Happy New Year

Congrats to Jane Godsland and Scott Gibson who won the Boxing Day competition this year, runners-up were Colin Marney and Lizzie Balmforth.

Its cup week this week, and all teams are in action.

Monday 4th of January
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Wednesday 6th of January
D Team (SCR RH) vs Mythop (+20) @ Lytham YMCA 8:00pm
Phillips Cup

Thursday 7th of January
A Team (-50 GH) vs Clayton Crusaders A (+80RH)
@ Wellfield 7:30pm  Cunningham Cup
B Team (-100GH) vs Evergreens A (-100GH)
@ Albany 7:00pm Wrennall Cup
C Team (-60GH) vs Springfields C (-10GH)
@ Home 7:30pm Phillips Cup

Cup Draws Are Out

Message From Matt Norris:

All the teams that are first in the list will be the host for the matches. This time i have also included the handicaps for all the matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle)

Division 1
David Lloyd Vs MGS ‘B’ (-130OH / -30GH)
MGS ‘A’ Vs Carlton ‘A’ (-60GH / -10GH)
Clayton Crusaders Vs St Andrews ‘A’ (-50GH / +80RH)
Division 2&3
MGS ‘C’ Vs Carlton ‘B’ (-120GH / -80GH)
Hawks ‘D’ Vs MGS ‘E’ (-30GH / SCR)
Evergreens ‘A’ Vs St. Andrews ‘B’ (-100GH / -100GH)
Springfields ‘A’ Vs Mgs ‘D’ (-120GH / -100GH)
Springfields ‘B’ Vs Clayton Crusaders ‘D’ (+20GH / -20)
Penwortham ‘A’ Vs Clitheroe ‘A’ (SCR / -80GH)
Evergreens ‘B’ Vs Garstang (+60 / -80GH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘B’ Vs Clitheroe ‘B’ (-80GH / SCR GH)
Division 4&5  
Whittle ‘A’ Vs Whittle ‘D’ (-10GH / +20RH)
St Andrews ‘C’ Vs Springfields ‘C’ (-60GH / -10GH)
Whittle ‘C’ Vs Penwortham ‘B’ (+20 / -60)
Brindle Vs Whittle ‘B’ (+20 / -10GH)
Flight Vs Clayton Crusaders ‘F’ (-100GH / +40RH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘E’ Vs Evergreens ‘C’ (-120GH / -30)
Mythop Vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+20 / SCR RH)
Preston College ‘A’ Vs Project 12 (-80 / -110GH)

Club News April the 9th

That’s it for another season, all league and cup fixtures are done and dusted, I hope everybody has enjoyed playing.

There was good news and bad news in the Cup finals. The D Team won the Phillips Cup Final 🙂 , but the A Team lost the Cunningham Cup final  🙁 .

The Mid Lancs AGM takes places at St Andrews Church Hall on Monday the 13th of April, all league members are invited to attend and everyone is entitled to a vote.

Club nights are moving to Thursdays for the remainder of April, with Summer Club starting after the May Bank holiday.

Thursday 9th of April
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Monday 13th of April
Mid Lancs AGM 7:30pm

Thursday 16th of April
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Cup Finals

Message from Jennifer Clough:

Hello everyone

Sorry for the delay in letting you know but here are the cup final results.

Thursday 26th March at Clayton Crusaders at 7.30pm
Cunningham Cup Final: Carlton A beat St Andrews A by 71 points
Phillips Cup Final: St Andrews D beat Project 12 by 64 points

Monday 30th March at St Andrews at 7.30pm
Wrennall Cup Final: Hawks D beat Evergreens A by just 7 points!

Thanks very much to everyone who came along to support and score games for us – and to Jeanette and Yunus for tea and cake at St Andrews!

See you all at the AGM or the Dinner.

Kind regards
(Cup Match Secretary)


Club News March 24th

Congratulations to the C Team as their win against Springfields makes them Division 3 Champions. It’s the first time they have topped the division all season, well done to them.

There are a two more trophies up for grabs on Thursday as the A Team and the D Team have both made it to their respective cup finals.

The Church Hall is hosting the other cup final on the following Monday which means there is no club night next week, and as the following Monday is Easter Monday, I’ve moved club night to Thursday the 9th of April. Thursdays may become our regular club night, so watch this space.

Thursday 26th of March
A Team vs Carlton A @ Wellfield 7:30pm Cunningham Cup Final
D Team vs Project 12   @ Wellfield 7:30pm Phillips Cup Final

Monday 30th of March
Wrennall Cup Final

Thursday 9th of April
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week
  • If anybody wants to post entries on the blog let me know and I’ll get you setup