Mid Lancs Week E

Report From Paul Eastham

In 1, MGS A beat Hawks A 16-2 to maintain 2nd position; Jared & Becky were once again the best pair on the night. (6 games).

MGS B gained their 1st points of the season when they hosted Clitheroe A. The match was always gonna be tight given both teams are hunting points at the bottom of the table and after the levels, the score was all square at 4 all as MGS took all the men’s & Clitheroe took the ladies. Rob Metcalfe & Lynn Hosegood won a pair in the opening mixed & then the 6th set was split before Damian Cooke & Julie Bates won a pair in the 7th for Clitheroe to tie the match again. In the 8th set, Adrian Greenwood & Alex MacKie won both games to take the score into 9-7 and then Rob & Lynn won the required game in the final set to help earn MGS the 3 points on the night. Rob, Adrian & Alison Leaver all won 5 games each. Captain Tom Lowe (who wasn’t playing due to a broken wrist) assured me they would have gained max points if he was playing this week! Well Tom, your fellow team mates (and me) want to wish that your sex life has a speedy recovery soon!

St. Andrews A showed newbies, Crusaders A why they won the division a record 20 times when they pasted them 17-1; commentators jinx got to Ashley Gibson who hits the headlines this week for being the chump who let the team down for a whitewash… he was on for a hat trick of MOTM awards; but was the one who lost the single game.. same old Ash, bottled it!

Cross Feathers played a blinder at home to the current Champs of the division, David Lloyd & at 1-5 down after the 3rd set, things were certainly looking bleak for the hosts. Emily Miller & Terry Lee Holmes pulled it back to 3-5 by winning both games in the 4th to 8 &16! Then the opening mixed set was split before David Lloyd conceded both games in set 6 due to Mark Tuttle picking up an injury, making the score even at 6 all. The final 3 sets were all nail-bitingly split to make the final score 9 all..!!!

Fair result on the night and I do wonder if that injury made the difference; no overall best player, but Mark did win all his 4.

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Mid Lancs Week D

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, Clitheroe A failed to get any points when they got beat 5-13 at home by Cross Feathers. Mike Jackson was the MOTM on the night for winning all of his 6 games in the No 1 slot & help move the team into joint 2nd on the tables.

MGS B fell 4-14 at home to their own A team to leave them propping up the rest of the division. Jared Matthew, Becky Ashton & John Davenport all won their 6 games on the night to help the team move into joint 2nd place on the tables.

Crusaders A are again struggling in this division as they lost again 2-16 to Carlton A; Phil Price & Cath Bagley won all their 6.

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MId Lancs Week C

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A faced their old school rivals, St Andrews A at home… and it turned out just like old times with the hosts being beaten 6-12 and Andy’s going to the top of the table. Ashley Gibson was crowned with the MOTM award for the 2nd week on the trot for winning all of his 6 games in the No 2 slot. However, I think it might come all crashing down next week when David Lloyd visit the Leyland team for an early title clash & I would love St. Andrews to make me eat my words!

Hawks A found themselves 3-5 down after the levels when they battled against Carlton A. The opening mixed was split before an onslaught by the hosts in the remaining sets… they took 7 of the 8 games to take the match 11-7, leaving Carlton bamboozled! Andy Owen was the best player on the night, he won 5 crucial games to help turn the match around.

MGS B match against Cross Feathers….. NO CARD!!! Therefore a £10 fine winging its way to MGS as per rule 25.

Crusaders A had a tight match this week with the team they were promoted with last season, Clitheroe A. It was all square after the levels and then Sam Moss & Natalie Appleyard took a pair in the opening mixed set before Keith Ashton & Allison Leaver tied the match again by winning both games in set 6. The 7th set was split and then Pete Wright & Julie Bates won both game in the 8th to put Clitheroe 7-9 ahead. Sam & Natalie then went on for the final set and won both games 6 & 4 to earn a draw for Clayton. Sam won all his for his team & Allison won 6 for Clitheroe to be the best players on the evening.

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Mid Lancs Week B

This week in Division 1, Carlton A felt the force of an inform MGS A who took all 4 points back home with them after a 4-14 victory & the star on the evening was Jared Matthew; he won all of his 6 games to be awarded the prestidusus MOTM.

Clitheroe A drew 9-9 all at home when they hosted Hawks A. The match was extremely tight throughout & all square after the levels. This was followed by 3 split mixed sets before Andy Owen & Julie Lowe got a breakthrough in the 8th by winning a pair for Hawks to go 7-9 ahead. Damian Cooke & Julie Bates from Clitheroe managed to win the final pair of games to help share the pts on the night. Both Julies’ won 5 games each, as did Chris Foote to be the best players & Allison starred with the card!

St. Andrews A took all 4 points in a 13-5 victory over MGS B to move into 2nd place; Ashley Gibson was the MOTM for his 6.

David Lloyd thrashed Clayton Crusaders 18-0 to remind the newly promoted club why they have been the Champs for so many years & who they are dealing with! Not a single game went into double figures as statistically Darren Whitley was the best.

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Mid Lancs Week A

Report From Paul Eastham

Hi Folks, here we go again… the 2017/18 season is here & results/tables can be seen ‘live’ online at http://w.fixtureslive.com/

Thank you once again for all your prompt cards and I will update you when the handbooks are ready for distribution.

Division 1 started a week early due to the extra fixtures & the very 1st fixture of the new season was MGS A who took on newly promoted Clitheroe A at home and needless to say the visitors found their opening fixture tough losing 16-2.

St. Andrews A had a cracking opening win over last year’s runners up, Cross Feathers. The match was all square after the levels, but Andy’s powered their way through in the mixed to win 11-7; Joe Steele was crowned the 1st MOTM of the season for his 6.

Another division 1 newbie, Clayton A found their 1st match a hard pill to swallow…. They got thrashed 0-18 at home to Hawks A.

David Lloyd got off to their usual start by winning 17-1 at home against Carlton A to be the firm favourites again.

Then in week A, Carlton A turned their fortunes around when they hosted Clitheroe A. At 5-3 up after the levels, the hosts had the edge & in the mixed they built on their lead to snatch all 4 pts in a 13-5 victory: Andy Wiseman & Phil Price won all their 6.

Not surprisingly, MGS B lost 2-16 at home in their 1st match of the season to David Lloyd as Ruth Flatman was statistically the best player in the match & Tom Lowe stopped the total whitewash by winning the 2 games gained for the welcoming hosts.

St. Andrews continued with their winning start by thrashing Hawks A 18-0; Steve Taylor was stat the best & keeps the team 2nd.

Cross Feathers recovered from their 1st loss of the season by beating Crusaders A 17-1 to shoot into 3rd place on the tables; only Natalie Appleyard & Hannah Settle stopping the complete whitewash by winning the single game. Fay Andrews was statistically the best player on the evening. With just 3 weeks to go to the birth of her baby, Rachael Graham has now played in her final match for Cross Feathers & her team mates would like to wish her a ‘big good luck’. On behalf of the league, I would also like to wish her all the very best wishes & no doubt, she will be back on court very soon.

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2017/18 Season Starts

The new season starts next Wednesday with the A Team at home to Cross Feathers. Our other teams all have fixtures the following Monday. To get everyone up to speed we are running club nights next Monday and Wednesday (shared).

We are looking at getting some new club tops, take a look at the link and let me know if you are interested.

Membership and match fees will be staying the same as last season. So that will be £55 for senior membership,  £30 for juniors. Club night only is £35.

Monday 4th of September
Club Night 7:30pm onward

Wednesday 6th of September
St Andrews A vs Cross Feathers @ Home 7:30pm D1
Shared Club Night 7:30pm onward

Monday 11th of September
B Team vs MGS B @ Wellfield 8:00pm D2
C Team vs Whittle A @ Home 7:30pm D4
D Team vs Clayton Crusaders E @ Leyland St Marys 7:00pm D5

Wednesday 13th of September
St Andrews A vs Hawks A @ Home 7:30pm D1
Club Night 7:30pm onward