Cup Draws Round 1

Here are the draws for the first round of the cup. Home ties for A, B and D Teams, C and E are away. All these matches should be played week beginning the 9th of January.

Cunningham Cup

St Andrews A (-100 OH G2H) vs MGS B (-70 OH GH), Thursday 12th of Jan

St Andrews B (-70) vs Clitheroe A (-15), Thursday 12th of Jan

Wrennall Cup

Preston College A (+35) vs St Andrews C (-90 G2H), Monday 9th of Jan

Phillips Cup

St Andrews D (-90 GH) vs Whittle C (SCR), Monday 9th of Jan

Whittle B vs St Andrews E (-40), Thursday 12th of Jan


Full Draws

Cunningham Cup
Wrennall Cup
Phillips Cup

Fixtures 2011/2012

Preliminary Fixtures

The preliminary fixture list is doing the rounds. These are subject to change but currently our first few fixtures are:

A Team – At Home to Springfields A on Thursday the 22nd of September

B Team – Away to Clitheroe A on Tuesday the 20th of September

C Team – At Home to Flight on Thursday the 22nd of September

D Team – Away to Clitheroe C on Tuesday the 20th of September

E Team – Away to St. Peters on Wednesday the 21st of September

This coming season the A, B, C and E teams will have home matches on Thursdays, and the D team will play home matches on Mondays.