The Badminton Season Starts Today

The badminton season starts today! We are running 4 teams this season, having dropped a team out of D2, the teams are in in D1, D2, D4 and D5. All 4 teams will play home matches on Thursday which means all 3 courts are available for club nights on Monday.

We are keeping club fees the same as last year, so match fees are £3.50, Adult membership £55, and Juniors £30. Please pass your membership on to Karloyn or myself as soon as possible.

Monday 14th of September
D Team vs Clayton Crusaders F @ South Ribble Tennis 7:00pm D5
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Tuesday 15th of September
B Team vs Clitheroe A @ Roefield Leisure Centre 8:00pm D2

Thursday 17th of September
A Team vs Cross Feathers @ Home 7:30pm D1
POSTPONED: C Team vs Flight @ Home 7:30pm D4
Juniors 6:30pm – 7:30pm

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week

Town Team Yearly Report

Town Team report from Dave Burridge:

For those who might be interested, I’ve attached a report on the performance of Mid Lancs Town Team over the past season.

Mid Lancs Inter League Report 2014-15

It’s been a busy season for our Inter league teams with a total of 20 matches played by the 4 teams. This year the Inter League reduced to 4 divisions and it left us with a team in each division.

4th Team

The 4th team got off to a flying start with comfortable 14-1 victories over both Southport 4 and Blackburn 2. This was followed by a very closely contested match against an unbeaten Bolton 3. 10 of the 15 matches went to 3 ends with Mid Lancs just edging the match 8-7. Promotion seemed a distinct possibility until they were well beaten 5-10, by what appeared to be an artificially strong Liverpool 4 team. Lots of sour grapes! However, other results worked in our favour and a big win in the final match against Wigan 3 would secure promotion. The match turned into a victory for experience over youthful exuberance and we narrowly lost 7-8!

We finished 2nd in the division, one point behind Wigan 3.

4th team Town Team colours have been awarded to:

Neil Addison-Jones
Hannah Burgess
Andrew Morris

3rd Team

Our 3rd team, captained by Caz Grimbaldeston, faced a strong Liverpool 2 in the first match and lost 6-9 to the eventual Division 3 winners. Pride was then restored with 9-6 win over Southport 3 and comfortable wins over Blackpool 3 (14-1) and Liverpool 3 (10-5). The final match was against Bolton 2 and any lingering hopes of promotion were dashed by availability problems. Saturday evening matches are not a great time to get a team out! One of the last minute recruits to the team was our League Secretary, Sam Gorrell. Sam has a unique badminton ambition! He’s hoping to secure Town team colours without winning a match for the team! The ambition looked in jeopardy as he won his first singles game but he came up trumps again by losing the next two! He also lost his two men’s doubles. He’s represented the league 4 times now and is yet to win a single match! Two more to go! He’s a great guy and 10 out of 10 for support and commitment particularly as he missed Ant and Dec to play!

The team eventually finished 3rd in the division.

3rd team Town Team colours have been awarded to:

Chris Chu
Maxine Watson

2nd Team

Our 2nd team was captained by Jaqui Gibson. Three wins against Southport 2 (9-6), Rossendale (9-6) and Wigan 2 (10-5) set them up for a crunch match against Division 2 pacesetters Blackburn 1. The traffic gods conspired against us with two players delayed and two late replacements drafted in. Thanks to Lyn Hosegood and Matt Norris for turning out at very short notice. Matt had already played in the 4th team that day! We lost the match by the narrowest of margins (7-8) and the division title went to Blackburn.

Despite only losing 1 match very narrowly the 2nd team only finished 3rd in the Division 2.

2nd team Town Team colours have been awarded to:

Jenny Rigby

1st Team

For the 5th successive year our 1st team won Division 1 with only Bolton 1 providing any significant opposition. Wins were secured over Southport 1 (13-2), Bolton 1 (8-7), Blackpool 1 (15-0), Liverpool 1 (13-2) and Wigan 1 (14-1).

Steve Andrews, Alan Clarkson, Liz Holt, Karolyn Hustler, Nicki McGrath, Katie McWalters, Tom Monk, Fay Ormesher, Steve Taylor, Mark Tuttle, Richard Wallbank and Darren Whitley played for the team with Nicki McGrath the captain.

1st team Town Team colours have been awarded to:

Fay Ormesher

I thought it might be worth dwelling on the performance of our 1st team and how it reflects on the standard of play in our league. As I’ve already said we have now won the league for 5 consecutive seasons. Throughout this period they have been captained by Nicki McGrath. They have never lost a fixture and of the 375 individual matches played only 64 were lost.

24 different players have contributed to this success. Those individuals are listed below with their number of appearances.

Mark Tuttle 23
Karolyn Hustler 18
Darren Whitley 18
Alan Clarkson 17
Liz Holt 16
Nicki McGrath 16
Stephen Taylor 16
Katie McWalters 10
Suanne Bly 9
Fay Ormesher 7
Nick Hodgson 6
Oliver Morris 6
Amanda Gibson 4
Ashley Gibson 4
Jenny Salisbury 3
Becky White 3
Rachel Singleton 2
Richard Wallbank 2
Alice Zou 2
Steven Andrews 1
Hannah Burgess 1
Rachael Hodgson 1
Chris Hoyle 1
Tom Monk 1


The outstanding player throughout this period has been Mark Tuttle. As you can see he has appeared 23 times. I don’t believe he has lost a match in this time and has rarely dropped a game (all matches being best of three). I think he has played 46 doubles, 23 mixed and 2 singles and won the lot!

I have a few records missing but by my reckoning he has only lost five games at men’s doubles. The first was in the year BC (Before Clarkson). In fact, it was against Mr Clarkson. Mark & Darren Whitley took on Alan & Scott Webber playing for Bolton. They lost the first game before winning the next two. And for the record Mark & Nicki McGrath also easily beat Alan in the mixed that day! Alan then saw the light and decided to play for Mid Lancs! Mark and Alan obviously make a very formidable pair but by my reckoning have dropped 1 game against Southport and 1 against Bolton. Mark has also dropped 2 other games playing with Darren.

At mixed Mark always plays first mixed, 14 of those with Nicki McGrath, and therefore will play the top ranked pair from the opposition. At least that’s what the rules say!!! Their stand-out performance was a relatively comfortable win against Greg Mairs and Claire Weaver ranked 12 and 15 respectively in the national rankings at the time. According to my records, Mark and Nicki have dropped two games. I recall that one of those was when Tim Cope engaged Nicki in a clearing competition with Mark a bemused onlooker! Order was restored eventually and they won in three. I believe Mark has also dropped one game playing with Karolyn Hustler.

Quite an achievement!


As usual, we’ve experienced availability issues, late withdrawals, hangovers (lots of them from nights out in Preston, stag do’s & parties) and a few communication problems. I think all the leagues face the same issues although I think we score highly on the hangovers chart! However, we’ve fulfilled all 20 fixtures and only lost 5 with our 1st team being overall champions for the fifth successive year. Not bad really!

48 different players were selected this year, representing 9 of our 18 clubs.

Thanks are due to the captains, Caz Grimbaldeston, Jaqui Gibson and Nicki McGrath who work hard to organise their teams.

doc icon Mid-Lancs-Inter-League-Report-2014.docx

Club News 8th of November

There were 3 postponements last week, with only the B and D Teams turning out, and both teams lost 7-11. Could be considered a week to forget, who knows how many matches happen this time round!

Monday 10th of November
D Team vs Preston College B @ Home 7:30pm D4
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Tuesday 11th of November
A Team vs Hawks A @ Clayton Green 8:00pm D1
C Team vs Hawks E @ Clayton Green 8:00pm  D3

Thursday 13th of November
B Team vs Clitheroe A  @ Home 7:30pm D2
E Team vs Garstang B @ Home 7:30pm  D5
Juniors 6:30pm-7:30pm

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week
  • There is a home match on Monday so courts will be shared
  • If anybody wants to post entries on the blog let me know and I’ll get you setup

St Andrews D vs Clayton Crusaders C

Team : Alex, Colin, Graham, Zoë, Anne, Laura

Result: Lost 10-8

Great battle to start the season. We managed to lose all the mens games but the ladies did the opposite to keep the match all square after the levels. Clayton went in front by winning 5 of the next 6 mixed games which got them to 9. An unlikely draw was possible after we won both games in match 8, but Clayton won the first game of set 9 to secure their win. Best on the night for us were the ladies Zoë, Anne and  Laura who all picked up 4 games.

Next up : Tuesday 23rd of September
Spingfields D @ Lostock Hall Sports Centre 7:15pm D4

News 8th of November

This next set of fixtures should mark the halfway point in the league season, with the return fixtures starting the following week. Last time out there were wins for the C and E teams, but the B and D teams both lost. See you at the doubles if you are playing.

Sunday 10th of November
Graham Harrison 70 today! Happy Birthday Graham.
Mixed Doubles Tournament @ Clayton 9:45am D3-D5, 10:30am D1-D2

Monday 11th of November
D Team vs Flight @ Home 7:30pm D3
Club Night 7:30pm onwards

Wednesday 13th of November
E Team vs Whittle C @ Whittle 7:15pm D5

Thursday 14th of November

A Team vs Hawks A @ Home 7:30pm D1
B Team vs David Lloyd A @ David Lloyd 7:30pm D1
C Team vs Hawks C @ Home 7:30pm D2
Juniors 6:30pm – 7:15pm

  • Good luck to all those taking part in matches this week
  • There is a home match on Monday so courts will be shared
  • If anybody wants to post entries on the blog let me know and I’ll get you setup