Cup Draws and Handicaps

Message From Jennifer Clough

Phillips Cup
Cunningham Cup
Wrennal Cup


Thanks very much for all your entries.

Here are the draws for the 3 cup competitions for the preliminary round, which is to be played 5th – 9th December week.

The home teams for the preliminary round are marked * – the draw for the first round will be made as soon as the preliminary round results are in and I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

I hope everyone enjoys the games.


(Cup Match Sec)

Phillips Cup Winners

Team : Sam, Lucy, Dave, Janet, Colin, Charllotte

Result : Win 230 – 136.

Brilliant result, St Andrews D totally dominated the match despite St Peter having 5 serves to 2 and a 90 point start. Not a single game was dropped and the 90 point deficit was wiped out at the start of the 5th set and the match won by the 8th set. Thanks to the players for an exceptional cup run. I can honestly say that apart from the 1st round I thought we were up for some tough matches, but we really pulled out great performances and have not been in danger in any of the last 3 games. Well done to everyone.

15 – 3
15 – 2
15 – 2


Score Handicap Total
St Andrew D (-40 GH) 270 -40 230
St Peters (+50 R2H) 86 +50 136

Cup Semi Final Results


Phillips Cup

Presume we won’t get to play at home, so its looking like the match will be on Thursday the 14th of April @ Wellfield.

Message from Jennifer Clough.

Hello Everyone

Thanks very much for all your results sheets from the semi finals. The results:

Cunningham Cup

Hawks C beat their B team by 27 points

MGS D best Clayton Crusaders A by 112 points

Wrennall Cup

Brindle A beat Hawks E by just 9 points

Clayton Crusaders B beat St Andrews C by 102 points

Phillips Cup

St Andrews D beat Clayton Crusaders C by 37 points

St Peters beat Garstang B by 68 points

So the finals are:

Cunningham – MGS D v Hawks C

Wrennall – Brindle A v Clayton Crusaders B

Phillips – St Andrews D v St Peters

The finals will be held on Mon 11th April at St Andrews and on Thur 14th April at Wellfield College. Thanks very much to St Andrews and Team 2000 for providing the venues. Please can you keep those dates free until I confirm umpires & which matches are on which nights? I’ll let you know ASAP. I hope that lots of you will come down & support at the finals!

Please can you pass these results & report on to all your teams/contacts? Thanks very much.



St Andrews D vs Clayton Crusaders C

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lucy, Janet, Charlotte

Result : Win 194 –157


Closest result so far, but the win was never really in doubt. We wiped out the 60 point head start in the first 3 sets and our opponents were always behind after that despite taking 5 games from us. Sam and Lucy were best on the night winning all their games. On to the Final! Smile

Next up:

Wednesday 23rd of March
Penwortham B @ All Hallows 7:00pm D6


St Andrews D vs Whittle B Phillips Cup

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lucy, Janet, Charlotte

Result : Win 189-65

Did not expect such a comprehensive win. It was a really great performance to win so many games from division 5 players while giving them an extra serve. Well done everyone. Dave and Charlotte won all their games on the night, Sam and Lucy contributed the biggest point difference with 53.

Next up:

Wednesday 23rd of February
St Peters @ St Peters 7:15pm D6

St Andrews D vs Evergreens C

Team : Sam, Colin, Dave, Lily, Charlotte, Janet

Result : Win for St Andrews D 202 (–40GH) to 135 (– 45)

Really good cup win with everyone contributing points on the night. A bit tricky at times with 3 serves to 2, and four games were lost overall, but these were all countered with good wins, and the overall points total was a great reflection on how well the team played. Sam and Lily picked up the only maximum 6 wins.

Score Sheet

Next Match : Clayton Crusaders C @ Home 7:30pm D6