Mid Lancs Week J

This week in Division 1, Carlton A only just managed to scrape the bonus point in the final set when Dave Wiseman & Caroline Andrew won both games to make a final score of 6-12 when they hosted Hawks A. Chris Foote won all of his 6 games to be the best player on the evening and take back home the MOTM award.

Clitheroe A clocked up their 1st division 1 win of the season when they beat Clayton Crusaders A at home, 11-7. The 3 point win takes them out of the drop zone on game diff as Julie Bates and Jess Portas won 5 games each to be the best players.

The ‘old school’ met again this week when St. Andrews hosted MGS A at the Parish church hall and after the opening 2 sets were split the hosts went in front in the remaining 2 levels sets when they won all 4 games making the score line 6-2. The opening mixed set was split before Tim Vickers & Jen Rigby won a pair in the 6th to claw the score back to 7-5. Joe Steele & Lizzie Balmforth then won a pair in the 7th set to put Andy’s 9-5 ahead and on the verge of a win, but in the 8th Jared Matthew & Rebecca Ashton had other ideas; they won both games for MGS 14 & 5 to set up a nail-biting final set. Steve Taylor & Liz Holt held their nerve in opening game, winning to 8, but lost to 11 in the final game to set up a final score of 10-8. The 3 point win keeps Andy’s in the top slot by 3 pts as Joe & Lizzie were the star players on the night winning 5 games each.

Meanwhile Cross Feathers had a 12-6 win over MGS B to put them back into joint 2nd place on the table with MGS A. Fay Andrews was the LOTM on the night for her 6 games and MGS stay below the red line on game diff despite the vital point.

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Mid Lancs Week I

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A moved back into 2nd place on the table with a 4 point max win over Carlton A. In the 13-5 win it was Jared Matthew who was the MOTM on the night; he won all of his 6 games in the No 1 slot to help get the max points.

Hawks A stay bang in the middle of the table with a 13-5 win over Clitheroe A. In the 4 point win for Hawks it was Chris Foote and Chris Chu who picked up all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night.

MGS B lost 4-14 to St. Andrews A and it was Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood who won 3 of the 4 games won by the hosts. However, the 4 point max win over MGS moves Andy’s back into the prime position at the top as Ashley Gibson & Karolyn Hustler were the best pair on the night & next week, it’s a crunch match; 1 v 2…. Andy’s host MGS A. Eye watering stuff!!!

Clayton Crusaders A felt the full force of David Lloyd…. Need I say more; 0-18 was the final score and Clarky was statistically the best player on the night, losing just 13 pts out of his 6 games. The top 4 teams have now played 8 matches each and are all separated by just 1 point from 4th at 26 to the top at 29…. Something is gonna deffo crack soon!

In division 2, Hawks C got beat 3-15 at home by St. Andrews B who keep in a very threatening 3rd place on the tables. The best player and LOTM on the night was Charlotte Hayes, she won all her 6 games in the No 3 slot.

MGS D lost 5-13 at home to the leaders of the division, Hawks B who are out at the top by 8 clear pts & MGS D are in the danger area! A special mention to Beth Cowell who played up from her usual team & won 3 games & 2 of them was to zero!

Evergreens A managed to get the bonus point in a 6-12 defeat by 2nd place team MGS C and it was Matt Seddon who picked up the MOTM award on the evening for taking all of his 6 games in the No 2 slot for MGS.

In Division 3, Clitheroe B moved closer to a promotion spot with a fine 16-2 max point win over Evergreens B.

Hawks E met the runaway leaders of the division, Carlton B this week and therefore there really wasn’t a chance of getting off the -1 pt position on the tables. Debbie Moore & Kelly Anderson won the 1 game 17-15 to stop the total whitewash in the 1-17 defeat. Dave Boon was statistically the best player on the night as the team now move out in front by a massive 12 pts.

Garstang A only just managed to scrap the bonus point in the final set as they were beat 6-12 at the fort by Hawks D.

Clayton Crusaders C took themselves into a very challenging 3th place on the table with a 15-3 max point win over MGS F who themselves are currently lying in a relegation spot. All the lads from Clayton; Dylan Butcher, Victor Chow & Scott Wilkinson all won their 6 games to help take the 4 points and help the team have some hope of gaining a promotion spot.

In division 4, the leaders of the table, St. Andrews C had a very tight match with Clayton Crusaders D. The hosts were just ahead after the opening levels sets at 5-3. Clayton’s Jetmond Ma & Chris Cochrane won both games to level the match at 5 all before a split in the 6th and then Graham Forrest & Gill Gornall won both in set 7 to take Andy’s back in the lead at 8-6. Jetmond & Chris struck back again in the 8th winning both games to set up an 8 all classic….. Who would hold their nerve in the final set? Well it was Richard Andrew & Zoe Watts, they managed to win both games to 13 & 7 to win the match 10-8 for Andy’s. A tremendous effort by Clayton who pushed the leaders all the way to the final set and I’m sure that the 8 points that separate them is not a true reflection of where Crusaders should be; with 2 games going to setting & 5 more being won to 13 it could have been a whole different tale on the night! Despite being on the losing team, Jetmond was the MOTM for his 6.

Penwortham A had a tight match this week at home against Garstang B and the match was all square after the levels when Pen won all the ladies & Garstang won all the men’s. The opening mixed was split before Penwortham got the breakthrough in the 6th set when Alan Turner & Caroline Coxon won a pair to thrust them into a 7-5 lead. Lee Meakin & Ceri Smith Jaynes instantly hit back and once again squared the match by winning both games in set 7 and then set 8 was split to set up an 8 all classic. Lee and Ceri managed to win both games 12 & 13 to take the match 8-10 for Garstang & headed back up the M6 with the 3 valuable points. Lee was also the MOTM on the night for taking all his 6 & Penwortham remain in 2nd place…. for now!


In division 5, Preston College A won 12-6 over Brindle to keep in a snug 2nd place on the tables. The usual suspects did the most damage on the night; Mick and Hazel Bradshaw won all of their 6 games in the No 1 slot to be the best pair on the night.

Leaders of the division, Crusaders E had a nail-biter against College B this week & it was the hosts who won the Men’s & the visitors won the Ladies. The 1st two sets were split before Kabir Sharif & Linda Langford got a breakthrough in set 7 to take Clayton 8-6 ahead before Dave Dunk &Jan Harrison won a pair for College in the 8th to level the match & set up an 8 all classic. Will Logan & Dawn Harrison polished the match off for Clayton winning both games to 7 to keep their team out at the top by 4 clear points. Kabir was the MOTM on the evening for taking all his 6 games & assisting the team in getting the win.

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News and Fixtures

Into November now, which usually means we should be getting news of this years Mid Lancs mixed tournament. Watch this space if you are interested in taking part this season.

All courts are available for club night on Wednesday the 8th, and Juniors returns this week after the half term break.

Monday 6th of November
C Team vs Clayton Crusaders D @ Home 7:30pm  D4
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 7th of November
B Team vs Hawks C @ Clayton Green Sports Centre 8:00pm D2

Wednesday 8th of November
A Team vs MGS B @ Wellfield 8:00pm  D1
Club Night 7:30pm onward

Thursday 9th of November
D Team vs Evergreens C @ Albany Science College 7:00pm  D5


Monday 13th of November
B Team vs Evergreens A @ Home 7:30pm D2
D Team vs Preston College A @ Home 7:30pm  D5
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 15th of November
A Team vs MGS A @ Home 7:30pm D1
Shared Club Night 7:30pm onward

Friday 17th of November
C Team vs Whittle B @ Whittle 7:15pm  D4


Mid Lancs Week H

Report From Paull Eastham

In division 1, Hawks A got beat 7-11 at home by St. Andrews A who move into 2nd place on the table with the 3 point win.

David Lloyd managed to take all 4 points at home, but only just when they hosted MGS B. In the 13-5 win, Clarky won all his 6 to be the MOTM and Alex Mackie won 4 games off the mighty club to threaten taking the vital bonus point off them.

Clayton Crusaders A got beat 3-15 at home by Cross Feathers who move into pole position at the top of the table with the max point win. Nathan Brown & Fay Andrews won all their 6 to be the best pair on the night. Yet again, I must say how tight the top of this division has become, just 3 points separating 4 teams and much more exciting than a 2 horse race.

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Mid Lancs Weeks G

Report From Paul Eastham

In Division 1 this week, MGS A went to the top of the table with a 14-4 win over bottom team, Clayton Crusaders A.

Hawks A took all 4 points in a 13-5 victory over MGS B to take them to a snug mid table position.

David Lloyd didn’t have any drama this week and it was back to usual business as they beat Clitheroe A 16-2. Clarky was statistically the best player on the night… probably because everyone else is out injured!! J

Cross Feathers took all 4 points in a fine 17-1 win over opponents Carlton A to take them into joint 2nd place on the tables with St. Andrews. Ste Andrews was statistically the best player on the night in the No 2 slot.

For me, being absolutely neutral… as you all know!! The top of the table has never looked so exciting! The top 4 teams, all past winners of some kind are being separated by just 5 pts with Andy’s & David Lloyd having a game in hand over the others and ‘they’ have still got to play each other! Something or someone is gonna crack…. Or is it.. Will it be like this to the end? J

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News and Fixtures

First of all can I’d like to remind everyone to get their memberships in soon as you can.

This weeks fixtures will see the end of the first set of fixtures,  with the reversed fixtures beginning next week. Note that we are playing every team 3 times, so this first set of fixtures will be repeated later in the season.

Juniors is on this week ,but not next week as its half term in our area.

Monday 23rd of October
C Team vs Penwortham A @ Home 7:30pm  D4
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 25th of October
B Team vs MGS C @ Wellfield 8:00pm D2
D Team vs Brindle @ Home 7:30pm  D5
CANCELLED: Shared Club Night 7:30pm onwards


Monday 30th of October
POSTPONED : B Team vs MGS E @ Home 7:30pm D2
D Team vs Clayton Crusaders E @ Home 7:30pm  D5

Tuesday 31st of October
A Team vs Hawks A @ Clayton Green 8:00pm D1

Wednesday 1st of November
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Thursday 2nd of November
C Team vs Whittle A @ Whittle 7:15pm  D4