St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “C” – 17th Oct 2013

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard
Result: Lost 5-13 (sob!)

It was “down to earth with a bump” away to a strong Crusaders C team this week! A close opening game (as usual) for Richard and Alex but not in our favour this time. Jane and Zoe made up for this by taking their games convincingly but by the end of the levels we were 2-6 down. A solid win for us in the number 1 pairings put the score to 4-6 and a chance of some points. The remaining 8 games saw 2 close ones and we were a bit unlucky to only take 1 of these. Top scorer was Zoe with an impressive 5 but bags of effort all round (ie very sweaty in the pub!) against a really tough side. Special mention for Charlotte – our warm up act and cheerleader! Next Monday – away to Preston College at 7pm. KEEP THE FAITH !!

St Andrews “E” v Whittle “D” – 10th Oct 2013

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard
Result: Won 18-0

Another impressive 18-0 victory sets us up well for the rest of the season but it hides some close games. Alex and Richard had their usual “wakey wakey” first game before settling into the match. Zoe, Anne and Jane performed solidly again but the prize for maximum points played and gritty effort must go to Graham. All four mixed games with Anne were close and both games with Alex went to setting. Alex still found time to do a bit of fire-fighting (for real!) out in the car park followed by the fire service arriving on the scene, presumably to confirm the truth about Graham’s first “6” for a while! It must have gone to his head as Graham kindly got the first round in after an eventful night! Serious heads on next Thursday at 7:30pm for a much tougher match at Clayton Green against our main rivals Crusaders “C” – key one to win !!

St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “C” – 3rd Oct 2013

Team: Helen R, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard.
Result: Won 18-0
It was away to Crusaders this week against a (mostly) young and inexperienced side. Unfortunately they were also missing their 3rd lady so whilst we gained 6 games, Helen and Anne only got to play 2 games. It was a fairly straightforward run to the line with a couple of “wobbles” in 2 of the mens’ games before taking a convincing 18-0 victory and the full 4 points !

St Andrews “E” v Brindle – 26th Sept 2013

Team: Zoe, Anne, Jane, Alex, Graham, Richard.
Result: Won 14-4
Alex and Richard saved a slightly “flaky” first game with setting before taking control and with strong performances from the ladies we were 6-2 up after the levels. As in the previous week, the mixed events saw some close battles with Graham and Anne setting twice but fighting hard to steal both close games. Solid overall games tallies from Jane and Anne but after scoffing half a bag of Haribo, Zoe was on fire to improve on last week and take her first(?) 6 so far. Well deserved 14 games and max points again but trickier matches are looming!