Mid Lancs – Week N

In division 1 Carlton A finished off any hopes of a five sided David Lloyd having a shout of any silverware this year with a 13-5 win over them. Natalie Appleyard won 5 of her 6 games to help take all of the 4 points from the ex-Champs.

Hawks A had a tight match against MGS A and got off to a cracking start as they won 6 of the 8 level sets including Andy Owen winning all his 4 games for a lead of 6-2. But in the mixed, MGS came back into the match by winning 4 games in a row to square the match, but Andy & Jenny MX won both games in set 7 to take a 8-6 lead. The final 2 sets were spit to give a final score of 10-8 and puts both teams on level points in joint 4th. Andy was the POTM for winning all of his 6 games.

In the drop zone, MGS C took on Hawks B for a scrape of pride rather than vital points. The scores were level at the end of the levels and in the opening mixed set, Dan Porter & Danya Lewis Baron took a pair to take MGS ahead 6-4. Then Hawks stepped on the pedal as the next 4 mixed games went to the visitors (6-8). A split 8th set up a crucial final set in which Chris Hoyle & Caz Grimbaldeston won both games to 8 & 12 to take the match 7-11 for Hawks. Captain Caz was the POTM for winning all of her 6 games and on the basis of that result, both teams can now look forward to a more relaxed season in division 2 next year!

Cross Feathers had a home clash this week with St. Andrews A which was billed to be ‘the’ title crunching match! The opening Men’s set was tight and was won by Joe Steele & Andy Fowler 15-17 & 13-15; but the score at the end of the levels was 5-3 as Cross Feathers swept the Ladies as Fay Andrews took all her 4 games. A split opening mixed set was then followed by Mike Johnson & Rach Graham winning both games in the 6th to go 8-4 ahead. Steve Taylor & Nicki McGrath won a pair in the 7th to pull the score back to 8-6, but in the 8th, Mike & Rach grabbed the victory & on the other court Steve & Nicki took both games to make it a down to the wire final score of 10-8. Andy’s now still lead the table by a single pt, but Cross Feathers have a match in hand & now are the favourites to lift the shield again. Rach was the POTM for taking all of her 6, but I heard on my magical grapevine that the true Man of the Match was Steve Taylor, he played his little cotton socks off to be the star on the evening!!!

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Mid Lancs Week M

Report From Paul Eastham

A reminder that entries close this Sunday 3rd Feb for the levels tournament that is on Sun 10th Feb at Wellfield.

In division 1 this week, Carlton kicked off proceedings with a home fixture against Hawks A, but failed to pick up any points in the 5-13 loss. That ‘pesky’ kid, Nick Hodgson & Andy Owen won all of their 6 games to make sure ALL 4 points went back home.

The ‘Old School’ met again as MGS A had a big match against the leaders of the division, St. Andrews A and it was no surprise when the visitors shot into a quick 2-6 lead after the levels. In the opening mixed Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton won a pair to claw the score back to 4-6 before Andy Fowler & Nicki McGrath won both games in set 6 to open the gap back up again at 4-8. Then in the 7th set, disaster struck for Andy’s as Liz Hot went over on her ankle and had to concede the remaining 4 games with partner Steve Taylor. This immediately set up an 8 all classic in which Joe Steele & Karolyn Hustler held their nerve and won both games to take the match 8-10 & keep Andy’s 3 pts clear at the top of the table. The star on the evening was Andy, he laid* the foundation stone for the win, taking all of his 6 games in the No 3 slot. I do have to say in situations like this, the human sportsmanship kicks in and MGS were brill, they fetched a chair, ice and helped elevate her leg & even attached a note to the card wishing Liz a speedy recovery from the whole MGS team. As Steve texted me, it’s a pleasure to play in a league like this!!!

Hawks B got beat 4-14 by David Lloyd who maintain 3rd place with the 4 point max win as the hosts stay rooted at the foot.

MGS B got thrashed by Cross Feathers, 1-17; only Rob Metcalf & Adrian Greenwood winning the 1 game to stop the whitewash.

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Mid Lancs Week L

Report From Paul Eastham

In division 1 this week, Hawks B got beat 5-13 by MGS B to be in the basement position at the foot of the table. The best players on the night were all the 3 Ladies, Alex Mackie, Lynn Hosegood & Jenny Stothard, they all won 5 games each.

MGS C v Carlton A was 6-12.

St. Andrews A built on last week’s terrific result by beating Hawks A 16-2 to zip out 4 points clear at the top due to Cross Feathers not playing this week. Steve Taylor & partner Nicki McGrath won all of their 6 games to be the best pair on the night.

David Lloyd notched up another defeat this week when visitors MGS A beat them 7-11. In the 3 point win that takes MGS to within a single point of David Lloyd who are in 3rd, Rebecca Ashton won all of her 6 games to be the POTM on the evening.

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Cup Semi Finals 2019

Cunningham Cup
Carlton A (-40) vs Hawks B (SCR)
MGS C (+20 RH) vs Hawks A (-60)

Wrennall Cup
Clitheroe A (-100 GH) vs Garstang A (+20)
Hawks C (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40)

Phillips Cup
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs Clitheroe B (-40 GH)
Garstang B (+20) vs Clayton Crusaders D (SCR RH)

Bretherton Cup
St. Andrews D (+15 RH) vs Brindle (SCR RH)
Project 12 (-80) vs Evergreens C (+20RH)

Round 1 Results

Cunningham Cup
David Lloyd (-100 OH) vs Carlton A (-40) Carlton A won 178-68
St. Andrews A (-100 OH) vs Hawks B (SCR) Hawks B won 204 -108
MGS B (-30) vs MGS C (+20 RH) MGS C won 204-141
MGS A (-70 OH) vs Hawks A (-60) – Hawks A won 192-66

Wrennall Cup
St. Andrews B (SCR GH) vs Clitheroe A (-100 GH) – Clitheroe A won 149-148
Clayton A (-40 GH) vs Garstang A (+20) – Garstang A won 238-185
Hawks C (SCR) vs Carlton B (-40) – Hawks C won 214-181
Evergreens A (SCR) vs Clayton Crusaders B (+40) – Clayton won 269-198

Phillips Cup
Clitheroe B (-40 GH) vs Hawks D (-100 GH) – Clitheroe B won 190-104
Hawks E (+20 RH) vs St. Andrews C (-30) – Hawks E won 215-203
Clayton C (SCR) vs Clayton D (SCR RH) – Clayton D won 222-168
MGS E (-30) vs Garstang B (+20) – Garstang B won 217-188

Bretherton Cup
Mythop B (-30) vs Brindle (SCR RH) – Brindle won 193-177
Preston College (-15) vs St. Andrews D (+15 RH) – St Andrews D won 260-133
Whittle (-40) vs Project 12 (-80) – Project 12 won 156-112
Penwortham B (SCR) vs Evergreens C (+20 RH) – Evergreens C won 248-158

A big mix of results though out all the cups. Some very close games and some whitewashes. We have had to adjust quite a few handicaps and we try to be as fair as possible. Good luck to all the teams in the next round!

Mid Lancs Week K

Report From Paul Eastham:

As fixture started again in 2019 the first match of the year in division 1 was MGS A v MGS C and things weren’t any easier in the New Year for the bottom of the division C team who got bear 16-2. Jared Matthew & Becky Ashton won all of their 6 games.

Hawks A got beat 7-11 at home by the leaders, Cross Feathers, who now share the top slot due to the result below. Overall, a good result for the home side who pushed the Champs to within a whisper of an upset looking at some of the close games & a 15-3 loss last time the 2 teams met. The star on the night was again Rach Graham who took all her 6 games to be the POTM.

MGS B’s match against Carlton A turned out to be a very colourful match indeed, with the building being intruded by local kids who set the fire alarm off and everyone had to clear the building while the fire brigade attended and gave the all clear. Anyway, the match started with 3 split levels sets & Carlton winning both games in the opening Ladies set to take a 3-5 early lead. The visitors then built on this in the 1st mixed set as Andy Davies & Cath Bagley won both games before a split 6th set to leave the score at 4-8. Stuart Holden & Jenny Stothard then won a pair in the 7th for MGS to claw the match back to 6-8, but Andy & Cath wrapped up the match in the 8th set by taking both games to 9 & 1. Tom Lowe & Lynn Hosegood won the final consolation games to finish the final match score at 8-10. Cath was the star on the evening; she won all her 6 to be the POTM.

Seconded place in the division, St. Andrews A had a crunch match with 3rd place team David Lloyd, but I can tell you now when I looked at the card….. I thought it was a wind up (April fools!) The final score was 18-0………. Yep, EIGHTEEN-NIL!!!   I presumed that Andy’s had been on some kind of boot camp mission over Xmas, but they well & truly thrashed them to go top of the table. Karolyn Hustler was statistically the best player on the night, as still catch my breath on the result & how this opens up the race!

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