St Andrews “E” v Evergreens “C” – 19th Sept 2013

Team: Zoe, Helen R, Jane, Richard, Graham, Ben.
Result: Won 13-5
A great start to the season for the “E” team, away to Evergreens kicking off with a 15-0 first game debut for Ben and an 8-0 lead by the end of the levels despite a couple of setted games. The mixed brought some tougher games, 4 very close (including a Harrison 17-16 special) but we still finished with maximum points. Thanks to Helen R for playing at very short notice, great play by Zoe on 5 games and top marks for Jane and Ben !!

St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “C” – 29th Oct 2012

Team: Zoe, Jane, Anne, Robert, Henry, Richard.
Result: Won 10-8
Close opening games set the tone for the whole match but both were lost whilst Robert reminded Richard what the stringy bit was for. Convincing wins for Anne and Jane then 4 more very close games with setting in Zoe’s left us 2 adrift by the end of the levels. More close games levelled the match after event 6 before Henry and Zoe got into their stride to take us 2 ahead. A slight wobble gave Crusaders the chance of a draw but in the final game Henry and Zoe were having none of it and changed their gameplan to snatch a well deserved 10-8 victory. A great match with 10 close games and Anne as top scorer with 5.

E team (belated) match report vs Whittle D

After a draw and a loss, the E team finally got a win in their third match of the season (yay!) 🙂 The final score was 13-5 against Whittle D on their home turf/wood. The team was Jayne, Zoe, Ann, Stuart, Robert and Henry with everyone giving a solid performance to get the full 4 points available. Hopefully this is the first of many victories for the team now with a total of 7 points after 3 games. (i’ll try and be more punctual with the reports in future and get them out on time!) Bring on the next game!

Hot News

St Peters grabbed 4 games off Penwortham tonight – just enough for the Rubies to be joint Div 6 champions and I am not too old to get excited about it. Thanks to all the rest of the team and subs for a great season.

St Andrews E v Evergreens C – 12th March 2012

Team: Charlotte, Lily, Hannah B, Richard, Graham, Harry.
Result: Won 16-2
Four days on from playing Garstang and it was our final match! Despite being rescheduled, Evergreens couldn’t muster a full team and declined our offer to find a stand in which was a shame for those who turned out to play. However, this meant we started the match with the 1 extra point needed to secure promotion and could focus on maximizing games. We did this without too much trouble, dropping only a couple of games to get our joint best result of the season (albeit with a 6-0 headstart!). Overall, the “rubies” have had a great season (not without its frustrations!) and have shown great dedication to earn a well deserved promotion, thanks also to our “stand ins”. Fab effort from everyone and a real blast !! Who knows we may still just snatch the trophy if Penwortham get less than 14 games next Monday!!

St Andrews E v Penwortham B – 1st Feb 2012

Team: Lily, Hannah P, Hannah B, Richard, Graham, Harry.
Result: Lost 7-11
It was away this week to play top rivals and a strengthened Penwortham side. The end of the “levels” saw us 2 games adrift despite a tremendous scrap in the 2 Hannahs’ games which went to setting. Richard and Lily struggled to get in the groove but event 7 saw Graham and Hannah P fight hard to snatch back 2 close games. The home team were too strong and took 3 of the last 4 games, leaving us with the single point this week! Top scorers were Harry and Hannah B – thanks to Hannah P for helping us again.