St Andrews D vs Hawks E

Team : Dave B, Fergus, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Laura

Result : 15 – 3 Win


The team got off to a perfect start as we won all 8 games in the levels, and a small blip in the first mixed was not enough to stop us closing out the win with a very respectable result. Best on the night were Laura and Colin with 6 each, I don’t think we ever managed that when we played together in division six all those years ago! Good luck to Laura at Uni. Byeee! Missing you already!

Next up:
Wednesday 3rd of October
MGS E @ Wellfield 8:00pm D4

St Andrews D vs Battledore

Team : Dave B, Fergus, Colin, Hannah B, Hannah P, Helen P

Result : 13-5 Win


Great start to the season.The 3 wise heads in the team were distributed across our pairings to great effect. The score was 5-3 after the levels, then the next 2 mixed sets were split which kept the game close at 7-5, but a clean sweep in the final 3 sets sealed the win and all 4 points. Top scorers were Dave, Fergus and Hannah who all got 5 games each. The Parent/Child combos appeared to be happy enough during the match, hopefully it did not cause any agro at home!

Next up:
Hawks E @ Home 7:30pm D4

St Andrews D vs Whittle B

Team : Sam, Colin, Josh, Lucy, Helen, Hannah

Result : Lost 10-8 Surprised smile but don’t worry we only need a point to get promoted Smile

I was quietly confident we would get the point we need for promotion, but it was a bit close for comfort. Whittle put out a stronger side than last time and we were 3-5 down after the levels, but I had faith in the youngsters who have been playing brilliantly all season, and they did not let me down. Sam and Lucy knocked off the next couple of mixed games to get us to five all, and despite losing their first mixed Josh and Hannah fought back in the second to win our sixth game and secure the point which got us promoted. The match did go to 8-8 and me and Helen managed to loose the last to games despite getting in to double figures first on both occasions. We lost one or two games from strong positions, but I suspect a few nerves were kicking in, and the experienced players on the other side of the net were never going to make it easy. Best on the night was Lucy who got all 6.

As well as last nights team, thank you to all the other players who have turned out for the D Team this year:

Anne, Lily, Charlotte S, Charlotte H, Hannah B, Dave, Richard

we could not have done it without you.

There will be some big shoes to fill next season with Sam and Lucy heading off to seats of higher education. They have been head and shoulders the best mixed pair in our team for the last 2 years, and the best in any of the divisions we have played in, they will be sorely missed. (I was serous about the big feet by the way, Lucy has size 8s, I think her dad must have been in the circus. Winking smile).

St Andrews D vs Whittle C

Team : Josh, Hannah, Colin, Anne, Sam, Lucy

Result: Lost (-90GH) 165 – 174 (SCR)

Close but no cigar. Sam and Lucy easily won all their games on the night with a huge contribution of 64 points, but there were a lot of close games in the other sets which meant the 90 point handicap was just out of reach. The match was played in a great spirit and Whittle did well to hang in there and keep their noses in front. Grrrr. Crying face


Next up :
Monday 16th January
Hawks F @ Home 7:30pm D5

St Andrews D vs Brindle

Team : Sam, Josh, Colin, Lucy, Hannah, Anne

Result : 11-7 win

Another close match after another dodgy performance. Best player on the night for us was the Brindle player who never turned up to give us 6, next was Sam and Lucy who got all 4 of their mixed. Things can only get better!


Next Up: Whittle C Phillips Cup
Week beginning 9th of January

St Andrews D vs Clitheroe C

Team : Sam, Josh, Colin, Lucy, Hannah P, Charlotte S

Result : 12-6 win

It was a more experienced Clitheroe team compared to last time, and we had some tired tournament legs and some post party heads, so it was not a surprise that we did not manage to get all 4 points. 5-3 after the levels, we got to 10 at the start of the 8th set after dropping a couple of mixed games. Best on the night were Sam and Lucy with 5 each. Thanks to Charlotte for helping us out and grabbing 3 games in the process.


Next up: Thursday the 1st of December

Brindle @ Wellfield 7:30pm D5