Cup Results and Draw

Cup Draws

  • A Team (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Wed the 9th of Jan @ Home
  • B Team (SCR GH)  vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Home
  • Hawks E (+20 RH) vs C Team (-30) – Tue the 8th of Jan @ Clayton
  • Preston College (-15) vs D Team (+40 RH) – Mon the 7th of Jan @ Preston College

Report From Matt Norris:

There were no preliminary matches in the Cunningham Cup this season.

Wrennall cup

MGS ‘D’ (-40) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘A’ (-40 GH)
MGS D and Clayton Crusaders A had a close match with only 5 points in it. Clayton proved to be victorious on the night with eh final score being 161 to 156. (After handicaps) Well done to Clayton Crusaders A who move on to round 1.

Phillips Cup

Mythop ‘A’ (SCR GH) vs Hawks ‘D’ (-100 GH)
Mythop A and Hawks D was another close game with only 16 points between them. Hawks D had a steep hill to climb with -100 points to start, but they kept battling till the end of the match and they managed to win with 154 to 138. (After handicaps) Well done to Hawks D who advance to the next round.

Evergreens ‘B’ (-30) vs Clayton Crusaders ‘C’ (SCR)
Evergreens B and Clayton Crusaders C was a good game. The final score ended up 158 to 201 (after handicaps). Another win for the Clayton Crusaders Club, which put all 4 of their teams through to Round 1. Well done to Clayton Crusaders C.

Bretherton cup

Penwortham ‘A’ (-100) vs St. Andrews ‘D’ (+40 RH)

Penwortham A and St. Andrews D was a really tough match for Penwortham. St. Andrews started with a 40 points and Penwortham started way down at -100. With the 140 point difference and 3 serves to 2 proved to much for Penwortham to handle and St. Andrews D came out victorious with a win of 214 to 147 after handicaps. Well done to St. Andrews D who advance to Round 1.


Mid Lancs Week J

Report From Paul Eastham

In my last report of 2018 &at the turnaround of the season Carton A got spanked by St. Andrews A 1-17 to go top of the table again for a few days. Ironically, the only time Carlton were ahead in the match was in the opening Men’s as Andy Wiseman & Lee Williams won the only game won for Carlton to stop the total whitewash. Karolyn Hustler was statistically the best player.

Hawks B got thrashed 0-18 by their own A team & shoot up the table with the 4 pts; The Stat best player was Michelle Skinner.

MGS C failed to get any points in the match against their own B team. Adrian Greenwood & Alex Mackie won all of their 6 games in the no 1 slot to be the best pair on the night with a final score of 5-13 that helps keeps the B team well out of danger.

Cross Feathers go into 2019 proudly sitting on top of the tree with a 12-6 win over MGS A. The home side had a 7-1 advantage going into the mixed and were on track to take all 4 points, but a late burst in the mixed including 3 tight mixed games won by Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton ensured that MGS robbed the bonus point. Ste Andrews won 5 to be the best player.

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Mid Lancs Week I

Report From Paul Eastham

Division 1 kicked off this week when Carlton A hosted Hawks B and beat them 15-3 to surge up the table with the 4 point max win. Andy Wiseman & Natalie Appleyard won all of their 6 games to be the best players on the night and assist in the win.

Hawks A beat poor ol’ MGS C 18-0 to rack up another whitewash; 5 in all this season! L Andy Owen was stat the best player.

MGS B were beat 4-14 at home by St. Andrews A, who ahead of the big clash below went to the top of the table for an evening. Steve Taylor, Nicki McGrath, Joe Steele & Lizzie Balmforth all won their 6 games to ease a good win out of MGS B.

The one that we have been waiting for… an early title crunching match; David Lloyd v Cross Feathers. The host won all of the Men’s as Mat Timms won all his 4 and Cross Feathers won all the Ladies & Fay Andrews won all her 4 to set up the mixed sets. The opening mixed set was split before Alan Clarkson & Ashlea Chester took David Lloyd 7-5 ahead with a pair in the 6th set. Then in the 7th, Paul Maguire & Terri-Lee Holmes won both games for Cross feather to even the match up at 7 all. Then the final 2 sets were nail-bitingly split to set up a draw and both teams shared the points on the night. Clarky won 5 for David Lloyd to stay in 3rd place & Terri-Lee won 5 for Cross Feathers to help keep them on top of the table by 2 points over St. Andrews A.

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Mid Lancs Week H

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Hawks A got beat 7-11 by David Lloyd who went temporarily top of the table early week by a point until CrossFeathers’ match last night. Sherya Kamath & Ruth Flatman took 5 games each to ensure the points went in the bag.

MGS B got beat by their own A team 6-12 and in the very last set it was Adrian Greenwood & Alex Mackie that won both games to help steal the bonus point from under the noses of their club mates. Jared Matthew & Rebecca Ashton won all of their 6.

St. Andrews A beat the bottom team MGS C 3-15 to stop in3rd place on the table. Liz Holt and new signing, Phil Livesey won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the night in the No 3 slot…. And next week they get to trash MGS B! J

Cross Feathers kept the lead at the top of the table when they beat Hawks B 15-3; Fay Andrews was statistically the best player on the night….but all three Ladies won there 6 games including Hayley Harrison &Rachael Graham. Next week, it’s the Biggy as all eyes are going to be on theDavid Lloyd Tennis Centre as the ex-Champions host the current champions, Cross Feathers and what a match that is gonna be….. and I just hope I won’t be disappointed!

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Mid Lancs Mixed Tournament

Message From Mark Pallett

Start Times for Mixed Handicap Tournament on Sunday 18th November @ Wellfield High school, Leyland.

  Div. 1 & 2 players  – 9.30am

  Div. 3 & 4 players – 12.30pm

Good Luck to players & see you Sunday.

Mid Lancs Week G

Report From Paul Eastham

Division 1 started this week with Carlton losing 5-13 at home to Cross Feathers who now take sole spot at the top of the table with a 2 point cushion. At the beginning of the match, Carlton held their own, winning 3 of the levels games before being pounded in the mixed. In the final set with the score being at 4-12, Andy Wiseman & Cath Bagley won the 1st game 15-8 to give a glimmer of hope of salvaging a point out of the match, but Ste Andrews & Hayley Harrison took the final game of the match 10-15 to seal the maximum points. In the 5-13 win, it was Rach Graham who was statistically the best player on the night.

MGS A had a good win at home over Hawks B; they thrashed them 18-0 as Becky Ashton was statistically the best player.

Hawks A were breezing in their match against MGS B being 6-2 up after the levels including Andy Owen winning all of the 4 Men’s games. However in the mixed MGS started an assault on the hosts, they won 4 games in a row to claw the score back level and this was followed by a split 7th set before Adrian Greenwood & Alex Mackie took both in the 8th to take MGS up to an incredible 7-9 lead. In the nail-biting final set, Nick Hodgson & Beth Cowell held their nerve as they won both games 15-7 and 17-15 to help squeeze a draw out of the match. So, after a cracking start, Hawks were fortunate to earn a draw out of the match; Andy Owen was the best player on the night, winning 5 and ‘Top Gun’, Tom Lowe failed to show any his ‘own’ self-reputation by losing both of the final 2 games that would have brought the points back home to MGS.
MGS C had another nightmare week as the again got thrashed 0-18 by David Lloyd who move into 2nd place.

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