Club Night Out

We are organizing a club night out on Friday the 16th of April. The plan is to have something to eat in Leyland (Isolabella??) then either go out for a few drinks in Leyland or get on the train and head in to Preston. Let me (or Helen) know if you are interested ASAP so we can get an idea of numbers and book some tables.

St Andrews D vs Carlton C

Team : Daz, Graham, Colin, Jane, Jean, Helen

Result : Win 17-1

Definitely an end of season fixture with the opposition turning out with 5 players. The result gets us up to 3rd for now. Helen and Jane were the only players to play 6 games, and both won all 6.

Score Card

Thanks to all the players who have turned out for me this season:

Jane, Janet, Jean, Helen P, Charlotte H, Helen R, Laura, Lucy H, Charlotte S, Katie, Lily, Daz, Graham, Paul W, Sam P and Dave M.

As you can see we have had quite a mixture of players during the season, so it has been a really good club effort to finish as far up Division 5 as we did. Jane and Daz have been our best players through the season, and Janet was going great guns until she had to stop playing just before Christmas. HP gave us a great lift in the New Year and nearly helped us to sneak second place but it was not to be.

The cup was a non-starter as our E-Team done us by 7 points in the first round, and that was after we nicked their best lady. They better win on Thursday or there will be trouble!

Overall an enjoyable season, and I hope everyone who got roped in to play for the D Team enjoyed it as well.

Congratulations to the 5th Team

I would like to add my congratulations to Monday’s  night’s winning team and also the whole squad for the way you have all improved so much in half a season. From watching and playing at club nights and partnering  several of you in 4th team matches I have  been really  impressed with your  developing skills, enthusiasm, humour and, not least, your excellent on-court conduct.

This is the largest  group of young players that I can remember playing at the same time for the club (and I have been around since Mark was a lad!) so it certainly bodes well for the future of St Andrews Badminton Club.  The only worry  I now have  is that my place in the 4th team is becoming vulnerable, but I am up for the challenge!

We must also recognise Helen’s dedication and coaching skills which have given you the opportunity to play competitively and improve.

Thanks Helen.