News Wednesday 23rd of September

Not the best of starts as the A, B and D teams all lost, and the C team match was postponed. This week the A team had their match postponed, and the C team have no match  so we are down to the B and D teams playing this Thursday at home.

Thursday 24th of September
B Team vs MGS D @ Home 7:30pm D2
D Team vs Whittle D @ Home 7:30pm D5
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week

Mid Lancs Week A


Report From Paul Eastham

The 1st result in division 1 of the new season was a clash between Hawks A & their own B team. The result was no surprise, 15-3, but to see Julian Priestley’s name again… but Julian & his partner, Cathy Atfield won all of their 6 games at 3rd pairing.

MGS B notched up an 11-7 home win over Carlton A as Charlotte Heyes won all of her 6 games to be the LOTM.

Newly promoted Clayton Crusaders A hosted the current reigning Champions, David Lloyd! Any guesses what the score was? Statistically it was Mark Tuttle who was the MOTM on the night for losing a mere 16 points from his 6 games!

St Andrews A had a new season wakeup call when they got beat 5-13 at home by Cross Feathers. They lost all the level’s games before taking their 1st game of the match in the mixed, but a strong Cross Feathers saw them off in the 7th set by winning all 4 points as partners Matt Tolman & Rach Graham took all their 6 games at 3rd to ensure the flying start.

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