St Andrews E v Whittle D – 13th March 2014

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Ben, Richard
Result: Won 14-4

Our final match of the season saw early setting in the first mens’, steady performance in the ladies’ and splitting event 3 for Ben & Alex leaving us a solid 7-1 up after the levels. Whittle were determined to improve on their score last time round and fought back to split events 6, 7 and 8 before Zoe & Richard took the last 2 games (& the full 6 games apiece) to make it 14-4 and the full 4 points. This secures our runners up spot in division 5 and a great overall season led by our super-fab captain Jane. Thanks also to our other players not in this match’s line up ie Graham, Seb, Chris, Laura, Helen R and Karen P (sorry if missed anyone!).

St Andrews E v Clayton Crusaders C – 30th Jan 2014

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Ben, Richard
Result: Lost 11-7

A tough match as expected against the dominant team in division 5. An encouraging start saw our ladies win all their levels this time round plus a close fight for Ben and Alex to leave it level pegging after event 4. Our number 1 mixed pair then took both games (and the lead) fairly comfortably before Crusaders fought back to take the next 6 games (including a close 15-11 against Ben & Anne) to seal victory. The final event was split 15-11 each way but points were already decided and we came away with 1 more than last time! Top scorer (again!) was Zoe with 5 (again!) closely followed by Jane with 4 (more than last time!) Next week – Preston College at “ours” !!

St Andrews “E” v Whittle “C” – 23rd Jan 2014

Team: Anne, Zoe, Laura, Graham, Ben, Richard
Result: Won 11-7

Another win for the “E” team away at Whittle and whilst we didn’t manage the full 4 points for the return match, the opposition were definitely fielding a stronger team this time. We agreed to play slightly out of order starting with Graham and Anne splitting the first event but by the end of the levels we were leading 7-3. Zoe and Richard extended the lead and it was Ben and Laura who took our 10th game to secure a victory. Whittle were still fighting for points though and stole the next 3 games before we split the last event, finishing at quarter to midnight! Thanks to Ben for trecking all over Lancashire to help us and also a special guest appearance from Laura who shared top scoring (5) with Richard & Zoe. Next Thursday – it’s league leaders at home !!!

St Andrews “E” v Whittle “D” – 13th Nov 2013

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard
Result: Won 17-1

A strong 4 points win for the “E” team with the only close game being the single game dropped 15-12 in the final event – probably ‘cos it was past bedtime! All played in a good spirit with the usual tea and bickies from Whittle to go with our sugar supplies – oh yes we know how to party! Minimum points conceded goes to Zoe with 25, closely followed by Jane with 31. This strengthens our 2nd position in the table and within reach (4 points) of Crusaders. Next Thursday its at home against Evergreens.

St Andrews “E” v Clayton Crusaders “D” – 7th Non 2013

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Seb, Graham, Richard
Result: Won 13-5

A league debut for Seb saw him snatch a close first game with Richard and then a more comfortable second game 15-6 with Graham. The ladies took all 4 of their levels including a nailbiting 17-14 for Anne and Jane in event 4 putting the score at 6-2. The young Clayton team grabbed a game back in event 5 but Jane and Seb then took a strong 15-3 win. Their next game was a much harder fight but they took it 17-16 to secure a draw and give a triumphant captain Jane the full 6!! Games swung the other way for Graham and Anne against the toughest pair putting the score at 9-5 games with 4 still to play. The next 3 were easy wins but Anne and Graham had to work hard to take the final game 15-12 and the full 4 points for the team! Great effort with Zoe taking 5 games and an impressive 4 games for Seb’s first match! The night was rounded off with a cats chorus of “Happy Birthday Graham”.  Next Wednesday it’s away to Whittle at 7:15pm.

St Andrews “E” v Preston College “B” – 21st Oct 2013

Team: Jane, Anne, Zoe, Alex, Graham, Richard
Result: Draw 9-9

Our first “nail-biter” of the season was away at Preston College. The men struggled at the start but commanding performances from the ladies left us 5-3 up at the end of the levels. Zoe and Richard opened the mixed with a 17-16 defeat and uncharacteristically lost both games to level the score at 5-5. Alex and Jane dropped a game but powered back 15-2 to level the score again at 6-6. Graham and Anne also rallied hard in their second game in event 7, taking us to 7-7. Zoe and Richard then redeemed themselves,  grabbing the lead back to 9-7 but Preston College’s number 1 pair were too strong in the final event and they pulled back the draw. Top scorer was Jane with 5, closely followed by Zoe on 4.