News and Fixtures

Wins for the A and C teams last week, the D Team lost and the B team had a match abandoned due to a (false) fire alarm! The B team have a week off this time, everyone else in action. If you are interested in taking part in the Level Doubles tournaments on Sunday the 10th of February get your entries in to Mark Pallett.

Monday 21st of January
C Team vs Hawks E @ Home 7:30pm D3
D Team vs Mythop B @ Lytham 8:00pm D4
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday 23rd of January
A Team vs Hawks A @ Home 7:30pm D1
Shared Club night 7:30pm onwards

Mid Lancs Week K

Report From Paul Eastham:

As fixture started again in 2019 the first match of the year in division 1 was MGS A v MGS C and things weren’t any easier in the New Year for the bottom of the division C team who got bear 16-2. Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton won all of their 6 games.

Hawks A got beat 7-11 at home by the leaders, Cross Feathers, who now share the top slot due to the result below. Overall, a good result for the home side who pushed the Champs to within a whisper of an upset looking at some of the close games & a 15-3 loss last time the 2 teams met. The star on the night was again Rach Graham who took all her 6 games to be the POTM.

MGS B’s match against Carlton A turned out to be a very colourful match indeed, with the building being intruded by local kids who set the fire alarm off and everyone had to clear the building while the fire brigade attended and gave the all clear. Anyway, the match started with 3 split levels sets & Carlton winning both games in the opening Ladies set to take a 3-5 early lead. The visitors then built on this in the 1st mixed set as Andy Davies & Cath Bagley won both games before a split 6th set to leave the score at 4-8. Stuart Holden & Jenny Stothard then won a pair in the 7th for MGS to claw the match back to 6-8, but Andy & Cath wrapped up the match in the 8th set by taking both games to 9 & 1. Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood won the final consolation games to finish the final match score at 8-10. Cath was the star on the evening; she won all her 6 to be the POTM.

Seconded place in the division, St. Andrews A had a crunch match with 3rd place team David Lloyd, but I can tell you now when I looked at the card….. I thought it was a wind up (April fools!) The final score was 18-0………. Yep, EIGHTEEN-NIL!!!   I presumed that Andy’s had been on some kind of boot camp mission over Xmas, but they well & truly thrashed them to go top of the table. Karolyn Hustler was statistically the best player on the night, as still catch my breath on the result & how this opens up the race!

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Mid Lancs Level Doubles Tournaments

Message From Mark Pallett

The Mid Lancs Level Doubles Tournaments will be taking place @ Wellfield High School, Leyland on Sunday 10th Feb 2019, starting at approx. 9.30am depending on entries. Normal entry fees of £5 per player & £4 for U18 are payable prior to that date to secure your entry.

Hope to see as many as possible on the day, Regards

News and Fixtures

In last weeks cup fixtures the D Team have become last team standing as everyone else lost 🙁 . Back to league fixtures with everyone in action. Juniors start again on Monday.

Monday 14th of January
C Team vs Clayton Crusaders D @ Home 7:30pm D3
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 15th of January
D Team vs Project 12 @ Garstang YMCA 8:00pm D4

Wednesday 16th of January
A Team vs David Lloyd @ Home 7:30pm D1
B Team vs MGS D @ Wellfield 8:00pm D2
Shared Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Good luck to everyone taking part in Matches next week.

Boxing Day

A good day was had by all with 8 couples competing on the day. Winners were Duncan Sorbie and Hannah Pallett, runners up Graham Forrest and Karolyn Hustler, third were Joe Steele and Steven Baylis. Well done to everyone that that turned up, and congratulations to the finalists.

Thanks to Mark for organising.

News and Fixtures

Happy New Year to everyone, have a great 2019.
First up for the new year is cup fixtures, and this year there are 4 separate cups, one for each division.

A cup scores sheet is available here : Score Sheet

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Monday 7th of January
B Team (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) @ Home 7:30pm Wrennall Cup
D Team (+40 RH) vs Preston College (-15) @ Preston College 7:00pm Bretherton Cup

Tuesday 8th of January
C Team (-30) vs Hawks E (+20 RH) @ Clayton 8:00pm Phillips Cup

Wednesday 9th of January
A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) @ Home 7:30pm Cunningham Cup
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Good Luck to all those taking part in matches