Cup Draw and Results

Message From Mat Norris

Hi all

Thank you for your quick score sheets.

Attached are the results for all the games played this week, the cup draw up to date and the second round matches.


Cup Draws for Round 2

Cunningham cup
MGS ‘B’ (-50 GH) vs Hawks ‘B’ (-20 GH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘B’ (-35) vs Carlton ‘A’ (-55 GH)
St. Andrews ‘B’ (-50) vs St. Andrews ‘A’ (-140 OH GH)
MGS ‘D’ (-20) vs Hawks ‘A’ (-120 GH)

Wrennal cup
Hawks ‘E’ (+30) vs Project 12 (+40)
Penwortham ‘A’ (+30) vs Evergreens ‘B’ (-25)
Clayton Crusaders ‘D’ (+10) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-40 GH)
Mythop (-10) vs Garstang ‘A’ (-110 GH)

Phillips cup
Brindle (+50) vs Evergreens ‘C’ (+35)
St. Andrews ‘D’ (+70 RH) vs Preston College ‘A’ (-20)
Preston College ‘B’ (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘E’ (-40GH)

Cup Draws Round 1 Match Results

Cunningham cup

Hawks ‘C’ (SCR) vs MGS ‘B’ (-50GH)
MGS ‘B’ beat Hawks ‘C’ 202 to 141
Hawks ‘B’ (-20GH) vs MGS ‘A’ (-130 OHGH)
Hawks ‘B’ beat MGS ‘A’ 188 to 90
MGS ‘C’ (-20GH) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘B’ (-35)
Unfortunately MGS ‘C’ had to concede so Clayton Crusaders move on 
Carlton A (-55GH)
Carlton Had a First round BYE
St. Andrews ‘B’ (-50) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ (-30GH)
Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ had to concede so St. Andrews ‘B’ move on 
St. Andrews ‘A’ (-140 OHGH) vs Evergreens ‘A’ (-45)
St. Andrews ‘A’ beat Evergreens ‘A’ 127 to 62
MGS ‘D’ (-20) vs Clitheroe ‘A’ (-40GH)
MGS ‘D’ beat Clitheroe ‘A’ 201 to 194
David Lloyd (-150 OHGH) vs Hawks A (-120 GH)
David Lloyd had to concede so Hawks ‘A’ move on

Wrennal cup
Garstang ‘B’ (35) vs Hawks ‘E’ (30)
Hawks ‘E’ beat Garstang ‘B’ 254 to 226
St. Andrews ‘C’ (25)  vs Project 12 (40)
Project 12 beat St. Andrews ‘C’ 273 to 232
Penwortham ‘A’ (30) vs Carlton ‘B’ (-100 OHGH)
Penwortham ‘A’ beat Carlton ‘B’ 272 to 105
Evergreens ‘B’ (-10)  vs MGS ‘F’ (-10)
Evergreens ‘B’ beat MGS ‘F’ 202 to 186
Whittle ‘B’ (-10) vs Garstang ‘A’ (-110GH)
Garstang ‘A’ beat Whittle ‘B’ 145 to 100
Mythop (-10) vs Clitheroe ‘B’ (-85GH)
Clitheroe ‘B’ were unable to defend their title so Mythop move on
Clayton Crusaders ‘D’ (10) vs Whittle ‘A’ (-10)
Clayton Crusaders beat Whittle 178 to 103
Clayton Crusaders ‘C’ (-50GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-40GH)
Hawks ‘D’ beat clayton crusaders 186 to 133

Phillips cup
Brindle (50) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (70 RH)
Brindle Beat St. Andrews ‘D’ 293 to 243
Evergreens ‘C’ (35) vs Preston College ‘A’ (-20)
Preston College beat Evergreens ‘C’ 227 to 220
Preston College ‘B’ (SCR) vs Penwortham ‘B’ (-50GH)
Preston College ‘B’ beat Penwortham ‘B’ 243 to 80

Mid Lancs Week M

Report From Paul Eastham

In the last report of the year, the current leaders of division 1, MGS A completely blew open the title race this week with a 14-4 victory over David Lloyd. The win keeps MGS A at the top, 2 ahead of St. Andrews A as statistically the best player on the night was Tim Vickers, he won 5 games including an ‘egg’ (that’s to love) in the 2nd Men’s… I had never heard that before?

MGS B beat downtrodden Crusaders A 14-4 to climb 8 points above the red line. In the max point win, it was Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood who were the best pair on the evening; they won all their 6 games in the No 2 slot.

St. Andrews A beat Carlton A 11-7 to keep in 2nd place on the tables; Steve Taylor, Lizzie Balmforth & Ash Gibson won 5 games each to assist in the 3 point win. Next week Andy’s travel to Cross Feathers in a make or break match for both teams!

Meanwhile, Cross Feathers moved back into 3rd position on the table when they beat Hawks A 14-4. Rachael Graham and Terri-lee Holmes won all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night & next week they host St. Andrews A…….Fab!

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Cup Preliminary Matches and Draws

Message From Matt Norris

Cup Draws
Cup Score Sheet

Hi all

Below is the Cup Match list for the preliminary matches. Also attached are the draws for this years cup matches and a score sheet.
There are a few matches on W/C 11th December for the Phillips cup, the Cunningham and the Wrennall cups will start on W/C 8th January.

Cup Draws Preliminary Matches
All the teams that are first in the list below will be the host for the first matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle) Please send the score sheets to me via E-mail or via Whats App within 2 days of playing. All games must be played on the designated nights! If you have a problem with good reason, please contact me via phone and the game may be postponed if approved by committee. Also when taking photos of the score sheet and sending them in please turn flash on, as some of them were hard to read as they were so dark. Good Luck to all teams playing!!

Phillips Cup
Brindle (+50) vs Preston College A (-20)
St. Andrews D (+70 RH) vs Evergreens C (+35)
Penwortham B (-50 GH) vs Clayton Crusaders E (-40 GH)

Matt Norris

Mid Lancs Week L

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, Clitheroe A took on MGS B who were on the same points (8) before the match kicked off & the hosts went 3-1 went up before MGS won the next 4 levels games to go into the mixed sets, 3-5 up. The opening mixed set was split when Keith Ashton & Alison Leaver came back from 0-12 to win the game 15-13 when they took on Tom Lowe & Lynne Hosegood. Then the onslaught began; MGS took the last remaining 8 games to win the match 4-14 and put 4 clear pts between their opponents, but Clitheroe still have a match in hand over them. Adrian Greenwood & Alex Mackie won their 6 games to be the best players on the night & next week MGS take on bottom team Clayton A at home.

Hawks A got battered 2-16 by the inform MGS A who go sole leaders of the division with the max point win. Andy Owen won the 2 games to stop the total whitewash and statistically Becky Ashton was the best player. There is another ‘interesting’ match on the horizon next week, when MGS A host David Lloyd & that is gonna be crucial….. trust me!

A five sided Crusaders A fell 2-16 at home to St. Andrews A who were smarting from last week’s drumming by David Lloyd.

David Lloyd hosted Cross Feathers and managed to take all 4 points off them in a 15-3 win to move them into 3rd place.

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MId Lancs Week K

Report From Paul Eastham

In Division 1, Carlton A defeated bottom team Clayton Crusaders A to put themselves 5 points clear of the drop zone. In the 11-7 win, Caroline Andrew was the LOTM on the night for her 6 games & Sam Ames won 5 for Clayton.

MGS A went back to the top of the table this week with a 16-2 victory over their own B team. Jared Matthew, Becky Ashton and John Davenport all won their 6 games to be the best players on the night.

David Lloyd opened up the title race again when they beat the only team not to have lost a match this season, St. Andrews A. The big guns of David Lloyd blasted Andy’s into the middle of next week with a crushing 18-0 whitewash to go just 2 points behind the current leaders, with a match in hand and still are the firm favourites to lift the shield again.

Meanwhile, Cross Feathers whitewashed Clitheroe A 18-0 to go joint top of the table with MGS A.  As I keep saying, this year has been fab so far when it comes to a ‘open’ race & look forward to the final push in matches which will no doubt be ever so interesting to report on & next week David Lloyd host Cross Feathers! Absolutely eye watering stuff & I can’t wait!

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Mid Lancs Week J

This week in Division 1, Carlton A only just managed to scrape the bonus point in the final set when Dave Wiseman & Caroline Andrew won both games to make a final score of 6-12 when they hosted Hawks A. Chris Foote won all of his 6 games to be the best player on the evening and take back home the MOTM award.

Clitheroe A clocked up their 1st division 1 win of the season when they beat Clayton Crusaders A at home, 11-7. The 3 point win takes them out of the drop zone on game diff as Julie Bates and Jess Portas won 5 games each to be the best players.

The ‘old school’ met again this week when St. Andrews hosted MGS A at the Parish church hall and after the opening 2 sets were split the hosts went in front in the remaining 2 levels sets when they won all 4 games making the score line 6-2. The opening mixed set was split before Tim Vickers & Jen Rigby won a pair in the 6th to claw the score back to 7-5. Joe Steele & Lizzie Balmforth then won a pair in the 7th set to put Andy’s 9-5 ahead and on the verge of a win, but in the 8th Jared Matthew & Rebecca Ashton had other ideas; they won both games for MGS 14 & 5 to set up a nail-biting final set. Steve Taylor & Liz Holt held their nerve in opening game, winning to 8, but lost to 11 in the final game to set up a final score of 10-8. The 3 point win keeps Andy’s in the top slot by 3 pts as Joe & Lizzie were the star players on the night winning 5 games each.

Meanwhile Cross Feathers had a 12-6 win over MGS B to put them back into joint 2nd place on the table with MGS A. Fay Andrews was the LOTM on the night for her 6 games and MGS stay below the red line on game diff despite the vital point.

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