Mid Lancs Week F

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Hawks B picked up a precious bonus point at the hands of St. Andy’s A when they were beat 7-11 at home. Andy Owen & Emily Miller ensured the point went in the bag in the final set when they won both games 15-12 & 15-5. Katie McWalters won her 6 games to be the LOTM on the evening. David Lloyd had another 4 point max victory over Carlton A. In the 13-5 win, it was Darren Whitley & Scott Webber who were the best players on the evening; they took 6 games each to be the best players in this clash. MGS B lost 3-15 to their own A team as Pete Fearns & Becky Ashton won their 6 to be the best pair on the night. Cross Feathers remain strong contenders to take the runners up spot in only their 2nd season in the league. This week they won 16-2 at home over this year’s whipping boys, Crusaders A, who only turned up with 5 players. Only Neil A-Jones & Ciara Pender stopping the total whitewash winning the 2 for Clayton. Paul Maguire won all his 6 games to be the MOTM on the evening, but their next match is the Champs, David Lloyd….. so lets see!! Continue reading “Mid Lancs Week F”

Mid Lancs Week E

Report From Paul Eastham:

This weeks report comes from the sunny resort of the Costa Del Sol  😎
In division 1, MGS A, had a tight home match with Cross Feathers and they eventually needed both games in the final set to pull off a draw. It was all square after the levels, but 4 games in a row in the mixed for the visitors put MGS on the ropes. They then won both in the 7th before a split set in the 8th to make the match score 7-9 & put the pressure on Jared Matthew & Jen Rigby to win both in the final set to draw the match. They did indeed win the opener in that set, 15-8, but Ste Andrews & Hayley Harrison won the final game 12-15 to win the match for Cross Feathers. RÄCH Graham won 5 games. Hawks B got beat 3-15 at home by Carlton A as J Bowker, A Neville & K Armer all won their 6 games in the ax point win. St. Andrews A came so close to snatching a point off the current Champions, David Lloyd. After the levels, the score was all square with the hosts taking all of the Ladies & the visitors winning all 4 Men’s. In the mixed, the champs just surged ahead, only letting Andy’s win one more game. Roger Leigh & Katie McWalters came ever so close in the 8th set (16-17) from taking the 1st point off the unbeatable side this season. I always like a little feedback on matches to get a true feeling of how a match has panned out, and this week, Steve Taylor attached these words to the match card. “Apart from the mens it was a closer game than it appears.We let the girls down really. Lizzie and nicki beat an apparently unbeaten pair to 3 in the second end. Great performance. Mixed could have either way really but their men play a lot and it shows in the fact they don’t make unforced errors. We more than held our own and won a lot of the rallies so did the hard bit, but then gave the advantage away immediately with silly errors so never really gained momentum.Their consistency is brilliant and they thoroughly deserve the win. An example of why practice makes perfect. Must try harder haha” Darren Whitley was MOTM.

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Mid Lancs Week D

This week in Division 1, MGS A won their 2nd match of the season with a 12-6 win over Hawks B. The home side were gutted to have given away the bonus point in the final game of the match when Chris Chu & Emily Miller took it in setting, 15-17. Becky Ashton was the best player on the night in this tie, she won 5 & only for that last game slip up, would have won the LOTM award. Next week, MGS take on the inform team, Cross Feathers & Hawks will look for home pts against Carlton A.
David Lloyd still has not dropped a single game this season as this week they thrashed MGS B 18-0. Darren Whitley was statistically they best player on the evening as next week the Champs square up against old school rivals, Andy’s A!
Hawks A had a tough home match against Cross Feathers and after being 6-2 up at the end of the levels the visitors came back to square the match in the 8th set to give the match a thrilling conclusion. Ste Andrews & Hayley Harrison from Cross Feathers won the 1st game in the 9th, 12-15 & then the final game was won 15-10 by Rick Wallbank & Michelle Skinner from Hawks to earn a draw on the night. A fair result on the night & the best pair were Chris Hoyle & Jenny Mullineaux.
St. Andrews showed no mercy against newbies Clayton Crusaders A; they thrashed them 18-0 to go into 3rd slot.

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Mid Lancs Week C

Report From Paul Eastham

Hawks A in division 1 lost this week when they hosted St. Andrews A & in the 5-13 defeat it was Karolyn Hustler who won 6.
The usual relegation teams, MGS B & Hawks B had an early clash this season at Wellfield and in the 16-2 win it was Lynn Hosegood who was statistically the best player on the evening to pick up the LOTM award to help the team go into 3rd spot. Clayton A felt the full wrath of MGS A this week in the visitors 1st match of the season. Tim Vickers & Julie Bates won all of their 6 to be the best pair on the night at 3rd and just a bit more of a push by Crusaders in a couple of games could have given them their 1st division 1 point. Sam Moss & Ciara Pender picked up 3, but I suspect 2 of them were ‘given’ to them! Cross Feathers went joint top of the table with a fine 13-5 win over Carlton A. In the max point win, Mike Johnston took home the MOTM award for taking all of his 6 games & for assisting in taking the 4 points in a match that ran out of time due to the visitors turning up late!

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Mid Lancs Week B

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, Carlton A beat Clayton Crusaders A by 14 games to 4 and it was Andrea Neville who won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM on the evening. Sam Ames won 3 games as Crusaders find it tough to adjust to the elite division.

David Lloyd thrashed Hawks A 18-0 to stamp their usual authority on the division…. Only 2 games went into double figures as Emily Hollis picked up the LOTM award for statistically being the best player on the evening. Continue reading “Mid Lancs Week B”

Mid Lancs Week A


Report From Paul Eastham

The 1st result in division 1 of the new season was a clash between Hawks A & their own B team. The result was no surprise, 15-3, but to see Julian Priestley’s name again… but Julian & his partner, Cathy Atfield won all of their 6 games at 3rd pairing.

MGS B notched up an 11-7 home win over Carlton A as Charlotte Heyes won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM.

Newly promoted Clayton Crusaders A hosted the current reigning Champions, David Lloyd! Any guesses what the score was? Statistically it was Mark Tuttle who was the MOTM on the night for losing a mere 16 points from his 6 games!

St Andrews A had a new season wakeup call when they got beat 5-13 at home by Cross Feathers. They lost all the level’s games before taking their 1st game of the match in the mixed, but a strong Cross Feathers saw them off in the 7th set by winning all 4 points as partners Matt Tolman & Rach Graham took all their 6 games at 3rd to ensure the flying start.

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