Mid Lancs Week M

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Hawks B got beat 1-17 by MGS A to stay rooted in the drop zone while the visitors crept up the table.

MGS B got blown away by David Lloyd 2-16 as Clarky was statistically the best player & each MGS Lady picked up a game.

Cross Feathers beat Hawks A 15-3 to stay in a commanding position in the runners up spot on the table. Unfortunately, Hawks had 4 starred players, so Cross Feathers had 6 games in the bag before the match kicked off. Hayley Harrison was the best player on the evening, she won all of her 6 games to take home the LOTM award.

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Mid Lancs Week L

Report From Paul Eastham:

Well, here we go again, 2016 kicked off in division1 with Carlton A taking on Cross Feathers who gained substantial points just before Christmas in 2 rearranged matches & amassed 8 max points out of those ties to put them firmly in the runners up spot, just 5 points behind the Champs, David Lloyd. In the fixture at Carlton, they had a real battle to win the match; they were 5-3 down after the levels but squared the scores after the 1st mixed in set 5. Carlton went 7-5 ahead in the 6th set and then this was followed by a split set in the 7th to be in charge at 8-6 with 4 to go. But Cross Feathers pulled their Xmas present out of the bag, a joker card and then won all 4 of the remaining games to win the match 8-10! Phew!! The result keeps them firmly in 2nd place, 13 points ahead of their nearest rivals MGS A; Mike Johnston was MOTM for his 6 games.
MGS A blew away Crusaders A, 17-1 with only Neil A Jones & Charlotte Gregory winning the 1 game to stop the total whitewash. The result puts MGS in 3rd spot and it was Tim Vickers who was statistically the best player on the evening.
It’s quite fitting that the LOTM on the night, Lynn Hosegood from MGS B won the 2 final games of the match against Hawks B to bag 3 points in the 2 side’s annual relegation battle match which took place at Clayton. The result opens up a massive 8 pt gap between MGS B & Hawks B & thanks to Lynn’s max 6 games, she made the difference in gaining the vital away win.
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Level Doubles Dates & Entry form

Entry Form

Hi all

A belated Happy New Year.

Please find attached the entry form for the upcoming Men’s & Ladies (Level) Doubles which is to be held @  Clayton Sports Centre (start times to be confirmed dependant on entries) on Sunday 14th Feb 2016.

Entries will close on Sunday 31st Jan 2016, & will be accepted via phone, e-mail or post, but all fees must be paid prior to the draw to ensure your entry.


Cup Draws Are Out

Message From Matt Norris:

All the teams that are first in the list will be the host for the matches. This time i have also included the handicaps for all the matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle)

Division 1
David Lloyd Vs MGS ‘B’ (-130OH / -30GH)
MGS ‘A’ Vs Carlton ‘A’ (-60GH / -10GH)
Clayton Crusaders Vs St Andrews ‘A’ (-50GH / +80RH)
Division 2&3
MGS ‘C’ Vs Carlton ‘B’ (-120GH / -80GH)
Hawks ‘D’ Vs MGS ‘E’ (-30GH / SCR)
Evergreens ‘A’ Vs St. Andrews ‘B’ (-100GH / -100GH)
Springfields ‘A’ Vs Mgs ‘D’ (-120GH / -100GH)
Springfields ‘B’ Vs Clayton Crusaders ‘D’ (+20GH / -20)
Penwortham ‘A’ Vs Clitheroe ‘A’ (SCR / -80GH)
Evergreens ‘B’ Vs Garstang (+60 / -80GH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘B’ Vs Clitheroe ‘B’ (-80GH / SCR GH)
Division 4&5  
Whittle ‘A’ Vs Whittle ‘D’ (-10GH / +20RH)
St Andrews ‘C’ Vs Springfields ‘C’ (-60GH / -10GH)
Whittle ‘C’ Vs Penwortham ‘B’ (+20 / -60)
Brindle Vs Whittle ‘B’ (+20 / -10GH)
Flight Vs Clayton Crusaders ‘F’ (-100GH / +40RH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘E’ Vs Evergreens ‘C’ (-120GH / -30)
Mythop Vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+20 / SCR RH)
Preston College ‘A’ Vs Project 12 (-80 / -110GH)

Mid Lancs Week J – Heavy Snow Over The Entire County

Report from Paul Eastham

In the turnaround week of the season, division 1’s Carlton A hosted MGS B and they managed to win the match, but not take all the 4 points. Andy Finch & Lynn Hosegood managed to take a game in the final set to snatch the bonus point from under Carltons noses but the true stars of the match were Andy Wiseman & Cath Bagley; they won 5 each in the 12-6 win.

Hawks B got beat by their own A team 8-10 in a match that could have swung either way as after the levels the score was stood at 4 all. The opening mixed was took by the B team to go 6-4 up before a split set (7-5) & then the A team won 4 on the bounce to go ahead 7-9 with just the final set to play. Andy Owen & Emily Miller won the opener 15-3 to put the score at 8-9 and a chance to share the points, but in a massive swing of play, Chris Hoyle & Jenny Mullineaux totally dominated the final game to end up winning it 1-15 to notch up the 8-10 win for the A team. Chris Chu won 5 for the B team at 3rd Men’s & Cathy Atfield & Jenny also won 5 for the A team to all be the best players for their respective teams.

The old met the new this week when Cross Feathers locked horns with the past record breaking Champs, St. Andrews A. But the old established club was no match for the new powerhouse team that won 12 straight games in a row before Andrews took their 1st game off them. Final score ran out at 15-3 to put Cross Feathers in a commanding 2nd spot on the table and don’t forget, the only team so far to have taken a point off David Lloyd; Hayley Harrison was statistically the best player.

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