Cup Semi Finals 2019

Cunningham Cup
Carlton A (-40) vs Hawks B (SCR)
MGS C (+20 RH) vs Hawks A (-60)

Wrennall Cup
Clitheroe A (-100 GH) vs Garstang A (+20)
Hawks C (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40)

Phillips Cup
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-40 GH)
Garstang B (+20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (SCR RH)

Bretherton Cup
St. Andrews D (+15 RH) vs Brindle (SCR RH)
Project 12 (-80) vs Evergreens C (+20RH)

Round 1 Results

Cunningham Cup
David Lloyd (-100 OH) vs Carlton A (-40) Carlton A won 178-68
St. Andrews A (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Hawks B won 204 -108
MGS B (-30) vs MGS C (+20 RH) MGS C won 204-141
MGS A (-70 OH) vs Hawks A (-60) – Hawks A won 192-66

Wrennall Cup
St. Andrews B (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Clitheroe A won 149-148
Clayton A (-40 GH) vs Garstang A (+20) – Garstang A won 238-185
Hawks C (SCR) vs Carlton B (-40) – Hawks C won 214-181
Evergreens A (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40) – Clayton won 269-198

Phillips Cup
Clitheroe B (-40 GH) vs Hawks D (-100 GH) – Clitheroe B won 190-104
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs St. Andrews C (-30) – Hawks E won 215-203
Clayton C (SCR) vs Clayton D (SCR RH) – Clayton D won 222-168
MGS E (-30) vs Garstang B (+20) – Garstang B won 217-188

Bretherton Cup
Mythop B (-30) vs Brindle (SCR RH) – Brindle won 193-177
Preston College (-15) vs St. Andrews D (+15 RH) – St Andrews D won 260-133
Whittle (-40) vs Project 12 (-80) – Project 12 won 156-112
Penwortham B (SCR) vs Evergreens C (+20 RH) – Evergreens C won 248-158

A big mix of results though out all the cups. Some very close games and some whitewashes. We have had to adjust quite a few handicaps and we try to be as fair as possible. Good luck to all the teams in the next round!

News and Fixtures

Happy New Year to everyone, have a great 2019.
First up for the new year is cup fixtures, and this year there are 4 separate cups, one for each division.

A cup scores sheet is available here : Score Sheet

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Monday 7th of January
B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) @ Home 7:30pm Wrennall Cup
D Team (+40 RH) vs Preston College (-15) @ Preston College 7:00pm Bretherton Cup

Tuesday 8th of January
C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH) @ Clayton 8:00pm Phillips Cup

Wednesday 9th of January
A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) @ Home 7:30pm Cunningham Cup
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Good Luck to all those taking part in matches

Cup Results and Draw

Cup Draws

  • A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Wed the 9th of Jan @ Home
  • B Team (SCR GH)  vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Home
  • Hawks E (+20 RH) vs C Team (-30) – Tue the 8th of Jan @ Clayton
  • Preston College (-15) vs D Team (+40 RH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Preston College

Report From Matt Norris:

There were no preliminary matches in the Cunningham Cup this season.

Wrennall cup

MGS ‘D’ (-40) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ (-40 GH)
MGS D and Clayton Crusaders A had a close match with only 5 points in it. Clayton proved to be victorious on the night with eh final score being 161 to 156. (After handicaps) Well done to Clayton Crusaders A who move on to round 1.

Phillips Cup

Mythop ‘A’ (SCR GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-100 GH)
Mythop A and Hawks D was another close game with only 16 points between them. Hawks D had a steep hill to climb with -100 points to start, but they kept battling till the end of the match and they managed to win with 154 to 138. (After handicaps) Well done to Hawks D who advance to the next round.

Evergreens ‘B’ (-30) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘C’ (SCR)
Evergreens B and Clayton Crusaders C was a good game. The final score ended up 158 to 201 (after handicaps). Another win for the Clayton Crusaders Club, which put all 4 of their teams through to Round 1. Well done to Clayton Crusaders C.

Bretherton cup

Penwortham ‘A’ (-100) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+40 RH)

Penwortham A and St. Andrews D was a really tough match for Penwortham. St. Andrews started with a 40 points and Penwortham started way down at -100. With the 140 point difference and 3 serves to 2 proved to much for Penwortham to handle and St. Andrews D came out victorious with a win of 214 to 147 after handicaps. Well done to St. Andrews D who advance to Round 1.


News And Cup Draws

Good win for the A Team last week, C and D both lost. There is a preliminary cup round match this week, with the D Team away at Penwortham.

Monday 3rd of December
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 5th of December
Bretherton Cup: 
D Team (+40 RH) vs Penwortham A (-100 GH)  @ All Hallows 7:00pm
Club Night 7:30pm onward

The other team have been drawn as follows (Home or Away TBC).
Cunningham Cup: A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR)
Wrennall Cup: B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH)
Phillips Cup: C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH)

These match take place in the New Year.

New and last Fixture

Last fixture of the season is tonight. Our A Team are taking on MGS B in the last cup final of the season. Its a 7:30pm start at Wellfield, entry is free, and Matt might buy you a pint at the Mid Lancs do if you score a few games for him!

Our D Team were unfortunate to loose by just 3 points in last nights cup final against an experienced Brindle team. It was a fantastic effort by all of our players.

Cunningham cup final – Wellfield High School – Thursday 3rd May 7:30pm
St. Andrews ‘A’ (-140 OH GH) vs MGS ‘B’ (-50 GH)

Cup Final Draws and Fixtures

Message From Matt Norris

Hi all
Sorry for the delay but attached are the final draws for the cup, where they will be played and the results for the last round.Good luck to all the teams in the finals.


Cup Draws Finals
The finals of the cup will be held at a neutral venue, as seen below. All the shuttles will be provided also. Good luck to all the teams taking part!

Cunningham cup – Wellfield High School – Thursday 3rd May 7:30pm
St. Andrews ‘A’ (-140 OH GH) vs MGS ‘B’ (-50 GH)

Wrennal cup – St. Andrews Church Hall – Monday 30th April 7:30pm
Project 12 (+40) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘D’ (+10)

Phillips cup – All Hallows High School – Wednesday 2nd May 7pm
Brindle (+50) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+70 RH)