Mid Lancs Week O

Level double entries are due in by the 10th of February. Which is at the end of this week, the tournament takes place on Sunday the 19th February.

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A beat their own B team 12-6 to move into 4th on the tables as Becky Ashton won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM on the evening in the No 1 pairing slot. MGS C got beat 1-17 by the reigning Champions, David Lloyd; Hannah Burgess & Christine Atkinson won the single game to stop the total whitewash, but not stop division 2 badminton next season! Mark Tuttle was statistically best on the evening, he lost just 11 pts out of his 6 games to help put the Champs 7 points clear at the top of the table.

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Level Doubles/Mid Lancs Week N Report

Level double entries are due in by the 10th of February. Which is one week today, the tournament takes place on Sunday the 19th February.

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1 it was potentially the Biggy! David Lloyd would have hosted Cross Feathers for potentially the division 1 shield, but I was not informed of this match cancellation & therefore the X-mind reader fines them £5 (Rule 29e)

Hawks A built on last week draw at Andy’s when they beat Carlton A 16-2 to move into a solid 4th place on the table;  Andy Owen & partner Emily Miller and Chris Foote all won their 6 games to be the best players on the evening.

MGS C who have not won a match this season fought against fellow relegation strugglers, Hawks B and not only won the match, but managed to pick up all 4 points as well. In the 15-3 victory, it was Cheryl Parry & Hannah Burgess who were the stars on the evening, they both picked up all of their 6 games to put the team on the same points as their opponents; just ahead of them on game difference. But I’m afraid apart from dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s, it now looks highly likely that both teams are doomed to play division 2 badminton next season.

St. Andrews A hosted old school rivals, MGS A but it didn’t quite turn out to the epic battle which I used to see years ago; this was mainly due to Pete Ferns conceding 4 games after picking up an injury after the Men’s set. The eventual score ran out at 12-6 to Andy’s and thrusts them back into the runners up spot due to Cross Feathers not playing at David Lloyd’s.

In 2, Carlton B who are teetering around the drop zone hosted MGS D who had a bad day at the office last week & were aiming  to put things right this week! The opening 4 levels sets were all split before Carlton won the first 3 mixed games and then MGS struck back to level the match again at 7 all by winning the next 3 games. But in the 8th & 9th set, the hosts powered ahead to win all 4 games and run out eventual winners at 11-7. The 3 points open up a 6 point gap between them and the dreaded red line as Simon Bruford & partner Andrea Philips won 5 games to be the best pair on the night.

Clitheroe A were back in action for the 1st time this year and wanting to build on last year’s success they were hosts to Evergreens A, who recently have hit a sweet spot when it comes to form, but sadly they didn’t manage to take a single point in the 15-3 defeat. Jess Portas & Alison Lever were the best players on the night, they took all of their 6 games in the 15-3 win, but the sting in the tail for Clitheroe was that the card was late, so they are duly fined £10 as per rule 25!

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Level Doubles Tournament 2016/17

Message From Mark Pallett


Hi All

Eventually after lots of e-mails & conversations & searching around etc, I have managed to book courts for the Handicap Tournaments for the current season.

The date for the Level (men’s & ladies) doubles will be Sunday 19th Feb 2017 @ Clayton Sports centre, starting at approx. 9.30am, attached to this e-mail is the entry form.

Entry fees will remain the same as previously £5 per player, except Under 18 (£4 each), & will close on Friday 10th Feb, accepted prior to that date either by post, phone or e-mail, provided monies follow ASAP, to address in handbook.

Many Thanks for your patience & hope to hear from you soon & see you on the 19th Feb.


P.S. the mixed dates are still TBC with Sports centre, but will be early April 2017.

Cup Draws for Round 1

Message From Matt Norris:

Cup Draws Round 1 Matches

All the teams that are first in the list below will be the host for the first matches. The use of shuttles remains the same as last year splitting the cost between the teams. (£1 per shuttle) Please send the score sheets to me via E-mail or via whats App within 2 days of playing. Also when taking photos of the score sheet and sending them in please turn flash on, as some of them were hard to read as they were so dark. If you have any problems please let me know ASAP and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. Good Luck to all teams playing!!


David Lloyd (-130 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders A (SCR)
Carlton B (SCR RH) vs Hawks C (20)
Hawks D (70 RH) vs Carlton A (-30GH)
Cross Feathers (-110 OH GH) vs MGS B (-70 GH)
St Andrews B (20) vs Hawks A (-50 GH)
Evergreens A (40 RH) vs MGS D (20)
Hawks B (SCR GH) vs Andrews A (-80 OH GH)
Garstang A (50 RH) vs MGS C (SCR GH)


Hawks E (-40) vs Springfields A (-60 GH)
Evergreens B (SCR) vs St Andrews C (30)
Penwortham A (20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (-60)
MGS F (-20) vs Project 12 (SCR RH)
Clayton Crusaders E (20) vs Whittle B (SCR)
Whittle A (SCR) vs Evergreens C (SCR RH)
MGS E (-75 OH GH) vs Clayton Crusaders B (-100 GH)
Springfields B (15 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-50)


Clayton Crusaders F (70 RH) vs Brindle (50)
Preston College B (20) vs St Andrews D (SCR)
Mythop (-20GH) vs Whittle C (-40)
Garstang B (-30 GH) vs Preston College A (-20)



Mid Lancs Week L

Report From Paul Eastham

This week in Division 1, MGS A beat Carlton A 11-7 to end the year on a high & move into joint 4th place on the table.  The best player on the night in this tie was Rebecca Ashton, she won 5 of her 6 games in the No1 slot.

Hawks B got beat 7-11 at home by MGS B who move onto the same points on the table as their own A team. The 3 pt win takes MGS into joint 4th & that was mainly due to Lynn Hosegood who won 5 of her 6 games to be the best player for MGS at No 2 & also Chris Hoyle picked up 5 of the 7 won for Hawks as his partner Caz Grimbaldeston actually won a Ladies game!

MGS C conceded to St. Andrews A this week & are fined £10 with a 1 point deduction to take them down to zero points. The 4 gifted points take St. Andrews to joint top of the table with Cross Feathers but have played more matches than them.  

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Mid Lancs Week K

Report From Paul Eastham

Just a reminder that next week is the final week of scheduled fixtures (week L) but please make use of the 2 weeks set aside by the fixtures committee for rearrangements, these being w/c 12th Dec & w/c 2nd Jan and also you can make use of the preliminary cup week, w/c 5th Dec you’re not drawn in this round. I have attached the latest list of rearrangements to remind everyone of the outstanding fixtures; please notify me before the match takes place so I can fixtureslive.

This week in Division 1, Carlton A picked up 4 max points when they beat MGS C 16-2. The win puts them 14 pts above the red line as Kay Armer & Andrea Neville won all of their 6 games to be the best & help ease any relegation worries.

Hawks A took a point off the current Champs, David Lloyd. The 6-12 score line was not only the heaviest score loss for the visitors, but it was the very 1st point loss of the season. Darren Whitley was once again the MOTM, but a special mention must go out to Emily Miller, she won 5 of the 6 games won for Hawks. Sorry Andy Owen; you got a quack quack!!!!!

Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood from MGS B won their final pair of games 15-13 & 15-13 to help snatch the bonus point in a home fixture against St. Andrews A. The 3 points keep Andy’s in 3rd place on the tables & in the 6-12 win for the visitors, the No 1 pair consisting of Joe Steele & Lizzie Holt were the best pair on the evening as they won all of their 6 games.

Cross Feathers maintained the lead at the top of the division with an 11-7 win over MGS A. The match was all square after the levels, but the hosts took a commanding lead in the mixed; Rach Graham was the LOTM for her 6 games on the evening.

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