Carlton B and after some tight levels games the score stood all square going into the mixed. Paul Baker & Janette Norris took the opening mixed set and then Matt Green & Karolyn Hustler won both in set 6 to take Andy’s into an 8-4 lead. Paul Smith & Jane Parkinson won both games in set 7, 13-15 & 14-17 to pull the score back to 8-6 before a split set in the 8th to leave the match in a fine balance. Paul & Janette wrapped up the match with both games in the final set for an 11-7 win to pull them off the bottom of the table by 2 points. Hawks C got thrashed 1-17 by leaders of the division, Clitheroe A who now move 7 points clear at the top.  MGS D got thrashed 2-16 at home by Hawks B who now move into 2nd place on the table with the 4 point max win. Luke Bennet & Jenny Brookfield won all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night.

In division 3, bottom team, Mythop A & the leaders, Evergreens A met at Lytham and no guesses for the score, but the visitors took all 4 points back home in a 0-18 whitewash despite it being the host’s longest match of the season. ? Clitheroe B had a tight match this week against opponents Clayton Crusaders B and with the match evenly poised at 4 all after the levels where the hosts won all the Ladies & the visitors took all the Men’s games. Into the mixed and Pete Wright & Louise Burrill took Clitheroe 6-4 ahead with a pair and then Stu Davey & Gill Fourie built on that lead to take both games 15-11 & 17-15 to go into an 8-4 lead. Then Clayton put their foot down & Victor Chow & Katy Dutton won both games in set 7, 10-15 & 16-17 and then Dylan Butcher& Laura Curtis won their games to 9 & 10 to level the match at 8 all. In the final nail-biting set, Pete & Louise won the 1st game 17-16 and then had to concede the final game against Victor & Katy as they ran out of hall time. So, a little anti-climax for that final set as the score ran out at 9 all. Louise was the MVP on the night, she won 5 games. The Hillbilly’s went into lockdown again at the fort and sent their visitors, Hawks D back down the M6 with nil pointys. With the 14-4 max pt win, Garstang A move into 3rd place, leapfrogging over Hawks & the MVP on the night was Amit Mistry for 6 games.

In division 4, Hawks E had a battle on their hands when they faced St. Andrews C this week at Clayton as they went 3-5 down in the levels when Colin Marney took all of his 4 Men’s games. Andy’s then built on this lead when Graham Forest & Jane Godsland took the opening mixed set and this was followed by a split 6th. In the 7th Ross Coulthard & Hannah Stewart won a pair for Hawks to pull it back to 6-8, but Andy’s went into overdrive and took the remaining 4 games for a final score of 6-12. Graham took his 6 games to be the POTM on the night and help open up a 10 point gap from the dreaded drop zone. Project 12 failed to get any points at home when they hosted Penwortham A and the host were on the ropes from the onset, as they didn’t win a single game in the levels sets. They managed to win the opening mixed set when Jon Jackson & Kat Platt won both games, but it was an uphill struggle from there and Penwortham went on to take the match and all 4 points back home with them in a 5-13 win. Rory Parkinson & Johanna Huber were the best on the evening; they picked up all of their 6 at 3rd spot. Evergreens B moved to 2 points behind the leaders Clayton Crusaders C when they beat their 5 sided D team, who are rooted at the foot of the division, by 15 games to 3. Phil Barlow won all his 6 games to be the POTM on the night.

In division 5, St. Andrews D won their match at home to Brindle this week to keep the momentum going and stopped in 2nd place with an 11-7 win. Mel Grove won all her 6 games to be the POTM on the night & Steve Hudson won 5 of the 7 for Brindle. A five sided Whittle got beat 4-14 by Preston College who shoot up the table with the max 4 pts; Hazel Bradshaw won 5 games. Penwortham B retained the wooden spoon position at the foot of the table when they got beat 7-11 by Evergreens C who keep in a solid 3rd place with the 3 pts. The hosts were on the ropes at the end of the levels as Karen Kenyon won all her 4 Ladies to assist in a 1-7 lead. Penwortham then pulled their socks up in the mixed as Ian Phillips & Dot Luby won both in set 5 and then Dave Jackson & Johanna Huber won both theirs in set 6 to claw the score back to 5-7. In the 7th set, Steve Drinkwater & Pauline Charnock took both games to take Evergreens on the brink with a score of 5-9, but then in the 8th set Dave & Johanna gave Pen some hope when they took the score to 7-9 when they won both games. However, in the final set, Steve and Pauline won both games to 9 to set up the final score of 7-11 and the pair of them were the best players on the evening, taking 6 games each.


Mid Lancs Week J

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1, St Andrews A won their match over old school rivals, MGS A & the hosts were breezing at 6-2 in the levels in which Lizzie Taylor took all her 4 Ladies games. Jared Matthew & Rebecca Ashton took the opening mixed set to pull it back to 6-4, but then Andy’s went on to win the match, taking the next 2 sets for a score of 10-4. Jarred & Rebecca won the 8th set to get the bonus pt & the match ended up at 12-6 when Steve Taylor & Liz Holt took the final pair of games. Lizzie was POTM for taking 6. David Lloyd had a tough match against Hawks A & were on the ropes from the off to be 3-5 down at the end of the levels. Nick Hodgson & Katie D Turner built on that lead by winning a pair in the opening mixed to go 3-7 ahead. Alan Clarkson & Joanna Holt pulled a pair back in the 6th set (5-7) before Chris Foote & Michelle Skinner won both in set 7 to edge near a win at 5-9. Nick & Katie took the 1st game of a split 8th set for the win and a final spit set gave a match score of 7-11. Nick & Michelle won 5. Cross Feathers v MGS B’s result will be in next week’s report.

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Mid Lancs Week I

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Carlton A got beat 4-14 by David Lloyd to lie in dangerous waters at the foot of the table. None of the visitors took maximum games, but Ruth Flatman, Clarky, Rachel Dewhurst & Joanna Holt all won 5 each. MGS A beat Hawks A…… but only just! Two opening split level sets were followed by Hawks winning the Men’s & MGS winning the Ladies for the scores to be tied going into the mixed. Chris Foote & Michelle Skinner then won a pair in the opener to take Hawks 4-6 ahead. Sets 6 & 7 were both spit for a score of 6-8 and then MGS put their foot on the pedal and Dan Porter & Jen Rigby won the 8th set and then Rob Metcalf & Becky Ashton won the final set in an 8 all classic to pull off a 10-8 win. Jen won 5. MGS B got beat 2-16 by St. Andrews A for them to go top of the table again as Lizzie Taylor was statistically the best player.

In division 2, St. Hawks B kept up with the chasing pack when they took all 4 points in a 15-3 home win over Carlton B who remain rooted at the foot in deep trouble. Chris Hoyle, Luke Bennett & Lisa Coulthard all won 6 games each, with Lisa being stat best. MGS D got beat 2-16 at home by Clitheroe A who go to the top of the table this week as MGS C’s match was postponed. The statistically best player on the evening was Jess Portas.

In division 3, Clitheroe B had a scrap on their hands this when they hosted MGS E. After the levels, in which Lauren Davis won 4 Ladies games, the host were 5-3 up before James de Wolf & Sarah Woodhouse took both games to square the match for MGS. Steve Pym & Louise Burrill then took Clitheroe 7-5 ahead by winning a pair in the 6th and then this was followed by a split set in the 7th for a score-line of 8-6. Then in the 8th, James & Sarah won both games again to even the match up once again at 8 all to produce a classic. Pete Wright & Gill Fourie took the reins and won both games 12 & 9 for Clitheroe for a 10-8 win. Lauren won 5 for the hosts and James won 5 for MGS to be the best players on the evening. Garstang A took the leaders of the division, Evergreens A at the Fort this week and what a battle it turned out to be. After the drawbridge was pulled up, the hosts went 3-5 up in the levels in which Sharon Mullholland won all her 4 Ladies to give them a good start. Then in the opening mixed set, Stuart Smerdon & Karen Pye took both games for the Hillbilly’s to square the match up at 5 all. Then all of the remaining 4 sets were split to draw the match including the final 8 all classic set were Stuart & Karen won the 1st game 15-12 and then super sub Phil Barlow & Lynette Tidy won the last game to 5 to share the points. The best players on the evening were Stuart for Garstang & Sharon from Evergreens, they both won 5 games each. Hawks D took on 2nd place Clayton Crusaders B and got off to a 5-3 lead in the levels. A tight opening mixed set that was split was followed by Graham & Anne Robinson winning both games to take Hawks into an 8-4 lead. After another split set in the 7th Victor Chow & Katy Dutton won both games for Clayton to claw the score back to 9-7 with a glimmer of hope of drawing the match, but in a nail-biting finale, Irv Grimbaldeston & Gail Monk won both games 14 & 13 to take the match at 11-7. The terrific win for Hawks puts them in 3rd place on the tables & racks up Crusaders’ first loss of the season and certainly will dint their title hopes, as now they are 5 points behind the leaders of the division, Evergreens A. Best on the night?… without a shadow of doubt, it was Irv & Gail who won 5 games each & that crucial 8 all classic final set to seal the win.

In division 4, Project 12 racked up their first win of the season when they beat St. Andrews C. The match was all square after the levels and then Graham Forrest & Jane Godsland took both games for Andy’s to take a 4-6 lead. John Wright & Kerry Nash hit back with a pair in the 6th to tie the match again and then Rob Monks & Nicky Carr took Project 12 into an 8-6 lead by winning both games in set 7. A split 8th for a 9-7 lead left it all to play for in the final set, as Jon Jackson & Sarah Coultas polished the match off by winning both games to 6 for an 11-7 win for the hosts. 12 are still in trouble, but the deficit is cut to 6 pts to safety. Penwortham A got back to their winning ways this week when GKH (Gammy Knee Heaton) was back in the squad to play against Clayton Crusaders D. Laura won all of her 6 games to be the POTM in the 15-3 win which puts them in 4th place. Clayton Crusaders C went to the top of the table this week when they played Hawks E and immediately put the opponents on the ropes in the levels winning 7 of the 8 on offer and Scott Wilkinson won all his 4 Men’s. The 2 opening mixed sets wrapped up the match for Clayton and they went on to win the maximum points in the final score of 15-3 as Sam Gorrell was the POTM on the night for taking all of his 6 games and help the team go 3 points clear at the top. Evergreens B took on last week’s leaders of the division, Garstang B and stormed to a 8-0 lead in the levels as Lee Wigham took all his Men’s & Karen Holden took all her Ladies games. A slight mini comeback took pace in the mixed, but Evergreens pushed ahead to take the maximum points as in the final set, Julian Pilling & Emily Miller won both games to snatch the bonus point. In the 13-5 win, Phil Barlow & Susan Bullen won 5 games each to assist in the great win & help push the team into 3rd place.

In division 5, Mythop B kept out in front of the chasing pack with a 12-6 home win over Brindle. Helena Lemper won all of her 4 Ladies games to give the host a great start; combined, that was a 7-1 lead going into the mixed sets. A split opener was followed by Mark Green & Ngan Pilkington winning both in set 6 to win the match for Mythop and the host were on course to take max points until Nick Fish & Linda Kozera popped up in the final set to win both games for the 12-6 score-line & take back home the bonus point. Both Mark & Ngan were the stars on the night, they won all of their 6 to help the team maintain top slot by 8 pts. St. Andrews D beat a five sided Preston College 13-5 to shoot up the table & go into joint 2nd with them on the tables. Whittle handed over the wooden spoon to Penwortham B when they beat them 15-3 at home; Jackie Harnby was stat best.


Mid Lancs Week H

Report From Paul Eastham

The 2nd third of the season stated in division 1 when Carlton A lost heavily to Cross Feathers who shoot straight to the top of the table, as predicted, with an 0-18 thrashing of the hosts. Statistically, Fay Andrews was the best player conceding just 19 points. Hawks A beat MGS B 16-2 to climb 6 points clear of the drop zone; Nick Hodgson & Katie Dixon Turner won all of their 6 games.

Division 2 saw Carlton B fall 6-12 at home to Clayton A to stay rooted at the foot of the table. An array of people won 5 games for Clayton, but for my money, the best player on the night was Jane Parkinson who won 5 of the 6 games taken for Carlton. Clitheroe A smashed St. Andrews B, 17-1 to maintain 2nd place on the tables; only Phil Livesey & Karolyn Hustler winning the single game stopped the complete whitewash and it was Jess Portas who was statistically the best player on the night. Hawks C had a fine win over MGS D this week and not only managed to win the match, but took all 4 points to clear the drop zone area by 6 points & go level with their opponents. In the 15-3 win, Beth Cowell, Debbie Taylor & Jackie Atherton all won 6. MGS C had an ever so tight match with Hawks B this week and with a late start it got a little sticky at the end with being chucked out of the hall by the caretaker! All square at the end of the levels as each team won a pair of Men’s & Ladies. Luke Bennett & Jenny Brookfield won the opening mixed set for a 4-6 lead for the visitors and then Ash Gibson & Beth Andrew levelled the match taking a pair in the 6th. Hawks then went 6-8 up again as this time Chris Hoyle & Lisa Coulthard won both in the 7th before Ash & Beth pulled the match back again to an 8 all classic as the clock stuck 10. In come the caretaker and out came the beggin bowls! The bribe (whatever it was) worked and play commenced & Tom Lowe & Alison P Truman won both nail-biting games 17-14 & 15-10 for a final score of 10-8 to sit them on top of the table by a single point. MVP was Ash, but Beth also won her 6 games and Matt Seddon is fetching more supplies down to the basement to stock up for the long haul.

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