St Andrews D vs Springfields D

Team : Dave B, Alex, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : Win 11-7


First dropped point of the season but a win never the less. Best on night was Dave B, Hannah B and Helen P who all got 5. Big thanks to Alex for helping us out. Good effort all round. The next D Team match is more than two weeks away so we can put our feet up for a bit.

Next Up: Monday 19th of November
Battledore @ Home 7:30pm D4

St Andrews D vs Whittle A

Team : Dave B, Dave N, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : Won 15-3


Our top pair of Dave and Hannah Burgess were really on top form in this match, they both picked up maximums and underpinned the 6 Helen P picked up at 3rd lady Star. It was way past bedtime when this one finished, particularly for one of our younger players who I saw sneaking out a wee yawn on court. Next game marks the half way point for in the league season for the D Team.

Next Up: Tuesday 30th October 7:15pm
Springfields D @ Lostock

St Andrews D vs Hawks F

Team : Dave B, Dave N, Colin, Hannah B, Helen A, Helen P
Result : Won 14-4


Due to Injury and illness we needed to change the line up a bit this week, and the result was another solid performance and maximum points which was great. We got off to a flying start by winning all the levels to go 8-0 up, but it was a bit more of a battle in the mixed games, particularly against their top pair who won 3 out of 4. Best on the night for us was Helen P and Colin who both got 6 Star.


Next Up: Wednesday 24th of October
Whittle A @ Whittle  7:15pm D4