St Andrews D vs Battledore

Team : Dave B, Fergus, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : 13-5 Win


Great start to the season.The 3 wise heads in the team were distributed across our pairings to great effect. The score was 5-3 after the levels, then the next 2 mixed sets were split which kept the game close at 7-5, but a clean sweep in the final 3 sets sealed the win and all 4 points. Top scorers were Dave, Fergus and Hannah who all got 5 games each. The Parent/Child combos appeared to be happy enough during the match, hopefully it did not cause any agro at home!

Next up:
Hawks E @ Home 7:30pm D4


Message from Paul Eastham:


Hi all, The fixtures committee met tonight to form the league for next season. It was a very tough meeting and with the prospect of our league dropping a division, which we all agreed, we would never get back again, so we should fight to save our 6 divisions, as it has huge implications on both the cup & tournament competitions.

The committee voted overwhelmingly to keep 6 divisions, but then faced the tough challenge of trying to ‘even’ out all of the divisions to keep it fair throughout. Therefore the biggest decision the committee made, was not to promote Team 2000 A from div 2 into 1 and St Andrews E from 6 into 5.

Both options, including other ideas were discussed at great length, and trust me, it was not taken lightly!

I have inform you, like I did last year, if lose anymore teams and don’t get any new teams coming in, then we will have no further option, but drop a division and extreme promotion and relegation rules will be applied.

Please find attached the sheet confirming the divisions for next season. Paul.


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Carlton A Carlton B Clayton Crusaders A
Hawks A Hawks C Clitheroe A
Hawks B MGS C Clitheroe B
MGS A Garstang Evergreens A
MGS B Springfields A Flight
David Lloyd A Springfields B Hawks D
David Lloyd B St Andrews B MGS D
St Andrews A Team 2000 A Springfields C
Y.M.C.A. Team 2000 B St Andrews C
Division 3 Division 5 Division 6
Battledore Brindle Clayton Crusaders C
Hawks E Clayton Crusaders B Clayton Crusaders D
Hawks F Evergreens B Evergreens C
MGS E Penwortham B Hawks G
Penwortham A Preston College A Preston College B
Springfields D Springfields E St Andrews EDisappointed smile
St Andrews D Team 2000 C St Peters
Whittle A Whittle B Whittle C
Whittle D